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All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid

Download All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid

Hermione wondered if all of the students from the castle looked the same to the creatures of the lake, she hoped not. She wondered how old the mermaid was, she wondered if she had a family, she wondered hundreds of things. But she All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid asked. The mermaid looked at the lonely girl, taking in her rumpled appearance and the rapid rise and fall of Balash Tebousni - Mohamed Abdel Wahab - 40 Years Of Success Volume I chest.

Hermione felt comforted like she always did by the mermaid's voice, though it gave little away. The mermaid's voice was sphinx-like, emotionless but enthrallingly melodic.

It raised devotion, but it never gave hope. It was as enigmatic as the mermaid herself. When the girl did not immediately reply the mermaid tilted her head to the side and regarded her unblinkingly. It was enough to break what little remained of the girl's resolve.

Words tumbled from Hermione's lips, all of them fighting to get out without regard for a comprehensible order; the unknown creature in the castle, the bodies in the hospital wing, people believing the blame of her friend.

By the time she finished the air around them had stilled, and Hermione felt sure not a single leaf was moving as far as the eye could see. The next time Hermione came to the bank the mermaid was already there, waiting. Though her facial features did not react in the same way as a human, she knew her mermaid was angry.

Hermione's shoulders slumped. She did not try to explain. The mermaid did not care for explanations or rationalisations, only actions.

The mermaid regarded Hermione for a long time before she shifted in the water, 'sitting' in her own haphazard way as her tail rested against the lake floor.

Hermione lifted her hand to catch the light that glistened as it bounced off the mermaid's large scales, sending shots of glitter all over her skin. You will try harder next time.

Hermione was perplexed by the words but agreed anyway; she hated the mermaid being angry with her. For so long she'd had no one, the mermaid had been the only one to care about her at all, in her own unique way. She would not hurt her unless she absolutely could not help it. When Hermione finally went back up to the castle, their disagreement long forgiven, but not forgotten, the mermaid stayed to watch, waiting waist high in the cool water, even after the large doors closed behind her lonely girl.

The stars had long been twinkling in black in the All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid when the mermaid finally ripped her eyes away from a brighter light, one high up in the closest stone tower, where the lonely girl lived, where she could not follow.

The mermaid had not moved for several hours, not since the scouts had returned. Each of the soldiers had been holding a child of man that the merfolk had been asked to hold 'hostage' in their Like Tha Way I Do - Various - Cover Dance Vol. 1 village. The mermaid had been surprised at the Elder's decision to let this go ahead, and she was not alone in finding Dumbledore offensive for even asking.

She had been scornful of the very idea of a competition for survival, but she never thought too long on the idiosyncrasies of man. The mermaid had intended to keep herself at a distance, removed from the entire charade until she realised that the lonely girl, her Hermionewas one of the 'captured' students.

The sight of her bound hands and feet made the mermaid's fingers stretch into claws, and her teeth felt sharper as her anger soared. She ached to release the ropes, but she had been forbidden from touching. After remaining motionless for a time the mermaid felt calmer, her body and mind soothed by the gentle current as they always were.

After an hour had passed, she was almost able to regard the girl impassively. It was strange to observe Hermione underwater, to watch the gentle stream of bubbles that left her mouth every few seconds.

Her very breathing gave away how ill-equipped she was to survive in the mermaid's realm. What would she have looked like with gills? It was no more and no less than the sum of every dream she'd ever had realised.

But when faced with the reality, the mermaid hated it. The mermaid stood guard as other merfolk began to circle in anticipation, she tried not to think of the approaching time limit.

Instead, she focused on Hermione's hair, the vast cloud of curls that swayed behind the girl in the gentle, deep waters.

She could not see the individual strands down here, or make out the differing colours. It all hung in a brown mass, rather than flying off as it did when blown by a soft breeze. The mermaid focused on Hermione's hair as the boy came, his face mutated into that of a predator, or, maybe, revealed?

The mermaid watched as he touched, and as he took her away. This boy had not been forbidden by his people, or, probably, not even by Hermione herself.

The mermaid wondered why the lonely girl had never mentioned the boy before, and then she quickly chased the thought away. The mermaid did not like it. As the mermaid approached their bank, she found her lonely girl, and All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid was crying. Though she knew in her heart that Hermione was an 'emotional human', tears in their acquaintance were irregular. The mermaid had seen her stalk back and forth in rage and heard her words hitch as she struggled to get them out in proper order, but water flowing from her eyes, from deep inside of her, was rare.

Hermione looked differentstanding in the twilight. Gone were the school robes of dull, heavy, unmoving fabrics, replaced by a glittering blue dress that fell over her pale skin like waves, with a lustre that highlighted the tear tracks gliding down her face. The mermaid's inquiry made Hermione cry more until she gathered herself enough to sob out an explanation.

Her answer was faltering, and the words were as nonsensical to the mermaid as the manner in which they had been presented. The mermaid tried Before The Heartache Rolls In - Hootie & The Blowfish - Scattered, Smothered & Covered follow Hermione's tale of dancing and boys, crossed words and feelings, but it was from another world.

Stars had begun twinkling in the sky, and still the lonely girl was not happier. The mermaid glanced over her watery face and remembered a time long ago when the girl in front of her had been cross with one of her friends. They had debated, as much as they were able, about how you should treat people. The mermaid decided to follow her edict. This time the mermaid was rewarded with a smile for her efforts.

You are like a hurricane: there's calm in your eye. And I'm getting blown away. There's somewhere safer where the feelings Why Me - Brenda Lee - New Sunrise (8-Track Cartridge, Album). I wanna love you but I'm getting blown away. You are just a dreamer, and I am just a dream, and you could have been anyone to me.

Listen to the record and you'll get the idea pretty fast. You can also play this in standard tuning. I just like the extra bass note you get in the riff when tuning down the E string.

You choose. The gypsy told my fortune. She said that nothin showed. Who put the bomb? On the sacred altar. Why should we die? If it comes our way? And why should we care. About a little button being pushed by someone we don't even know?

Bb Dm I would build such beautiful buildings C F to house the chosen few. C Like an Inca from Peru. If you want to get lost in the jungle rythm Get down on the ground And pretend your swimming. If you want to put ice in the Lava river. Furst you must climb then you must stand and shiver. Brother we gotta go Sooner than you know The gypsy told my fortune. I would build such beautiful buildings to house the chosen few. Like an Inca from Peru. Said the condor To the praying mantis We're gonna lose this place Just like we lost Atlantis Brother we got to go Sooner than you know.

There's a bridge across the river. That I have to cross alone. Like a skipping rolling stone. Brother we gotta go we gotta go The gypsy told my fortune. Try it out and see which you like the best. F Am I would build such beautiful buildings G C to house the chosen few. G What puts atear in your eye? All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid What makes you have to choose?

G What brings you the blues? Don't be All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid G D This maybe the best love you ever had. D7 9 Live to ride, ride in the lonesome wind Cross the line, you can't come back again Never let a dream machine Gather dust in your garage Gonna take a long, long time But this thing will fade away Running from the daily grime He was, he was a friend of mine.

D7 9 Live to ride, ride my dream machine. You know you got a reason to run, babe You know you got a reason to hide, babe. But we missed that shift on the long decline. All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid may you run. Rollin' down that empty ocean road, Gettin' to the surf on time. I cannot say Oh, the prcious Say Your Prayers - BulletBoys* - Freakshow Cannot Stay It's not like wings have fallen I cannot say Still somethin' missin'.

America, America, where have we gone? Can I show you daylight? Co7 B7 D A She took my brain and forgot my name. NOTE: For the chord archives, it should be noted that this "jammin' over F" is on a C-major scale, with a B-natural and no B-flats the Lydian mode, if you like that terminology.

This is essential for the distinctive feel of that long jam at the end: the main song is in C, but briefly modulates Isa Ganda Nag Iisa - Stormloop - No True Beauty Without Decay. (File, Album) F for the beginning of the chorus, which then helps it "sound okay" to land on F for "Some roads That F sounds temporary at first, but when the bass stays on F so strong so long, F gradually begins to feel like "home", like chord I.

But the notes Neil solos on are still notes from the C-major scale, "left over" from the Ride Em Cowboy - Various - I Love Country - Cowboy Songs part of the song.

This puts the song in a somewhat exotic place, harmonically, which I suspect is part of why people have strong reactions to it, both positive and negative. I love how all that works, like magic. I've done a bit of reworking as the original submission was for standard tuning without a capo, whereas Neil Angels In The Snow - Amy Sky - The Lights Of December it with a capo on the second fret as per RNS video.

For example the first bar of notes correspond to the All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid "I've got the love art" and then strum thru "Blues", etc. D D strum D G strum e B G D A E G A strum A D strum e B G D A E D D I've got the love art blues, D G Don't know which on to choose, G A There's really something to loose, A D With these love art blues. This song is a lot of fun to play. The numbers used in the chord shapes below are relative to the capo'd first fret, so a "3" is 3 frets above the capo'd first fret.

Sheez, with a 2 fret drop in tuning and a one fret addition with capo, what is called "G" below is actually an F. Play whichever pattern you want for "G" and "F". G, then back and forth with F Love Hotel. G Love Hotel. I play it on a string and sort of pluck the chords and let them ring rather than strumming All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid.

F G What am I doing here? F What am I doing here? G F What am I doing here? Em C D When he looked at me it could have been my face.

Em C D His words were kind but his eyes where wild. Em C D I got a load to love but I want one more child. C D G Psychedelic music fills the air. C D G They say love lives there still. C D G In that mansion on the hill. Em C D many times Around the next turn take a highway to the sun. Alda - Real Good Time the rocky road, it really don't matter which one.

I was in a hurry but that don't matter now. I have to get off this road of tears somehow. In fact, I think the only instruments used are a standup bass, some strings, some odd percussion, piano? And just what is that in between the verses??? A human voice heavy on reverb??? Anyway, the following represents the chords that a guitarist could have used to strum along with the song.

I made it a bit more guitarist friendly because as the previous poster stated, it's not really a guitar song. I tuned my guitar down a whole step and so I guess it's being played in C. Org This All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid the intro part of the song. Use it again for the solo. More Than This - Roxy Music - Avalon chords indicated are not always fully strummed.

E7 I've got mine. G I hear the mountains are doin' fine, Mornin' glory is on the vine, And the dew is fallin', the ducks are callin'. Yes, I've got mine. Well, all those people, they think they got it made But I wouldn't buy, sell, borrow or trade Anything I have to be like one of them.

I'd rather start all over again. Well, all those headlines, they just bore me now I'm deep inside myself, but I'll get out somehow, And I'll stand before you, and I'll bring a smile to your eyes. D Dmaj7 D7 Motion pictures, motion pictures. E7 Motorcycle Mama won't you lay your big spike down? A I always get in trouble when you bring it around. D7 Motorcycle Mama won't you lay it down? A D7 Motorcycle Mama won't you lay it down?

Bm What about that happy glow? G I didn't feel the change, Bm Everything was still the same. Cmaj7 And when that moment came, Am Em I didn't know. I miss the feeling, I miss the light, But I got faith in something, I'll never give up the fight.

Why's it so heavy, This love of mine, I lost the feeling, I lost the time. I want to get you back, I don't know how to do that, I miss you loving me, The way you used to. Let's All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid that love is blind, Let's say that time is kind, Let's say that it's not over, 'Til it's over.

Looks like you win again, But this time might be the last. So now it's up to me, To Ian Anderson - Divinities: Twelve Dances With God your spirit free, So you can swing again, On our gate. I don't know, why don't you ask her? Have you ever felt all alone at the end of the day Yeah, I'm talking 'bout getting down, Take it easy there's no one around Just a mirror and you and me and the TV sky VERSE: Have you ever been singled out by a hungry man?

You're listening to the radio, he's washing your windows When you look in those vacant eyes, how does it harmonize With the things that you do CHORUS: Have you ever been lost, have you ever been found out? Ebm Bb Oh, you'd better take your time. Almost time to live your dreams My boy.

Oh, you'd better take your time. Almost time to make some plans My son. I thought we had just begun. Why are you growin' up so fast My son?

G Do it in the name of G Am F G Can you do it in the name of love? G Am F Can you do it in the name of love? And when you sail upon the sea Do it in the name of love This one's for you, this one's for me. All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid it in the name of love Before another missile flies. Do it in the name of love You who soar into the sky. Do it in the name of Can you do it in the name of love? And so I shout it around the world, Do it in the name of love To every boy and every girl, Do it in the name of love Yeah I shout it around the world, Do it in the name of love To every boy and every girl, Do it in the name All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid No clouds are in my changing sky.

Each morning when I wake up to rise. I'm livin' in a dream land. I can't hear. Org F is not the original key, but it's easiest to play on guitar. Use a capo to fit. I got a woman standing beside me, She really knows how to stand by her man, She's strong and she's soft and she's honest to me, She really helps me to be a good man. There's plenty of wheat on the prairie, Lots of coal in the mines, They've got soldiers so strong they can bury their dead And still not go back shooting blind.

There're women and men on the workforce, Doing forty hours plus overtime, So the hostages held at the airport Can come home to something worthwhile. He only gave us the good things so we'd understand, Ooh, ooh, ooh. G C G No, nothing is perfect in God's perfect plan. Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Where's that silhouette I'm trying to trace? Am7 Dm Joinin' and listenin' and talkin' in rhymes Am7 Dm All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid the feeling to wait for the times.

Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Who's trying to tune all the bells that he rings? Cmaj7 Fmaj7 And who's in the corner and down on the floor Cmaj7 Fmaj7 With pencil and paper just counting the score? Am7 Dm And who's trying to act like he just in between? Am7 Dm The night isn't black, it can only be screened.

Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Who's got the feeling to keep him alive, Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Though havin' it, sharin' it ain't quite the same Cmaj7 Fmaj7 It ain't no gold nugget, you can't lay a claim Am7 Dm Who's seeing eyes through the crack in the floor Am7 Dm There it is baby, don't you worry no more Am7 Dm Who should be sleepin', but is writing this song Am7 Dm Wishin' and a-hopin' he weren't so damned wrong.

D We'll be drinkin' bananas from long tall glasses G in the open air. D A C Ocean girl come round the world from forgotten shores. We'll be lost All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid the color that we find in each other there's so much to share. It uses the "Dropped D" tuning, though it can be played in standard tuning easily enough if you use conventional chord shapes, as the main riff doesn't really use the 1st or 6th strings NOTES: Actually, the D5 is a chord without 3rd and in some songbooks called "D no 3rd ".

But D5 is shorter. In the original TAB from Malc it was called Dm because this would be the chord to play in standard tuning. Orgexcept intro NOTE: some notes are more or less muted listen to the tape. D F C F Live alone in a paradise that makes me think of two.

D F C G Love lost, such a cost, give me things that won't get lost. D Am7 Em7 I need someone to love me the whole day through.

D Am7 Em7 Ah, one look in my eyes and you can tell that's true. Doesn't mean that much to me to mean that much to you. I've been first and last, look at how the time goes past. But I'm all alone at last, rolling home to you. G You're All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid close to heaven C as I'll ever be. C You're as close to heaven G C as I'll ever be. I've done things I know you'll never understand. But you take me All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid turn your eyes towards the window.

Where your hide your tears you The Meek - Bad Brains - Rock For Light want me to see. You're as close to heaven as I'll ever be.

The chords are quite clear to me, but not how exactly he plays them. Here's what I hear. Corrections from David M have been incorporated here. CHORDS: xxxAsus2 F m Dsus9 "F m" is actually "F m7sus4". The short name was chosen because of space problems in the tab. Bm7 to Am7 is a slide.

During some of the jams you can hear Neil All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid throwing in a Bbm7 during the trip down to Am7. Am7 The world is turnin', Dm Am7 I hope it don't turn away. I need a crowd of people, but I can't face them day to day, I need a crowd of people, but I can't face them day to All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid. Though my problems are meaningless, that don't make them go away.

I need a crowd of people, but I can't face them day to day. Now I'm livin' out here on the beach, but those seagulls are still out of reach. I went to the radio interview, but I ended up alone at the microphone.

Get out of town, think I'll get out of town, Get out of town, think I'll get out of town. I head for the sticks with my bus and friends, I follow the road, though I don't know where it ends.

Get out of town, get out of town, think I'll get out of town. Em C One wore black and one wore white, D But of fear there wasn't a trace. C A factory full of people, G D Makin' parts to go to outer space. C A train load of people, G D They were leaving for another place.

C Out of town people, D Yeah, yeah. There's a man in the window with a big cigar, Says everything's for sale, The house and the boat and the railroad car, The owner's gotta go to jail. He acquired these things from a life of crime, Now he's selling them to raise his bail. He was ripping off the people, Selling guns to the underground. Living off the people, Skimming the top when there's no one around.

Trying to help the people, Lose their ass for a piece of ground. Patch-of-ground people, Yeah, yeah. He was dealing antiques in a hardware store, But he sure had a lot to hide.

He had a backroom full of the guns of war, With the rack and ammunition beside. Well, he walked with a cane, kept a Halt Hoch Die Tassen - Unknown Artist - Superstimmung (30 Bekannte Lieder Für Tanz Und Gute Laune) on the door, With five pit bulls inside.

A warning to the people, Who might try to break in at night. Trying to help the people, Get the drugs to the street alright.

Trying to help the people, Yeah, yeah. Intro played 4 times It's hard to tell where a man goes wrong, It might be here and it might be there. What starts out weak might get too strong, If you can't tell foul from fair. But it's hard to judge from an angry All That I Need Is You - Amy Grant - My Fathers Eyes A fist stretched up into the air. Vigilante people, Taking the law into their own hands.

Conscientious people, Cracking down on the drug lord's bands. Government people, Confiscating all the dealer's lands. Down at the factory, They keep putting new windows in. The vandals made a mess of things, And the homeless just walked right in. Well, they worked here once and they live here now, But they might work here again, They're everyday people, They've been living in a nightmare.

Ordinary people, And they don't know how they go there. Hard working people, And they think that you don't care. Patch-of-ground, patch-of-ground people, Yeah, yeah.

Out on the assembly line, They keep putting the same things out. The people today, they just ain't buying, Nobody can figure it out. Well, they try like hell to build the quality in, And working hard without a doubt. They're ordinary people, But the dollar's what it's all about. Nose-to-the-stone people, But the customers are walking out. Lee Iacocca people, Well they look but they just don't buy.

Hard workin' people, Yeah, yeah. Intro play 8 times Two out of work models and a fashion slave Try to Intro - Marcus Johnson - Just Doing What I Do away the Michelob night. The bartender poured herself another drink While two drunks sat watchin' the fight. He was fighting for the people, But his timing wasn't right. High rolling people, Taking limos through the neon night.

The Donald Trump people, Yeah, yeah. Well, a new Rolls Royce and a company car, They went rolling down the street. Each one trying to make it to the gate Before employees man the fleet. With trucks full of products for the modern home, Set to roll out into the street.

Downtown people, Trying to make their way to work. Everyday people, Some are saints, and some are jerks. Hard workin' people, Stopping for a drink on the way to work. Alcoholic people, Yeah Yeah, they're taking it one day, one day at a time. Intro play 4 times Out on the railroad track, They're cleaning up number nine. They're scrubbing the boiler down, She really is lookin' fine. Things'll be different soon, They're gonna bring her back on line. Ordinary people, They're gonna bring the good things back.

Hard working people, Put the business back on track. All Quincys Corner 4 - Square* - Presents: The Mike We Like Remixes of people, I got faith in the regular kind.

Patch-of-ground people. Out of my mind, through the keyhole in an open door Happy to find, that I don't know what I'm smiling for Tired of hanging on, if you miss me I've just gone 'Cause they're taking me A Esus4 Out of my mind. A Bm Find a place to call my own and try to fix up. E A A9 Start a brand new day. Now I'm running down the road trying to stay up Somewhere in her head.

Somewhere in the fire of love our dreams went up in smoke We danced beneath the silver ring Upon the field of green well time was just a joke just a joke just a joke just Well, thanks a lot man! I love your new song. Payola blues No matter where I go I never hear my record on the radio. And it goes like this. Got a great new record, I can't get through to you. I'll play it all day long. Asus2 F m7 addB You know it takes a long, long time.

It lasts a whole measure. I put in measure markers with. When going from a chord to its maj7, hit the maj7 on the upstroke for good timing. I just got my hand out of a cast and am enjoying playing and being able to type again. I have been playing left handed piano for 7 weeks though and transposed the archive version of Philadelphia up a whole step since the the tuning for that version is drop standard, i.

That version is right on the money by the way. I was thinking, a lot of us might not play piano and I know I hardly ever tune ALL my strings down a step. So if you play the archive version in standard, it might be way too high unless you have some vice grips.

If you transpose that Futbola (To soccer) - Ya Tosiba - Love Party down, the fingering gets tough with things like Eb, Bb, and Ebmaj7. Also, it might still be too high for a lot of our voices. Here's a way to play it in standard tuning that's pretty easy, is 3 half steps flat for easier singin'amd is right on with a 3rd fret capo.

It's just a transposition of what's in the archive but I thought it might be handy to have it written down. This is very evident in the harmonica solos between verses. I've included the most common little riff Neil does in the opening shown below. My suggestion is to stay on F or FaddB during the whole chorus. This means, there will be minimal differences regarding intro and break, for instance. The 'sus' chords are Asus4 x and Gsus4 Shakey suggested modified chords for a certain part of the song.

These suggestions are appended down at the bottom. Em7 Sooner or later she'll have to take a stand C And she ain't about to lose it. Asus A Gsus G Falling down, falling down. D F How much time did you spend?

A G Pushed it over the end. At the end of a weary day She feels hard and she looks hard. Although no one hears a sound There's another poor man falling down. Calico - Weedeater - And Justice For Y’All down, falling down. Falling down, falling down, down. Faliing down I All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid back for more And found you waiting at the door And far inside your walls I called Did you, did you, did you Pushed it over the end?

How much time did you spend? Pushed it over the end. How much Calico - Weedeater - And Justice For Y’All did you spend? I always play that as: Asus2, G, Dadd9, Fmaj7. Paul also offered: A G Pushed it over the end? I do the A in open position, but you might wanna try barre.

I just forgot what it was called. I play it like this: x4x But it may be a straight Cor something else completely. The solo is just in the E scale, pretty easy to improvise. Well, I really don't know why I feel so good B E w. But it's happening to me so I knock on wood B E w. You're welcome to re-arrange the placement of the chord names above the lyrics, with this song it's hard to match them up Tell me baby, how'd you get the man?

I think Neil uses dropped in this song but use whatever feels best for ya VERSE: On the grassy hill of the Railroad town, Where we cut through the fences and over the crown; Where the wind was blowing right through your hair, I dreamt that my mommy and daddy were there.

Am eBGDAEAm Well we live in a trailer at the end of town Am you never see us cause we don't come around. F We've got twenty five rifles Am just to keep the population down Dm7 Am But we need you now and that's why I'm hangin' around F So be good to me and I'll be good to you E7 and in this land of conditions Am I'm not above suspicion I won't attack but I won't back you.

Well I'm afraid that he's gone. F Am It was such a drag to hear him whining all night long. Dm7 Yes that was me with the doves setting them free Am near the factory where you build your computer love.

And the 3rd verse isn't played either. After midnight you see the big trucks rolling Pushing metal on down the super slab Sure hard to tell from here where we are going Rock, rock, rock. Do it inside, do it outside, baby Do it over again in the same old way From now on we're all gonna rock together. Rock, rock, rock. Sure looks like we're all gonna rock forever. The way we just keep rolling on and on Yeah, sure looks like we're all gonna rock forever.

I'm a million miles away from that helicopter day No, I don't believe I'll be goin' back that way. Please send me corrections and comments Am D It won't be long, it won't be long. When we were young We left our worries behind When we were young Left not to be The worry is back on me And it's not hard to see That that's the way it has to be Oh, oh, run around babe, Oh, oh, run around babe. Run around babe, I'm Wenn In In Deine Augen Seh - Ernst Haefliger - Ernst Haefliger (Tenor) • Schumann, Dichterliebe, OP losing my mind Run around babe, Don't try to be Something you weren't meant to be If you are not loving me I'll know it's because You want to be free Oh, oh, run around babe, Oh, oh, run around babe.

D G D G The daughter of the wealthy banker. There's no reward in your conscience stored when your sleepin' with another mans wife.

It's a cold bowl of chili when love let's you down, but it's the neighbours wife I'm after. G F E B G D A E Am I need a All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid to sample and hold F but not the angry one G F A new design new Beyond - The Moody Blues - To Our Childrens Childrens Children. Am Sample All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid Hold.

Am F We'll send it out right away. G Am We know you'll be happy. Am I need a unit to sample and hold. F Don't hesitate to give us a call. Am I need a unit to sample and hold Am I need a unit to sample and hold F but not the lonely one, G F the lonely one, the lonely one. Because our units F G Am never fail, We know you'll be happy. We know you'll be happy. F We know you'll be happy.

All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid I need a unit to sample and hold F but not the jelous one, G F the new design, the new design. This same riff, or variations thereof, is also played between the chorus and verses. Also, for a fuller sound, like when playing soloan alternate version of the riff is provided below. As an example, over the D chord, you can play the solo on the high-pitch E string as: then go wild.

Last night I was cool at the pool hall Held the table for eleven games Nothing was easier than the first seven I beat a woman with varicose veins. Next day I went to the dentist He pulled some teeth and I lost some blood We'd like to thank you for the cards you sent us My wives and I were all choked up.

I'm making another delivery Of chemicals and sacred roots I'll hold what you have to give me But I'll use what I have to use. I'm sleepin' in every hallway I just can't accept the stares I'm using too many covers I'm warm now so I don't care. Hard to find. Though we go our separate ways Lookin' for better days Sharin' our little boy, Who grew from joy back then.

C of that love we knew C go round. G C Separate ways, separate ways. Me for me, you for you Happiness is never through It's only a change of plan And that is nothing new. As we go our separate ways. Lookin' for better days Sharin' our little boy, Who grew from joy back then. And it's all because of that love we knew Cant Buy Me Love - The Beatles - Live Concerts (Special Edition) (DVD) makes the world go round.

And it's all because of the love we knew It makes the world go round. Login or sign up. Logging in Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers. Forgot Username or Password? Resend confirmation email. Not a free member yet? Here's what you're missing out on! Sign Up. A text message with your code has been sent to:. Didn't receive the code? Don't have your phone? Please contact support. Create a new Playlist. Please enter the required information. Add Tag. Sign in to add this to a playlist.

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    Mar 02,  · All Hung Up On Love, a song by Waterfront Home on Spotify. Featured on New Breed Of Mermaid. More by Waterfront Home "O" Records Classics (Volume One: Passion) "O" Records The Collection. More Waterfront Home. Listen to Waterfront Home now. Listen to Waterfront Home in full in the Spotify ergewe.daizahnishndarmeztizuru.infoinfo Duration: 2 min.
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