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I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry

29.04.2020 Kigara 6 Comments

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Weezer is a crowd pleaser, Madonna and Billy Idol too. People always enjoy "Sweet Home Alabama" too. Even though it's overdone, it's a fun singalongable song. Why it's even in the book is beyond me. People will be bored if they don't know the song you're singing. Old dudes are infamous for pulling these out. Don't do it. Nobody cares. This also does not apply to any country that you hear on MTV. If you're depressed, don't sing karaoke. It's not funny- just awkward. Basically: White girls should not try to sing Snoop Dogg.

I say this based on the fact that most white girls cannot rap. Also, white guys, don't I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry that you can rap Eminem songs just because he's a fellow white guy.

Here's a good rule for all: Unless someone has told you, "Hey you're good at rapping! No joke. Stay away from songs people just don't like. Aqua's "Barbie Girl" would be another groan-inducing one. And this is just personal opinion, but Creed and Nickelback also go in this category for me.

Creed makes me want to stab my eyes out. Side thought: By the way, we all know Michael Jackson died recently. But that does not mean you have to sing his songs every time you karaoke. I'm already sick of hearing them. At the last karaoke bar I went to, a huge group got up and did "Beat It", but they didn't even sing!

They just stood up there and danced Sure they'll sing along for a while. But these songs are Just. And absolutely no "Freebird" or "Hotel California" either!! Songs like "Tequila! This also applies for songs like "Paradise I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry by GnR Listen to your karaoke songs before you hit the bar. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. LOL--well, it just so happens one of my go-to karaoke songs is "What is Life", so I guess I'm in serious violation of rule 10 about not doing songs with long instrumental breaks.

However, my take on that rule is: if the long instrumental break is easy to dance to--no problem. Kent G, what? Especially around Koreatown, but you can also find quite a few really good ones downtown. And in Queens. While japan has probably been doing it longer my sister and I went to maybe five or more karaoke bars in Portland Oregon regularly in the late 80s.

They did karaoke most every night or all nights. It was popular there. But when my wife I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry I moved to nyc in i could find few karaoke bars. Even now the bars in nyc treat karaoke poorly, doing it every third Tuesday, for example. We used to go most weekends. Ironic since nyc is considered a major destination for entertainment. Even I have made the Miracle - Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory of thinking it would be a great song and then getting up and realizing I really only know the chorus.

There are hundreds of thousands of karaoke songs on YouTube so my policy is to test them out on my own first. Honestly, that "white girls can't rap" statement is very racist and sexist. They were surprised -I started randomly rapping in front of them and they were like, "Wait- you can rap? That's not right! Nerdy white girls can't rap! Honestly, the Top 10 Best section is primarily made up of overdone songs that shouldn't be done and should be included under 1 of the Worst section.

Umm haha to be honest "The Bad Touch" is always a good song, but I guess my karaoke bars is just way cooler than yours. Nearly comments!! I love this hub. I just found this article, and though it was written long ago in internet terms Lobostyle - Atomik V* - Mini Mix, I want to get in to the conversation.

I'm a karaoke fan in my mid 40s, and the people I enjoy listening to fall in two broad categories Some combine both, and those people are amazing. As for what I sing I've been blessed with a great tenor voice that can hit those high Steve Perry notes. In fact, I get requests from people at my regular Karaoke joint to sing "Don't Stop Believing" at times a month.

If you got it, flaunt it, baby. I generally agree with the points you make Frankie And Johnny - Elvis Presley - Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies, Volume 1, except for the remark about country music, but you've been beat up enough on that.

I only have a few country songs I sing; there are people at my regular hangout that sing them much better than I do. What's wrong with country songs? Our 3 main criteria: Songs that are just plain stupid, are sung way WAY too often, and rarely if ever sung well.

I love this article. I think it's kinda funny. The "uh I can't sing myself but this is great. I am a karaoke host, and I have to say most of this is accurate at the places I work. Anything "mainstream" I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry a crowd-pleaser, and when I say "mainstream", this means any popular song from any decade that got airplay on the radio or TV.

Country is actually pretty popular, and can be lots of fun if the right songs are chosen. However, there are certain songs that, as a karaoke host, I would rather slit my wrists with rusty barbed wire than play them. After hearing enough drunken renditions of this song, I cringe every time I hear it. I'd rather hear "Bohemian Rhapsody" any day! At least that's a song everyone knows and it's fun to sing along to. I do not sing, but I love to go to Karaoke!

So here it is from a spectators point of view. Perú Vs.

México 1-0 (Gol De Perico León) - Various - ¡Arriba Perú.! originally from Colorado and now I live in Houston I'm not "country", but I like a lot of country music Last night, a group of younger black guys got up and tried to sing a rap song that I've never heard, probably because I'm OLD, 43, haha Another I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry guy sang The Humpty Dance My take is Spot on!

I found this post looking for ideas for songs to sing and not to sing! I know, groan, and it ain't even my favorite Sinatra, but, 1- Carnival Cruise has a 'legends' show where you audition at the karaoke bar how cool! Don't feel sorry for me, they gave me Crocodile Rock Watch Kevin Spacey doing it, I like mimicking him; Convoy- another one to practice AND figure out which recording to sing with sound choice is always a safe bet.

This one'll go over well in a biker bar. Whatever the song, just get up and Betrayal (_minimal_) - Apparent Symmetry - Forest Fog (File, Album) it!!! I've read some really good stuff here.

I am a dj on the fence for getting into kj. Very good tips from everyone here. And i have to say i applaude your remarks, after good or not so good opinions. Great job!! I just started to kj. We have a great and diverse group of singers. A Scot, Brit, old and very young. We live in a small town with 2 theater groups. The best thing I ever saw was a guy got up and sang a duet, alone, from wicked. Do whatever song you want, Put Your Hands Up - Various - Best Of 538 Dance Smash - Summer Edition do it with all your heart.

Great Cruising On A Synth Lane (Hitachi II Remix) - Beatbox Machinery - A Synth Trilogy Thanks a bunch. Great article A group of friends of mine all get together to I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry karaoke every Wednesday. A couple of notes of disagreement: I can't tell you how many videos there are of all of us singing and dancing to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Also, Total Eclipse of the Heart is great because we sing it the Old School way and whoever is singing has to chug a beer during the 22 bar instrumental. Your list is dead on, I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry. Having witnessed karaoke in many cities with many different crowds, I can say the guidelines you've listed will win over most crowds in most situations.

Of course there are exceptions, people. You don't have to rip the author apart about it. Thank you so much. Me and my friends are going to a karaoke bar next friday for the first time we only practiced on Sing Star I was A Thousand Words - Various - Das Steinbruch-Theater Prasentiert Underground Evolution Bruch-Sampler to sing Bohemian Rhapsody but now I know I shouldn't do it.

Country music is actually pretty popular in California up and down the coast. I'm an Asian dude that was born in LA to immigrant parents and I grew up listening to country music off cassette tapes while going on family camping trips. A lot of the classic hits from the 70s have roots in country, so chances are she likes country without knowing it.

I do agree that a lot of the newer stuff sucks, but then again there are some fun songs that are just guilty pleasures Okay, I'll stop. Whoever wrote this is retarded and goes by what they want to hear and not I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry what's good kareoke. I hate country just as much as you do but that doesn't mean all country kareoke is shit. There's a lot of people who can pull it off. Honestly your list is a list of top 10's. You're writing your list to have a fucking blog and that's about it.

I bet you're mild mannered in life and only listen to people sing. Then you write blogs about it. I'm sorry at myself for spending this much time commenting on a douchebags blog. Turn to Stone is one of the best songs for me. I have to respectfully disagree with this entirely, not only for the songs selected but also for the judgement placed on those who just I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry to have a bit of fun.

If people want to sing ballads, country music or indeed if white girls want to rap they should be free to do so. The only people who are bad at karaoke are those who take themselves too seriously and make fun of others, which is all this really seems to do.

It is such judgement and stigma that stops people from letting loose and having a good time. I don't really understand why you think you deserve t have such an authority over this subject or why you feel you are indeed such a crown pleaser yourself. What I do know is that if someone was so judgemental about you when all you were trying to do is have a little fun, you wouldn't feel so good. As I see from previous posts you do not seem to take criticism too well. Maybe if you looked beyond on your own opinion you would maybe understand that its all just a bit of fun, and the people who ruin that are indeed people like yourself.

I don't mean to be rude, but I have to say that I disagree with a number of your "rules. You have laid down a Corduroy - Pearl Jam - Birmingham, AL - April 9th 2003 of absolutes in Op Eh Op - El Tigre - Op Eh Op area of endeavor with so many variables, it's not even funny.

How well the crowd likes a long song, for example, depends entirely on A the crowd, B the singer and their talent levelC the song how well it resonates with the crowdand D about a zillion other minor but collectively important criteria. Music video of guy playing music for wedding guests and they all die music video of guy who plays music for wedding guests?

Music Video — Kids who drink love potion in school and everything goes mental. Music Video Its in a school where un-interested kids in science make I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry pink potion that causes them to go crazy and in love with each other.

This craziness …. Hot girls dance video Think the song was a dance cover of an 80s song. Sexy girls dancing. Music video about a sad voodoo doll that leaves animated t was a music video about a voodoo doll that followed a girl around by a red string.

The doll had I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry red heart on his chest. The background was mostly …. Country Music Video — Sepia So this may be an older video video.

A little kid missing their friend A young pregnant …. Music video: song style soft punk i guess? Girl has brown hair is walking down the street and possibly wear a hair ball suit This girl with brown hair is walking down the street and her outfit keeps changing and she like jumps and i think she is wearing a big round suit …. Want to find a music video I remember watching as a kid. All I remember is it was sung by a girl or girl band and they get turned into a cartoon and are singing in the air of a big purple city.

Animated Video where singer goes to war Singer gets enlisted and has to join the military and there is posters of uncle sam. All animated and he goes to war. Music video — Human mail So i have a pretty foggy memory about this one, and i remember only the music video. This is about a boy and a girl, they live far away from each other, …. DJ using decks to turn back time and prevent accidents A dj is playing in a park and witnesses a few accidents happening around him.

He uses his decks to reverse time and prevent them. I think, a few times …. He follows her outside and even in a cab.

Every time he tries to touch her, she pulls away. In the …. Early s Country song video Teen girl singer, really thin, short shirt showing belly.

Running Days Gone - Various - Mind The Gap - Ultimate Breaks & Beats Vol.

2 the mall. Skinny blonde hair girl goes to club with small dancefloor. About going home with someone. Video starts with girl going to a club. She meets a guy and she either does or does not go home with him. She also sings about getting drunk I think. Rock music video s This rock music video had 4 to 5 band members and parts of it showed a girl wearing red. Unfortunately cant remember any lyrics. There was a big fan ….

Girl in a big house There was a young girl in a large house. There was also other children, but they were dirty or I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry. Fairies MV Believe it was a s mv. Cannot remember genre. Had a fairy in it, wasnt an animated fairy but rather a actual person …. Bule diner In a bule diner men wiv black slick back hair. Music Video with magical sneakers A guy found magical sneakers in the street and starts dancing and making flips… in my memory, the end of the video was 3 dancers in front of a Chinese ….

Slinning bed couple Saw it on tv. Couple is on bed making out and camera spins around the bed. Looking for a music video that features a Jive or Old Style Dancing competition, which features people dancing for hours until they get tired and have to drop out. I believe the music video is from the s, and the lead singer is male. The video is in colour and features couples in retro clothes registering …. I know it started off on a park bench or something, where the guy saw the girl and ….

Guys were dressed in suits and there was a vial of poison Rock or alt emo band at party and people get poisoned. I think it was from …. A boy betray this girl so her mom who have problem with alcohol come to hit him A girl dates a boy and her mom have problem with alcohol and them fight a lot so this boy cheates on the girl and the mom come to hit him,the song ….

Trying to find a french video clip with 3 guys and 3 girls in a street 3 guys and 3 girls in a dark street meet Sexually suggestive French song between and Song drawed tears and trumpets at the end I remember some things about the song. I saw it more or less 10 years ago and not only once. Looking for a song with a man rolling a boulder through woods and up a hill I remember that it was a music video with a man finding a boulder and rolling it up a hill and through woods along the way more people joined in to ….

Music video CG motorcycle pursuit. Thats when I used to watch music videos form TV after school. The main character is beautiful …. Couple on stairs Musoc genre prolly RnB or pop Sad song From the s The main singer male was with a female, they are on the stairs i think fighting Most of ….

Song has a catchy bass line starting from the beginning of the …. To my best knowledge the …. A love song where the guy collects old lights and sets up a roof top romantic setting A love song where the guy collects old lights and sets up a roof top romantic setting. Rap ana RnB song, came out in the s probably. I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry is the music video where a group band is in an apartment building and the floor goes out from underneath them and they are still dancing ….

Looking for a song I listened to a long time ago. It had a guy who I think was a preacher or something taking this woman to his house in the desert where he spikes her drink as shes in his room. They place the virtual reality glasses …. Help me find an indie rock music video please The lead singer walks under the snow, a young boxer trains inside the gym and at times the whole band is seen playing, should be some indie rock band ….

Music Video — Man pushing ice cream cart in the old west? I have vague memories of this music video, as I saw it once or twice between and Ride Em Cowboy - Various - I Love Country - Cowboy Songs It was shown on Fuse. It was either black and white or …. Music Video — I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Crymodel girls, unatractive guy, boat, dream, dog Music Video Its a guy on a beach in a speedo.

He goes to the boat and they dance …. These guys are energetic …. Couple at party Its was a music video related to route 64 and afterglow. Classic FM music video ?

It was out around and was set in a circus and shot in black and white, …. No vocals. French animated black and white sad love song The singer is female, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep - Maxence Cyrin - Novö Piano II language is french and you dont see the singer at all. The music video is animated in black and white. The one with the always-dancing guy There is a music video which is pop or dance pop, in which there is a guy who dances doing everything eating, working, doing anything and then one ….

Music video — Short Haired Singer in a kitchen and I think there was Black Paint I remember years ago that I was sitting in a Hard rock Cafe and I spent most of the meal just I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry at the music videos. There was a song that came on …. Animated video This is an animated video played on fuse tv in the US in From what I remember, the video was in black and white and the character is either …. Love a music video of a man singing in the desert and playing piano with a little girl Who is flying in the sky.

I saw it as a kid and it stuck with me I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry I have never been able to find it. Pop song brunette singer with purple suitcases Girls in a hotel with white walls having a pillow fight. Rock Song set in old days with a hanging It Nautique Airwaves - Various - Chicks On Decks 02 definitely before I watch a music video where a group of towns people where hangin a woman off a bridge and dunking her in the water below.

Country music video traffic jam This music video was from at the latest, and featured a country band on a tour bus. The tour bus gets caught in a traffic jam, and the ….

Male singer — car racing car racing in love with a waitress Nd invited her to watch the car race. He wins and they kiss. In the video Friday They Dance - Herbert* - 100 Lbs few girls are dancing around a robot who sits in a chair.

All I remember was, it took place on a hospital. Looking for an indie rock song I used to listen too. I believe it was an indie rock group. In the music video I remember that it was a boy and …. Emo Band Playing on a office building roof. I want to say it was the early s when Emo was big. There was a music video of a band playing on an Office Building rooftop the majority of the ….

Girl driving in a subway, waking up old woman music video. Man wakes up naked animated music video Man wakes up naked. Man got a bottle. Cat appeared. I remember very little. Female band walking through house talking about revenge Female band walking through house talking about revenge. One of the girls had black and white fingernails. I used to hear the song on the radio all the Lowridah - Reimebude - Wer Das Hört Ist Doff. The details I can ….

Husband gone missing, wife in wedding dress on bed, wife turns out to be killer in the end Husband gone missing, wife in wedding dress on bed, wife turns out to be killer in the end.

Husband ended …. Animated dance some featuring a little aboriginal guy running around and playing instrument Little Australian aboriginal guy running around and playing a didgeridoo. It was a popular dance song in the US for a bit.

House Music video?? For the ladies Snow chalet couples cars diamonds fireplace timberlands rnb song ft rapper early s, starts by saying for the ladies. Help me find this song!! I think she wore short blue dress. There …. Can anyone find this video?? It was for a latin rock song, and it ….

Guy walking down sidewalk or street. Not Bittersweet Symphony. The guy is walking past a line of traffic and looking towards the camera to his right singing. He eventually gets into the back of a box truck where …. Stop motion with what may be felt.

Has a man digging his way underground with a shovel. I believe the music was slower, a male …. It is sung by a bird and the song is possibly about a bird. It was in the charts, pretty popular song. Couple running through a city A rather famous song. Very energetic music. A man and a woman escaping a building, are running down stairs and then across a city. They have a bag …. British one hit wonder? Red white black theme. Pop punk song from the early s Ok so all I remember was this song was on kerrang sometime betweenit was I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry upbeat pop punk song where the band were playing in a busy ….

Early s-not well known girls group?? Girls are at a slumber party, playing with a Ouiji board?? They then sneak out and their clothes transform and they go to a party with a dance floor …. Please help. Slow Mo music video of guy getting dragged into car and it then explodes In the music video which is somewhat slow mo a guy is seen getting dragged through a field and then is dragged into a car.

He is bound and is unable …. Rock song each band member is shot of a cliff by lightning Rock song where the band is playing atop the edge of maybe a cliff. One by one each member is shot off the cliff by strikes of lightning. The music video is a woman who is also the singer travelling through ….

Animated Alt Rock song This song played on fuse tv a lot I remember that it was definitely alt rock or pop punk There was a party in the music video where the guy met …. The guy in the videos thinks he is controlling people at a bar type setting. Rock ish themed, there is a guy at a bar type setting, as he is doing things reaching for a glass, moving around …. In the end, they both get to the hotel room of girl and sit happily on sofa.

Country music video in mist covered forest Slightly eerie, melodic love song. Female singer brunettebut group song. Floor length dresses maybe a veil? The video is shot in deep colors, …. The singer is a male, …. Car music video I cant find a music video where 2 dudes and 2 girls are riding in.

But the car breaks down and there is the point where the song begins. The 2 …. Electronic music, a couple at the beach Electro house song maybe. There is a couple at the beach having some fun time. Motel setting A music video where a couple are in a motel room and he leaves and backs the car out and I think a pick up smashes into the side of it. The time …. Animated video It was a video from the mid s, I think ish. I saw it on FUSE. The song was similar to a Sean Paul type song.

In the video the two are shown dancing on rooftops. Kids riding bicycles through a swampy area? UK Dance song?? They …. Alternative rock music video from late 90s to early s The band is playing on a stage in a totally white room.

The crowd below them is wearing g dark blue jumpsuits and wearing masks of 50s sytle boy …. Music video — painting Girl painting Country song.

Red Καθρέφτες - Ζιγκ-Ζαγκ - Αίνιγμα girl I the back of the cab Red shirt hair female singing in the back of a taxi.

Music Video — The song about a man leaving his woman and sells all her stuff when she comes home I cannot remember the song title or the artist or even how the song goes. All I remember is that in the music video this country singer was playing …. Little boy Building Spaceship to go to dad who has died on spaceship Little boy Building spaceship out of cardboard boxes. To go to dad who has died on spaceship in space. Made around Country singers. Music Video where gym floor splits into pool I remember seeing a music video for some older punk boy band where they had a dance in the school gym ad the gym floor split in half and there was ….

The video features two guys who are controlling life sized, humanoid robots and racing them around an empty building or warehouse I think it was shown on Kerrang! The video ended with the two robots crashing into each other leaving them in a heap of parts …. Hot woman gets into muscle car after prison Theres this video where this dark brunette beautiful woman gets released from prison and gets into a black muscle car with her knee high black boots.

Singer watching from window at his love? So its a long time ago I saw this video but it went somehow like this: the singer sits in his apartment looking out of a window. Dance or House track from early All i can remember is some parts of the music video.

In the video there are a couple dancing very passionate in a building that i think was a hotel. Girl goes to prom,her date finds out she has super powers A girls goes to prom but her parents doesnt approve it.

She and her date starts making out and suddenly her chest starts to glow like a red light. Heavy metal or alternative song video In I watched a video of the lead singer who if I remember had blood on him as He walked in a house and there was a girl hanging and he cut her …. I have this vision stuck in my head — clouds There is the woman with this weird yellow thing for a pet and shes really attached to it. One day she goes to work and her mom takes care of it while ….

A young boys father is killed in the military and the video is of him training hard for a boxing match, dealing with his anger I remember the boy running in a field, breaking down, getting angry, punching things. Black man in a red tracksuit dancing to a blind musician in a metro tunnel Black man in a red tracksuit dancing to a blind musician in a metro tunnel. Rnb music video — car Um nearly sure the song is rnb but it The Dark Esquire - Lexicons (File) be dance.

It is set in the UK and in a Scholl. In the beginning of the video they pull up in a convertible …. Music video animated An Surenos Run The Streets - Mister D - Chicano Rap Gangster video where the world has been flooded and people are swimming to houses and other things underwater? Earth Globe Head Hi, The only thing I know, there was this guy, with earth globe as his head, singing.

My e-mail is mestres. In fact,I just found some FF's Tanks once again for your work I guess I could'n say it enough Hi there!! MOGG's please!! I would be ever so grateful if you could send me the links for the Billy Squire multis david7simon gmail. Can you please send me the link of Depeche Mode- Policy of Truth.

OGG blue10pablo gmail. I would be very gratefull if someone could send me: Dream Theater - Wither. I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry in advance ydfrules gmail. Could you send me multitrack of Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth on my e-mail. MaroX interia. Hey, can someone send me the hendrix and who songs that are available? I have all the beatles stuff if anyone wants to trade. Hi, can you send me Serj Tankian - Beethoven's C.

My mail is jdsierral hotmail. Thank you a lot!!! I've seen that list are songs from ''the clash'' format. I can not find to download! I want all, but what makes me most is the: Clash - Rock The Casbah. Hi, i want, if you can send me these multitracks, i will apreciate it to much, because i am searching it all for months, Thank you, Marco Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising.

Give me some the Dillinger Escape Plan mogg's please. I would like to know wghere I can download the multitracks of Truth Hits everbody by The Police and if someone could send me the mediafire link of it my gmail adress: jbomercury80 gmail. PLZ send me "Police - Can't stand losing you". Hey, man! Hi, my friend. How to get it? Can you send me the link of The Police - Roxanne.

Gunslito gmail. Hi, how can I get the mogg for Frampton's "Do you feel like we do? Thanks sidcfirf gmail. I need all of this song in mogg format : nonlovoglio infinito. Hello, would you give me the links to: Black Sabbath - After Forever.

Tanx ianthives gmail. Thursday, 1 March List of all mogg files. Snowman - Euphoriac Intrances. Nice Guy. Prepare I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry War. Geils Band - Centerfold. Geils Band - Freeze Frame. Fancy Pants. I'm Still Not Dead. Ian Astbury - Ghost. Rex - 20th Century Boy. Rex - Ride a White Swan. Posted by Admin at Charlie 1 March at Coast 24 March at Unknown 1 April at Yamil 2 April at TheBringle 3 April at Kidney X 8 April at N1C3Y 11 April at Unknown 15 April at Daniel 24 April at Admin 25 April at RedSox07 5 May at Artur Alves 9 May at Tim Humphrey 11 May at Anonymous 12 May at Anni 14 May at Japster 16 May at Daniel 20 May at Stefano Napoli 24 May at Heidi - There's a desperate need for more half-way houses, group homes, and other residential solutions for people who are living with severe mental illness who I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry take care of themselves and don't have the social safety net.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a great week yourself. Hope it's upbeat and positive. Thank you for raising awareness of the situation, Flourish. Homelessness is a sad problem that seems to be getting worse in some places instead of better.

People need and deserve help. Sometimes singing about may help to distance the pain. Thanks for including these touching situations in your list.

It's sad that this is even an issue in our affluent culture. But I see these folks in our area, too. What's of most concern are those who are in this state due to mental or other illness, as opposed to a temporary loss of fortune or finances. From a musical perspective, lots of good choices, but I think "Fast Car" is the most poignant.

Another excellent hub. Never knew there were so many songs about homelessness. Hopefully these songs get out the message of this tragic situation. Larry - It says a lot about priorities. Even the food banks, unfortunately, can be poorly run. Someone close to me used to sit as an unpaid executive member of the local metropolitan food bank but ended up resigning because of the large salary the non-profit's CEO drew and the salary increase they wanted. It just didn't make sense to them or to me.

Marc - Thanks for these song suggestions! Have a great week. Flourish, there are so many people that live in poverty and are close to being Rain - Nicholas Rodney Drake* - Time Has Told Me. It is so sad that so many in America live like kings and queens while others are sleeping on the streets.

I read that one in five children does not have enough to eat every day. Our damn government can pass a 1. These songs spell it out exactly like it is. Some of the songs give hope. The ones living in poverty and the others homeless, hope is all they have. I am ashamed of our government. Linda - It seems to be a bigger problem in the larger cities and warmer climates.

I just know that when it reaches the suburbs in numbers like what I'm now seeing, there's a shift going on. Maybe my community is a one-off? It's a shame that at the same time that we need so many people to fill jobs, including low skilled ones, that people are living like this. Many extended families have that one or more relative they don't quite know what to do with -- that one who is a heartbeat away from homelessness.

I know my extended family sure does. Perhaps I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry an addict, mentally ill, keep falling behind on bills, are in and out of jail, or some 13 Steps To Nowhere - Pantera - Original Album Series combination of challenges.

Attempts to intervene and help out repeatedly fail, even backfire, and at some point the "assistance" becomes enabling. There is no easy answer. I used to do outreach work fixing pets of poor people and I'd watch over a period of years as people moved from crappy apartment to ramshackle maisonnette to a half a trailer. You could see homelessness as the next stop off for some.

I served many of the people who are probably living in those tents I referenced in the article above. No easy answer. I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry right. Louise - Thanks for the nice compliment. It's a sad, almost overwhelming problem that affects so many countries and it's hard to know where to begin to address it. Oh, Flourish, so much sadness in this article. I live near a large metropolitan city and the homelessness is no longer hidden along the railroad tracks or under the freeway overpasses.

It is camped in every vacant lot, in the parks, and even on the sidewalks. Homelessness will never be totally erased no matter what we do. There are some who simply do not want the burden or responsibility of home ownership or even renting or because of mental illness, they cannot cope. I wish there was an easy answer. Heck, there isn't even a difficult answer.

Your article is powerful in bringing this problem to light. Outside of the large metro areas, how well known is this issue? Several songs about the devestation and poverty left by Katrina also by various artists Another wonderful list. I don't know if it fits your motif I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry it's a little more light-hearted, but "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer," is a song I enjoy where the narrator has essentially become homeless.

You put so much work and effort into your music lists. This homeless and poverty topic is certainly very apt in this day and age. Homelessness is a huge problem here in England. I love I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry Tracy Chapman song you listed. Mary - Sadly, the women and children tend to be a byproduct of domestic violence. It's surprising that we can't work out some kind of solution. Additional low-rent housing options would help.

Peggy - Thanks so much for sharing the experience there in Houston. There are I Dont Know Why - Marvin Gaye - When Im Alone I Cry many communities that have the visible problem.

Women Who Rock A Thousand Words - Various - Das Steinbruch-Theater Prasentiert Underground Evolution Bruch-Sampler. Bloodhound Gang.

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