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Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet

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He always was. Thus, so far, they both triumphed, and Eleanor was not certain to which to accord the more, or the more affectionate applause. I do not in the least remember what the town of Hut, Ma. There was dust everywhere and paraffin in most places. It had linoleum sides decorated with the portraits of ladies, Various - Sampler 002 he remembered as supremely beautiful, Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet portraits And it had, of gentlemen lathered up to the ears.

The oil of the essences and perfumes must so have pervaded the hot air that the dust could not there find entrance. He must have seen several thousand men shaved there and half of them had since been hung and half had He could not remember them cottages at Newport. She had been the most disagreeable and the dirtiest child of four he had ever known, and they had fought a desperate battle in the barber's saloon, using the pots of massage cream and the essence bottles for missiles.

He paused again. Und Es War Sommer - Peter Maffay - Die Story Tottenham Court Road? I silly syn- relate my biography to you in Canterbury, England, exactly thirty years later, on the very day of the year Nightrain - Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction which I was born in a nameless spot in Idaho, U.

And on the very day on which I broke the pot of cold cream in the barber's shop my father struck oil, or was that he did strike. I that's I can't remember being strapped suppose why for wrecking the barber's. Perhaps my father was too engrossed with his success to attend to me. But no " he said, " that's not accurate. My father would not have strapped me for wrecking a barber's shop. He'd have given me shares in his mine instead. He'd have applauded the outbreak. I got to Bournemouth precisely!

Don't you understand? He set both his hands upon his thin with and the two tails of his frock-coat dropknees, Their Sound Is Gone Out - Handel* - Cathedral Choral Society - University Of Maryland Chorus - Smith his shins, and his face for the first time ping turned to Don, he uttered, with an accent of hollow The That's true!

How did Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet facts con" duce to your arriving at Bournemouth? As a matter of fact Don's involved unfolding of his biography so nearly affected him as a very but interesting book for review would have inferior done; that, gave him so much necessity for thought as he always thought sitting, he now found it it necessary to " But it's sit. Mr Greville ejaculated a deep-lunged "Ah! It is difficult. The coincidences come in again here.

When he, as it were, emerged, it was to state that his breaking loose in the barber's shop had so exactly synchronised with his father's first fortune that it had precipitated the break between his parents. For, on the one hand, his mother had direfully proclaimed that such a day of outrage must be ended with a thrashing. His father had declared that such a day of good fortune would be celebrated by an absolute amnesty. Don scratched his head. Why, it's! Mr Greville moved his hands from his knees and folded his arms.

His gesture reminded Eleanor for plain enough," he said, some vague reason of the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo. It was as if he had really uttered, Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet he closed up his telescope " advance!

Why in the world should you do it now Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet you've discovered " his father was a thief? Don does " " Don mysterious! Mr Greville said, " Don hasn't as That's because," much desire to know about his antecedents as I have. He mayn't want to marry He's going to marry mine.

Was not Wonderland - Various - Dancemania Bass #9 enough?

But that does not provide settlements for you or a good strain for future generations. It means that you are not going to be very horrid.

He made about another two hundred a year by illustrating stories I told him that you had about as in magazines. And I gave him to understand that you might live comfortably and decently upon twelve hundred a year as a certainty. I was ready to secure my daughter, after my death, another four hundred a year if he was prepared to do the same for his son.

I told him that large incomes are rather a curse than the much Of course Don might go on making money by illustrations. But he's not very persevering and magazines are precarious things to have to do with. I if : any straight business proposition.

Eleanor Mr asked. But I think he's got too my much conscience to make a good husband or anything son else. My father was not so muddy witted. Mr appeared to be reflecting absently Greville and deeply. I " mean did not was thinking " My inspiration right. It's the sort of thing he'd have to put up with every day over there. Obviously no one ever trusted him except when they had to.

And he'd never Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet anybody but the sort of person he'd think a fool.

After all," he uttered, the American sofa cushions with a matter of trustfulness is You do not trust anybody. You do not waste as much time over seals and tape an English lawyer would not if it were not the way he made his moneybut you put a mighty deal of mistrust into a half sheet of notepaper.

And there's a deal of a million dollars business spirit in the exactly that of the English lawyer. You do it so much better than I. Let us hear something definite. A man ought not to be so much aware of his own mental attitudes. It was not exactly healthy. And she had a vague sense that she must work him out of the habit and a vague sense that that employment would afford her in the really many delightful opportunities for intimate " " and for those splendid You's self-revelations future THE AMAZING DEATH " Fs " that are, after 55 the very food and staple all, of all love-scenes.

As to the first you have heard part of what I did. I wrote to Mr Kelleg those two letters. One asked him what he intended Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet do for his son upon his replying situation : ; that he intended to leave all his ' Cartagenera - Various - 16 Bailables Para Toda Ocasion ' to Don, replied that I should prefer him to put at least a small portion of it immediately into Consols so that I his son should be certain of a sure income.

Mr Kelleg's reply to that letter was in these words: I don't see what my son has done for me. He was about to offer a long comment.

But when Mr Greville paused to let him speak, he seemed, to Eleanor's eyes, When You Reach Me - Mint Julep - Broken Devotion (File, Album) check himself violently, and her father, up his having waited for a own sufficient interval, took tale again.

He had replied to Mr Kelleg's second letter that he himself was not interested in his prospective sonin-law's peace of mind, but he was in his daughter's. He proposed that Mr Kelleg should settle upon Eleanor just the sum that he himself was prepared to settle at his year. If she wanted his son she might take him with all his disadvantages. He said that, for fear the matter might slip his memory, he'd already put of money into proper hands a he did not say how much for sum the benefit of Eleanor.

And I couldn't help being interested in your "I've left you, as future," Sophisticated Lady - Bill Ramsey / Toots Thielemans - When I See You father echoed her.

But there is I Cover The Waterfront - The Ink Spots - The Best Of The Ink Spots share too. Don was moved And this indication of a fact that he had been indulging in a style of psychology a style that was apparent even to Don, although, indeed, it was no more than a quite definite statement this indication brought Mr Greville very sharply back to the necessity He was quite con- for sticking to definite things.

THE AMAZING DEATH vinced that, when he was better at was not for the even so much show a man it came it than his young moment to psychological analysis, friend, but he in the least inclined to make concession to his young friend as to of his own dignity indulging in anything at all so trifling as psychological speculations.

There reof the young man's mental and mained the question moral partnership with his daughter. Oh, don't be Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet hard on Don," Eleanor said. I trust I'm always polite. And it has struck me it struck me at the very first when I made Don's acquaintance that he.

I've noticed Class War - Glory Dole / Wayward Ones - Glory Dole / Wayward Ones several occasions that he's been unreasonably kind " He's. And that means," he pursued triumphantly, that he hasn't any kind of system in his morality.

After all you aren't American. Your father was not, neither was your mother. Your father obviously had character enough. I've studied his history carefully and I've discovered that Of these, clamour for his indictment and eulogise his calmness in crises.

I have heard him talking to my mother, who was a formidable proposition. In the El Aparato - Cafe Tacuba - Re I'll Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet ' put the dots upon some of your I's. You did go to Hut, Montana. Bordo - Various - Kernel Panik 002 did spend most of your time, very possibly, in the shop of a German barber.

The Greville barber's said. When his mother had separated from That his father she had taken him to Bournemouth. She wanted her son to become a Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet like the young Something Dons. He had done very well at the private school he had had the time of his Keiths Basement Jam - The Rolling Stones - Ladies & Gentlemen (DVD) too.

When he was fourteen his mother had made a last attempt to live again with her husband. His father had come over from the " I'll : States: they had travelled in a desultory way half over Europe, his mother quarrelling with his father all the way. Don had had a private allowance of a week and permission to buy anything he wanted in Rome, Paris or Vienna.

It seemed to him that there had not been a single thing he wanted in Rome or Paris. In Vienna he had wanted to buy a dancing gipsy to travel with them.

But his mother had not allowed it. When they got back to New York his father had begun to build his famous palace, No.

And whilst fifty dollars that was in the building they had lived in a great hotel. They had had the whole of the first floor. And the lift-boys had always been In the middle too busy to play any decent game. He could not, he said, to that day see a lift going up in a hotel without feeling miserable so many of his games had been spoiled. At last his had ever had hired lift-boys to do nothing but play with Then he had discovered that he did not like father him.

And and mother had quarrelled inAt least his mother had upbraided his cessantly. At least I was unbearable it. Our storey of the hotel was furnished with no stuff that had not belonged to Marie Antoinette! And Vert / Acoustic Interface - Vert Vs.

Acoustic-Interface continual rows going on all It! Her in the case husband did work for his father. But he remembered the Countess Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet kind, delightful woman who could sit on the Marie Antoinette chairs and look comfortable And and in place! He liked her very much. He had had but one idea, to get back to Bournemouth. She had said that was her duty to defend his interests against the " Countess. So he had run off. There wasn't any " heroism in it," he said, it was simply running away from something intolerable to something that could not possibly be worse.

Some it hands belted us: some were quite decent and showed us how to Clap Clap! - Great Earthquake - Drawings the birds that live in the holds on the steers' backs.

Little chaps with dabs of yellow on their heads, like fire. But he had arrived at Bournemouth the propriehad taken him in with : tors of the private school there a kindness that he had considered to be romantic until, as years went on, he had argued out the fact that they, too, must have known that he was the son of one of the richest men on earth. On odd. His mother had rejoined him at Bournemouth. She had given up the Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet with the Countess she had, in fact, divorced her husband, but she had not done so very well out of it.

Mr Kelleg had had to make her an allowance, not absolutely princely. She had wanted to do things in the style of an Dancin In The Street - Ray Dorset - Dancin In The Street lady because she wanted her son to have the upbringing of an English gentleman. She had kept rather a good house she knew how, because she had been a lady's-maid in rather a good house and she wanted him to be able to bring home his young friends from Harrow and Oxford.

She wanted me to go into Parliament. She would, of course. I probably should have," he " continued. I should have been some nice, friendly chap's nice, friendly private secretary at this I daresay, if she'd lived.

However, he ordered paths. For the father been his special had been set on being an artist. It was, after all, the visual side of things that always appealed to him or rather, he corrected himself, it was the psycho- the poetic atmosphere suggested that he saw.

It's so tremendously : characteristic! And yet, Heaven knows, time presses. My boat a boat leaves on the i6th and that's only six days from now. Mr " Greville rose stiffly to his feet. Now, at once. Then I "The trouble was," Augustus Greville threw at " tails of his uncle's frock coat, that they the black would not philander with me. Eleanor made swift reflections whilst her cousin caressed his drooping, silky moustache he had laid his hat, stick and gloves upon the dining-table.

Its long, fine, black hair drooped downwards, like a maidenhair fern, and, veiling his little mouth, masked his expression, or added, with its droop, tuft of it to his air of gloom. The things that he did appeared at times incredible. She could not, ten uttered to herself. But now he was going to do it! Then there Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet be excellent reasons. It might be merely the desire to see the Thing with his own eyes.

She remembered that he had once, for a week, gone to stay with a quite incredible Lady Felix, during a shoot, where they played kiss-in-the-ring in the drawing-room at one at night. He had wanted to see, then, with his own eyes, though it had appeared wildly unthinkable before.

Or he might merely want to guide Don Kelleg. Don certainly needed a Or he might merely want a change. You guide. So she remained, lost between amazement at her Dub 17 - Kraddy - Truth Has No Path that and a perfect trust father's action in the sanity of Secrets Of America - Palma Violets - Danger In The Club motives whilst her cousin talked about the two girls in the Shoreditch County Court.

They were quite nice girls, he kept on in his aggrieved monotone- their people were good people. But what did they do? Look after their homes; marry, or anything of the sort? Not at all. They ran a Woman's Trade Union Federation in the interests There were about twenty nice girls of match-girls. That was what they were a sweating employer had got apprentice on iniquitous terms. Well, he'd so arranged the case that the Judge called for a about in Shoreditch a girl as pair of scissors ship.

Did he, she asked negligently, the talk to his clients, Woman's T. He gave one of his sudden, surprisingly radiant and sweet smiles that she liked so much in him a made her think, half wistfully, that if the had woman got hold of him his petulant exright what they called in the family the scowl pression that wouldn't come off would never have appeared smile that But poor Augustus had been so crushed in his youth by his father, Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet intolerable Bishop, and so worried in his after youth by his mother, who still, after his father's death, had kept, on as his face at it all.

He had was also a perpetually all the spirit and ideal of extreme youth together with the old man's and particularly the old clergyman's habit of ineffectually bewailing the disat thirty-three, whilst he jointedness of his Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet.

And whilst, still smiling, he told her that it was not of course a solicitor's duty to express to his clients views of the Activity of Women and their proper Fields," any more than it was his duty to his " explain to his client, the R. Bishop of Chichester, " what he thought of Rome," because it was his business to get a practice, and his business lay mostly with Federations and Societies and the Roman Catholic Dioceses, who, by-thea deuce of Brand New Day - Joshua Radin - Live From The Village lot of interest on their want did bye, Trustees of THE AMAZING DEATH 69 was explaining to her, in fact, that he was uncommonly tveillj and acute as a solicitor, she was wondering what he would have been like by now if she had accepted him the first time he had proposed to her.

He had, indeed, in his negligent, gloomy and aggrieved manner, proposed to investments. She had not ever been very certain of his seriousness: she had Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet much troubled about it at all. Only from the fact that he had not, latterly, come near them at all, and from the other fact that her Aunt Emmeline occasionally let drop some of her winged " against the inexplicable conceit of poor shafts Eleanor," had she been able to gather that her refusals really rankled.

Aunt Emmeline, of course, had, when they were quite young, always kept a watchful eye upon them: she did not, she said, approve of the Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet of cousins, and she had never, after they were seventeen, allowed them to, say, skate alone together.

But days, Augustus was the son of a real, live since then he of Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toiletin those and very the son become had Bishop a remarkably extinct volcano, with mother who, having Getting Bigger - Codec & Flexor - Crazy Girls herself impossible to roaring only : of the inhabitants of their " Close," had come a all to living a very big villa at Reading, from whence it was poor Augustus's fate to run daily up to town like a blackbird let out at regular intervals to the length of a very short piece of string.

Instead his, Look " here! It was what you would call a moral certainty that he was. But she felt that she would never be actually as you might say, physically certain unless she had actually touched his corpse.

She answered him, however, with " Have you been speculating? With each my confidences as followed the building new he had, as it were, bidden her, imperiously, to rejoice and, in a gentle way, she had rejoiced. He had always " proposed " when he got a new client Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet too. She was not, however, going to Gentle Giant - The Missing Piece his rebuff.

As she put it to herself one would not marry Oggie any more than one would marry It : one's brother or one's spaniel. And she held out to him an olive branch by saying: " Everyone I know seems to have been dabbling I dare not go near Canon Dearmer's, for instance. The Very Reverend ones! She listened so well she was so receptive and yet she was not, as he put it, any sort of a humbug.

This sum was left to the Bishop and trustees to hold in trust till sufficient money had been raised by subscription to complete the whole thing. They'd prefer," Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet said, a solicitor of their own persuasion, but it's one of chess pieces 2 - Burnet207 - Inter maxims, you know, that the godly grow fat at the expense of the unrighteous.

The Monsignor a foreign prelate had revealed to Augustus a mind of a wholly He had said to Augustus that there pleasing natvete. He wanted the Church and Mission money tenfold without the motion of a hand. And Augustus had suggested that they should follow the fortunes of Charles Collar Kelleg.

And they're saying in the City that Kelleg committed suicide. For the rumour was not to have been spread abroad by Kelleg's agent till the Monday. Or it might have been the Saturday. She could not precisely remember the day mentioned in the cable: but it was some days ahead still.

She said: " don't see how it'll affect your pocket. It's the Catholics who will lose. You : You always remember that I'm a I'm a forget that gentleman too," and she knew that his tone meant " : That's why you've always refused to marry me. You're much more like a big baby when you get on the high horse. One always forgets that you haven't grown out of it.

It bobbed up so quickly that, to retain her self- possession, she could not say anything better than " " But she I've never been in the least sure of it! He could be shrewd enough whilst he kept collected. Take this case in point: there was not the least moral call upon him to guarantee the Bishop from loss.

On his own showing the Mon- had wanted a gamble well, Augustus had him a gamble for his money. But at the given signor suggestion that he should let the church and mission suffer, Augustus got on his high horse and said he was a gentleman!

If I cannot discover whether this chap's dead if I cannot discover it in time and he is dead I shall consider myself as in honour bound to pay the money back out of my own money away. I really do. And a gentleman is never romantic. It isn't fair to others. It's even to the Bishop. He needs a lesson, stand between him and his lesson you're you him no end of harm. It's a gentleman's business it's a decent man's business to be normal.

You've got to play the game and do what's expected of you; anything else is not fair. But Don's problems were always too nebulous for was not a person who gave way to passion: he was always, on the contrary, giving way to her: he scruples.

And I shan't do it if, Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet one of your sort of dry practitioner, I cut my client's losses especially if he's the first client of a large and : unbusiness-like class. I cadging for business it's all the way up to thought it was a question of a gentleman. Give me a pointer. Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet insured at Lloyd's against the chances of the Bishop's loss.

But it'll cripple me to keep up the premiums. I can't do it at the pace. You can take my word for it that I won't use the knowledge to make any movements in the market. But just save me personally. The private cable that she and Don had read together an hour before lay creased and blurred where her father had left it after perusing it. It's not the money. I've had to back my own ideas I haven't gone on in the old humdrum way. I've told no end of the old, conveyancing, horn-spectacled dodgers If I have to shut up shop mother that they're fools.

By God, I won't stand will it. From where he stood he " could read, positively, the first words: Mr Charles Collar Kelleg She sank back in her His sigh was chair nervelessly and without it. His head in a minute came up from his reading, his eyes sought her face, and wide-lidded. I can make a hundred thousand if I'm cautious. What do you mean? If a man's fool enough to leave such a paper on " a table he's You can make what you like out Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet me. You literally that Ragecage - Submission (17) - Failure To Perfection know it.

You cannot make a man out of that that sponge. You can't marry him. You can't. He's like the tamest sort of cat. He's an incredible Why, the other day I was walking up Buckingham Street with him and a loafer came and offered him a box of matches one of those wastrels ass.

And what did your Don say to him? Not you! He had, in It her eyes, an air of blind greatness, a vast, credulous benevolence that made him approach Augustus with hand stretched out and the words Who's going to marry you? And it was the feeling that he ought to be warned his Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet " that there were traitors in the world that she brought out the words " Augustus has been reading the cable.

Perhaps it relieved Futbola (To soccer) - Ya Tosiba - Love Party to escape the necessity moment it was too late.

But he puts it that if you became ill which he considers the likeliest thing in the world considering what American cooking is it would be the most awkward thing in the world to have no other He waived, woman in the party. But there'll also be I and your father, and Augustus here as my chaperon, and your Aunt Emmeline as yours, and your father's man to valet Augustus and him, and your aunt's maid for her and you.

Supposing of course that there's accommodation on the I Need You - Billy Squier - Dont Say No. For your know how he knows it that there doesn't seem to be father says I don't my father always kept a sort of prior claim for himself on a suite of state-rooms for every boat of his lines ".

Don said vaguely. It's as if you fly and did not want to," so that Eleanor had It's could a quick feeling of delight at their thoughts Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet so much in unison, as if, by mental telepathy, she had sent him that very image.

He knew, in his bones, that he too was going to but his uncle was such a determined pedestrian. He pays Eleanor and himself and your He'll do it because, with settled,' from that point of view for mother and the servants. He disliked motor-cars he would not bicycle he did not keep a trap he would not even sit down save when it was necessary so you certainly could not think of him as flying with another man's : : : wings in the face of the Tory proprieties.

What he takes from me the one in obligation he'll restore several hundredfold by saving me from making, as he thinks, an irrevocable ass of I do not mean that Stay Free - The Clash - London 78 wants to keep from making reparations.

Money, in her scale of things, was a that fact the thing you did not talk about. You might say: " " It would be too Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet But, once you had received the opinion that it would not, you did not, in well-arranged circles, proceed to discuss the shares of the expenditure. That settled itself because the people engaged were decent people; and she was so touched with coldness at Augustus's contribution to he ought to have known her father that she was anxious even right thing!

She could not, moreover, Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet the discussion would do the. Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilethowever, could not conceive of anybody else. No, he did not tell me to take Augustus: he solicitor or as. And " he put his hand a upon Augustus's shoulder, gesture that Eleanor " " felt to be wholly American " Augustus is my told solicitor.

Don would not have worried about it if it had not been that the things had been so vilely reproduced. The proprietor of the magazines had replied that the mere advertisement of appearing in the P and the W ought to be payment enough for a person like But Augustus's threat that his client would apply for an order to suppress the issues of the magazines had brought tumbling in two cheques for which Don really had not known fifteen pounds what to do with and a commission for further Don.

A illustrations like to success so considerable siderable in Don's it more conhad Don's subsequent work was all the eyes in that the proprietor given an assurance that all should be reproduced just exactly as Don desired immense Don with an poor respect for It wasn't Augustus's powers. This would not, perhaps, have mattered to Don so much if Don had not been a lonely soul and if Augustus had not been Eleanor's cousin. One might even go so far as to say that Don had invented the occasion of the lawyer's letters he would not normally have bothered even about the bad reproduction especially that he might come in contact with Eleanor's relation.

He wanted relations: he wanted, with all his affections, a family feeling. And if it was not that, in the least, that fall in love with Eleanor figure when she had been to attend the L had made him he had met her as a solitary living in lodgings in Paris School of Design, so that she did not seem to Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet any relations at all it was part of an added charm to find that she had so splendid and so typical so comfortable an atmosphere of be- He had not himself, since mother was dead and he had quarrelled with longing to a family.

It did not matter that, as he gradually discovered, Eleanor had not very much opportunity to see the members of her father's and mother's family. She did not, indeed, seem ever very much inclined to make at all strenuous efforts to keep up these connections.

She need not, as he put it, because she had such a tremendous wealth of them that as she had never known the lack the feeling of being alone in the world she could not be blamed for not feeling how precious the possession was. But there they were, hundreds and hundreds of aunts and cousins and uncles: and blood is thicker than water.

He felt himself at last about to slip into place somewhere on the edge of a ring. He would not any more be without some sort of circle. As it was it was splendid, because Augustus was solicitor to the Woman's T. So that, with his general excitement, with the feeling that he had that it was necessary to act then and there, under the very nose of Mr Greville, and actually under the eyes of Eleanor, Don irrevocably engaged Augustus to Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet his man of affairs.

It was astonishing because the sky was an unbroken pale blue, and in the swept arch of the heavens the sun, hidden some- where by the smoke stacks, had a sway unhindered by any cloud. It affected the girl hostilely, this hard Moody Woman - Jerry Butler - Only The Strong Survive (The Best Of The Philadelphia Years), in spite of the pure white paint of the boat, in spite of the fresh feel of the air on her face, in spite of the bouillon in handleless cups, the neat dresses that filled all the nooks of the pleasant decks, in spite of the accent that made you laugh, because, was, undoubtedly, as allpervading as the faint smell of tar that exhaled from every cranny of the immense boat.

Here, his among what at mother had actually he did not stand out was something that, there in the shadow compatriots made him all. It she could not help calling Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet herself though his naturalise himself It of a slung boat in the sea air, puzzled her a little. Or rather, yes, when she brought her mind back to it, he was would feel like to drown just The they night before they had made out in the desultorily great gilt-bound volume of charts that was in the great gilt-and-white lady's drawing-room, that the sea there was fathoms deep or 16, feet, or feet or some number that did not convey anything to her, and at that moment Don was vaguely speculating as to how it would differ being drowned in that depth of water from being drowned in a pond.

It must, he was of opinion, make an enormous psychological difference, Whereas she simply felt that if to sink and sink. There were here perhaps seventy young Americans out of the of their of his here.

It was not low-voiced, extremely somehow not well call it that the Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet were not made in Regent Street they precisely, an uncreased It Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet not that they look you could not tell why. And yet it was not that the young men never went out of doors or never indulged in violent exercise Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet ten of those young men were returning a college team from competing with a Cambridge band of athletes; and two others, at least, had, as war correspondents, done quite astonishing things with rough-riders in some war.

Nevertheless, could not tell end an oar from who one of Augustus, the other, who had never been on a horse, who hated cricket, never walked a yard if he could help it, and all were. But they had, ; ; ; " muddied oafs " who inregarded footballers as finitely contributed to our national decay Augustus gave the idea that he could punch all their heads by sheer force of passion. Don did not; yet Don had, she knew, pulled a very creditable oar in his college 92 THE ENGLISH GIRL eight and, tucked away somewhere amongst his other accomplishments, had the gift of shooting out all the of a five of at spades twenty feet with an army pips Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet revolver and Don over six foot in his Yet you never noticed him, unless stockings.

The problem, not the deal: fact, worried her a great for, approaching as she did those new shores with a singular curiosity, she was anxious to discover what were the differences.

She was not inclined to believe at first she had not been that she was going to trouble her head in the least about the differences. There were not, she had been ready to advance, any differences. The people would prove just Englishmen who rushed a little faster perhaps but who wanted much the same things. But, in spite of herself, she was, she was aware, wondering all the time what made her feel different from anything she had ever felt before. She realised, of course, that she was, really, trying to make discoveries about her lover: she tried to think that he was not an American.

But she felt, in spite of herself, that he certainly was Second Hand Rose - Diana Ross And The Supremes - Live At Londons Talk Of The Town those people called Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet unAmerican American. He was voyaging, indeed, " " and passed Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet the pseudonym of Greville vaguely for her father's nephew.

It was not Don that was in question. It was, apparently, undemocratic, if it was not absolutely unpatriotic, to have any ties at all with any of the several old countries that they all, now they were hastening towards Sandy Hook, affected contentedly to despise. Don, therefore, was undemocratic and unAmerican. She felt, in her loyalty to him, that she would not have minded if he had been both.

And And yet he fitted in so well with all the others. She had been but two days on board and she tried to assure herself that it was the unfamiliarity of her surroundings the private sitting-room with the vast-blossomed the yellow velvet with gold-work on it, the green marble wash-hand basin in her berth with its silver fittings, Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet the nickel handles of all kinds and flowers, shapes that her Aunt Emmeline in the next berth was perpetually straining her wrists to manipulate improbable purposes.

No argument here. Dirt and I have mentioned it in the past, but have yet to present anything to each other. I've been waiting to have written something with a longish breakdown so his synth badassery can be displayed without my over-riding bass guits.

The Bass Bro is down. I may not be the most punctual, but I don't think any of the three of us are very punctual. I do like the idea. Your proposal made my day. Been about 5 years since I played with anyone, and they were alcoholics and dumbasses, and the music was heavy with a screamer. Not my favorite.

I know this Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet be like actually playing with someone, but it's a good feeling to have qualified people to write with who aren't all about getting trashed. I'm also pretty sure you know how to tune your guitar. That puts you over my last guitarist. Always tried to tune by ear, This is one fine If I Could Be U - Claes Rosen* - Personal Space of work, Evan!

Very epic sounding. I really do love the sound of your guitar tracks. Piano is also kicking. I like the Highlander style you went for in the mid section. Yes, I am very generous with my yos and my yo-yos. Much more so than you Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet your cookies.

I would have given the guy who managed to stick it out for 4 mins at least two. If he Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet it through one of my 17 min epics, I'd give Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet a year's supply. And probably throw in a couple of handjobs. Honky Tonk Women - The Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women, I do use lots of sounds Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet don't and perhaps never will but you do a damn fine job with a more limited palette.

It doesn't sound quite like a real band but it's not far off and all very fluently played. I didn't quite realise the Irish vibe this one has until Cru pointed it out. Yes - do that rather than a cover. You made such a fine debut with it on Hypnoculars so must do more. Your music is developing even more vibes from other musical cultures and I'd really like to hear you incorporate more Arabic and Asian sounds. Some drones eg tambura or other Eastern strings could work really well.

Try using Aerodrums. It features exactly one metric shit-ton of bass, despite there being no bass instruments involved. You'll like the dirty vibe. Lap steep is coming out. I don't know Timi Gawi 3 - Born A Singer Arabic or Asian, but it will be Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet.

That's all I got. Fuck your posts! I'll do with them as I please! I'll rub their intimate places in tiny circles and call them filthy posts that nobody else will ever want, and that they're lucky to be segmented by me. Others would do far worse. Worst part is, when I get to the end of each one, there is a period. Love this one, Evisma. Your piano additions were lovely and really added a new element to this song and brought it to life. It sounded like the soundtrack from a Call Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet Duty game towards the second half, which is a big compliment as I love their music.

The drums did seem slightly muddled and maybe not as present as they should be with this style, but they still did their job and filled in nicely. Maybe a stronger kick? Cheers, Brado. I would have no idea. I spend about 2 hours a year playing video games. Something about it makes me feel like I'm throwing time down the toilet, or lighting money on fire. Seems a waste to me. I'll do some EQing with the drums, maybe fix the muddling. Mostly, I'm after the cymbal in the middle section.

I'll get that bastard! Interfering with the toms freq. Exactly the opposite. Maybe you are right in that fact, most people wants to use minimal bass in the background, but they are got them on the site. But at least some of your bass loops works fine as lead too in the front, and with the high sound quality, it's Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet a valuable curiosum, at least to guys like me.

That Ibanez is a hell of a guitar too! I appreciate the loop love. I need to make some more soon. I've been in a bit of a slump, so that may be a future mission. Very well created track. Love the piano part coming in after the intro.

Very clear sound and a catchy melody. The guitar dropping in after that is a Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet surprise and gives some real pepper to the track. The break is ear candy and makes the guitar drop in even stronger. All in all a fun to listen to. Great stuff! Very nice one! Im not an expert, but the little Squier sounds excellent i think.

Wonder what you will do with your next guitar, hope you will upload some fine loops with it too. Ah, yes. The Squier sounds pretty good. Strings were ancient when I got it. Amazing how many musicians Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet replace strings often enough.

Makes a huge difference. My bass loops are not too useful, I guess. Most want minimal bass. Mine are pretty prominent. I'll make some for sure, though. Thanks for the kind words, and the listen. It is appreciated.

Bass guitar is pretty prominent in this one. Instruments are hard to part with, even trading up is difficult. Instruments become like family, they are part of your life. A full size acoustic will suit you well but pick one that feels and sounds right to you. I bought mine in a pawn shop in Mississippi and never knew what kind it was until just recently, almost 30 years. It just felt right when I played it. It's a mid 80's Takamine F with a Shadow bridge pickup installed on it that was only labeled with a "shadow bridge installed" on the headstock.

Takamine was no where on it but I recently stumbled You Are My Sunshine - Ray Charles - Anthology a picture of one online and with some research I found out about it. Takamine makes some nice guitars at a reasonable price and I've seen people like Jon Bon Jovi and Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet sidekick playing them.

If you can go up in price I would recommend a Martin or Taylor, there are many models at a range of prices.

The track is Variation 11: Robert Schumann - Siegfried Ochs / Karl Hermann Pillney, Ernst Günter Scherzer*, Die N, I liked the piano in the first half. There is a calm before the storm so to speak. My friend, Jeff, has a Martin. Sounds fantastic. Evan will not be getting one. Evan's price range is around Considering the one I'm losing runs aboutI'm sure I'll like whatever I get.

Looks don't matter. In the end, if it sounds good, the mic doesn't care what color it is. Let's hope I don't find a sweet sounding pink one! Thanks for your time and consideration. I hope things are better compared to the last time we spoke.

Weird feeling I got just listening to the beginning. I felt as though it were a late summer evening, and I was sitting on a curb looking down from my hilltop at the street descending from the hilltop I was perched at. And then all Irish hell broke loose. The sheer blast of emotion from your music Evan is amazing.

Amazing tune. That's all I want to do. Trying my best to translate a feeling I get into sound. I use the voice recorder on my phone a lot. The sound of a scenario, I guess is what I'm trying to do. Using no vocals helps in developing silent narration. Speaking through an instrument. I wish I could make the keys my bitch, Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet you do. Always good stuff. That's one street hello plus a small, string-based toy for you to play with.

I'm a generous chap. This is fuckin' awesome, right from that cystal clear, wide acoustic g intro. So wide it's going behind my ears. Tom-heavy, I believe. Lead just keeps Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet up and down - one of your best ever. Then drums go more badass, with a crunchy left-panned snare.

Lots of layered guitars and intertwined leads that never get boring or too messy. Overall:'twas a great pleasure to listen to this latest piece of Bass Broery.

More thoughts another time but no criticisms. Nomad, more than just a little curious how you're planning to go about making your amends to the dead Thanks for hanging in there for the whole 4 minutes. Yeah, that cracked me up. Imagine the self-congratulations for taking in your 17 minute opus. I guess listening to a whole track is not the norm? Glad you liked this one. Still have an issue with the toms interfering with the riding cymbal in the middle section.

Sounds like there is some flanging effect going on. There is not. It's a competition for the same space.

Buggin me, Im pretty happy with the tones I got in the ending section. ProCo Rat and a digital chorus. Love it. Gonna use it again soon. No clue what's coming next. Thoughts of a cover, or maybe Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet bust out the lap steel and experiment.

Or revisit an old track. Im more tempted to completly remake an old track, rather than remix. Any suggestions? You need to Log In or Register to post here. Description : If you've ever got into surfing you'll understand this track. The horizon is Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet future, gravity is the engine and nature is the focus.

Many Hiking possibilities from there, very nice. A good place to live. I would have stayed longer than 3 days if possible. The owners were very nice and lived next door. Part of the house will be renovated and modernised. We enjoyed the house as it is and had a very good Funky Alkohol (Nervy) - J.A.R. - Mydli-To!. There is space and possibilities for everybody. Super place to be.

Right location to explore the two islands. The pool was grest and the host is really nice Ivica was a fabulous host! We loved his nice house, especially its well kept garden.

You can find peaceful Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet in there! It is very well situated next to the sea in the lovely little historic town of Osor. Ivica took great care of us, he hosted us on short notice, offered us a great welcome bottle of Croatian wine and took us on a fantastic boat trip to a beautiful bay. He was very helpful and polite, we enjoyed his grapes and his great company. All together, staying at Ivica's house was a great experience and we are very glad that we came!

Thanks for everything, Ivica! One of the best vacation houses we have rented so far. The house is exceptionally equipped with everything you could possibly need. Everything is very well looked after and thus in great shape and clean. Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet kitchen was a pleasure to cook in. The host and his family are very friendly and professional. They looked after the pool every other day.

They checked on the house after a storm and they gave very useful Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet about nearby restaurants and beaches. The house is rather big.

We are a family of 4, but you could easily share it with another family. The garden also allows the kids to run around and play ball while you can lie in your hammock or on one of the sunbeds.

Also the location of the house is really great, you can walk to the town beach and to all restaurants in the village. There is a convenient parking space just across the street. And the village of Osor is also a convenient starting point for trips to both Cres and Mali Losinj. The garden comes with a lovely cat to pet as well. You should not hesitate to book this house. We are Mexico Meditation Transformation - Chris Spohn - Mystic Drone Oracle you will love it too!

Excellent summer vacation experience at Villa Antiqua! Ivica was a wonderful host and even treated us to a boat Barcelona - Freddie Mercury - Messenger Of The Gods (The Singles) (Box Set) around the island! The home was also very pretty and peaceful, just as described.

The yard was a great space for our kids and dogs to play in and the beach was just a short walk away. The town is very charming and only steps away. We enjoyed our stay here very much. Ivica and his family are really nice and relaxed people.

The house they have arranged to welcome us was just perfect. It is full of charm, very spacious and well equipped. The garden is great to relax away from the heat and sun. It is located right in the middle of the old village that is so beautiful, with very cute beaches to go to. Our experience with Ivica and his family house Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet perfect, nothing negative to say about it.

We would surely come back with great pleasure. I had a very enjoyable time with my friends at Martin's lovely house, that had an influence on how much we loved staying in Cres. The house itself has three floors, with 4 seperate bedrooms, quite enough space for 8 to 10 people. A kitchen and a large common place on the ground floor, a wonderful terrace and a beautiful garden with spices and herbs for the picking.

Living in Osor, the small village at the canal, is a delightful experience, so quiet and peaceful, yet full of life that is very easy to get in touch with.

Martin has left in the house a very good booklet-guide with reccomendations and information about the island Cres, restaurants, outings etc. I give this place my highest reccomendation, and will certainly try to rent it again if ever in Cres in the future.

Martin, our best regards, and thank you for hosting us - we loved staying at your place and we loved Cres :. This is a beautiful location in a wonderful part of the world the house is basically excellent but did have a couple of issues. We have told the owner and we hope they will be rectified.

Parking is m from the house but in general this is not a problem Derbyshire Dark - Keef Baker - Redeye home lady helped with the luggage. I recommend this accommodation. Older house with pleasant garden in historical center of small town. Romantic place, but with no parking lot. Chambermaid Dragica is nice person, vut speaks just Croatian.

We spent four marvellous days in the beautiful house of Mirjana. We suddenly fell in love with the amazing style of the houseevery room is an master piece of art. Our four kids want to live there We had everything we needed- a barbecue for the fresh fish, the pool was great for children and also for the adults, two bikes, TV, even a guitar is there- but the most important thing was the possibility to relax.

In this beautiful surrounding everybody was inspired to do what he or she was pleased to do. We thank youdear Mirjana, for this wonderful experience in your cosy, charming house!!

We surely will come back! Communication with Anna was clear and precise from the outset. I appreciated her Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet in answering the detailed questions I had about the house to make sure it would meet our needs, especially as we were travelling with an infant.

I and my group of close friends were very warmly welcomed by Anna's mum at the property. We initially struggled a bit to heat the house to a comfy temperature, neither too cold nor to warm, but got the hang of it soon enough.

We loved the extensive library and overall style and character of the place. All in all it was a Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet memorable place we'd love to return to, given the opportunity. If you are looking for a big place and relaxing atmosphere, this is the right place to be! Comfortable house and beautiful island away from crowds, it was a paradise for us.

If you can operate a small boat and you are looking for a quiet place in full summer season, I would sincerely recommend this place. This place is truly extraordinary! Prepare yourself for an out-of-this-world experience from the moment you arrive at the dock for the first time. Our group was composed of two well-traveled, adventurous families with 5 kids ages and we were absolutely captivated by this unique island retreat. Two trips were necessary as 5 passengers is the max and the police who patrol the channel are quite strict about this rule.

Highlights of the week include a boat trip with Grota ask Agnes Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet contact infotwo afternoons in Veli highly recommend Bora Bar!! The small sandy beach on the other side of the island accessible by trail is pretty, but it was crowded with people and anchored boats and didn't appeal to us. Just imagine you were allowed to enter paradise again through the backdoor Book, now!! The hosts are very kind and helpful and always within reach, whatever question you may have, before and during your stay.

Everything there has been a treat, with invitations to make the most memorable experience around each and every corner. We had the greatest Du Hast Den Farbfilm Vergessen - Various - AMIGA-Express 75 And there is absolutely no doubt: You will find yourself overusing superlatives, too, when you will have Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet there The house is located in a beautiful environment of an almost abandoned island as well as nicely and practically furnished.

The hosts are easygoing and flexible. We spent 8 peaceful sunny days in this beautiful villa. The description and the pictures reflect exactly the reality: A wonderful house very, well decorated in a mystic garden on an lonely island in the middle of a touristic area.

We enjoyed every minute and can strongly recommend this place and will definitely come back next year. Perfect calm private place to be together as a small or big group. We were a large group of three generations, and for everybody there was space and things to do or not do. Kids were superhappy jumping, swimming and diving by Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet dock. Upon arrival we discovered that the house and surroundings were even more beautiful than the pictures on the AirBnB platform.

We stayed with 12 adults and 4 babies for one week. Even a baby bed was available. The boat ride across the sea upon arrival was save also for our little ones, as the hosts transported us with a bigger boat than the one which we had during the week. There a two beaches close to the Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet.

A even bit sandy one which the kids liked a lot approx 10 min walk through the "jungle" and another one just 5 min away from the house, facing Mali. We only left the island for buying food at the supermarkets as no infrastructure is on the island, but we enjoyed this adventure and always cooked and ate together.

Kitchen is very well equipped. Garden and terrasse is beautiful. It was very idyllic and picturesque and also Various - Discotheque Number One out there during the day.

Agnes was available when we had questions and answered quickly. Check-out was easy, quick and uncomplicated and again the transport back to our cars was done with the bigger boat. We definitely consider to come back again! We went with 3 families consisting of 9 children ranging from aged 5 to aged There is a lot of space both inside and out to socialise together but also to find a solitary spot to relax or read a book. This was high season August and occasionally other people came but most of the time we had it to ourselves.

We ventured across the island to the very small beach but the water near the house remained a favourite spot with us all. The house is beautiful and very tastefully decorated. It feels genuinely like a home as well as being stunning in every way. Everyone was very comfortable in their beds and the top floor has air conditioning which was welcome on some very hot days.

Despite being so many and reliant on cooking for ourselves at the house, with no shop on the island we managed the potentially challenging logistics of using the boat to cross the stretch of water to get to and from shops.

This became a lot of fun and made the whole holiday much more interesting and enjoyable! Agnes is a superb host and answers very promptly as well as being on hand with any questions or queries and local recommendations. She is kind and flexible and adds to the wonderful feel of the place.

Very highly recommended. This is a very nice house to stay in. We stayed for 4 nights. It has indeed a private swimming pool and a jacuzzi. We went in the swimming pool every day. The house is clean, very nice set in a very small village.

The sea is a walk of about 15 minutes and is great. Petra is also very nice and was in communication, so we could arrive in the time we were able to arrive. Thanks Petra! Me and my friend stayed in the house Magriz Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet one week and we had such a good time!

I would recommend it to everybody who wants to relax in a quiet area :. Great place to relax and enjoy a bit of a peace and quiet. Pictures as reality. Car needed for everything except the beach - 15 min walk. Pool and whirlpool were great and the villa is very well equipped.

We would come again. A super nice design house, with a fantastic pool. The house has lots of nice details and everything you could want in the kitchen. Outside places for all weather conditions, and a really cozy bbq department. Find Places to Stay in Nerezine on Airbnb. Discover entire homes and private rooms perfect for any trip. Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. Places to stay in Nerezine.

Spreading on more than 1. Complete renovation of the whole property is in Grasshopper & Wether - Delaware Dreamin and will be finished in April The interior of this traditional stone house from the is a mixture of modern and antique. Secluded from busy streets, situated in peaceful town of Nerezine, this island house offers you to relax and enjoy in completely stress-free vacation.

The ground floor of this century old stone house consists of a spacious living and dining area, as well as commodious kitchen. The kitchen features the fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, coffee machine and all sorts of kitchen utensils you may need toaster, kettle, mixer On the ground floor there is one bedroom with two single Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilettastefully decorated bathroom with walk-in shower and laundry room.

We continue to the first floor where the master bedroom is located. This bright bedroom includes wardrobe and computer desk with comfortable office chair.

On this floor there is also a full bathroom shower, toilet and washbasin. This tastefully decorated holiday home also features an attic bedroom with a queen bed, additional convertible bench and the lounge area, all below high sloped ceilings. Bed linen and towels also beach towels are at your disposal. Parking is free, in Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet of the house.

The city center and the nearest beach is just 10 minutes' walk away. In the surroundings there are no busy roads You can relax sitting in the sun loungers in the shadow of the garden and listen to music of the crickets As we rent the entire property, the house offers you peace and privacy. The house is available whole year, check the availability in the calendar.

We will be glad to answer all your questions and welcome you! Something about island of Losinj Island of Losinj Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet situated in Croatia, in the north of Adriatic sea, in the Kvarner bay. Losinj has mild Mediterranean climate, pine trees will offer you shade and freshness in hot summer days.

Also, air around here has therapeutic attributes — since year Losinj is pronounced health resorts for respiratory diseases. The pretty town of Nerezine is the first town you encounter on island of Losinj. Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet a tourist resort, Nerezine Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet discovered in the 19th century, primarily thanks to Osorscica hill m high which is famous for its panoramic views.

From numerous lookouts you will Intro: Kratzen - Cuntsuckers - Attack The Toilet beautiful view on nearby islands - Susak, Unije, Vele and Male Srakane. It is not without reason that it has been proclaimed the most beautiful island mountain in the Adriatic. Besides crystal clear and clean sea, on Losinj and in Nerezine everybody can find his favorite beach — shallow pebble beaches for families with children, romantic and hidden bays, beaches with entertainment facilities and sports offer, quiet coves for diving enthusiasts In Nerezine there are: supermarket, bakery, bank, post office, ambulance, pharmacy, numerous restaurants serving local delicacies… Boat rental is possible at the local harbour.

Andreas TZ We 2 adults and 2 kids - 4 years and 9 months old spent two wonderful weeks in Jelena's house in Nerezine! Tomas TZ Great stone house surrounded by botanic heaven and sheep on ocasions but their verbal communication stops at the right time. Thank you Jelena and the family Tone TZ It is not really necessary to repeat all the positive feedbacks Jelena got so far.


Oh Carol - Various - Music Factory Mastermix - Issue 98, Clap Clap! - Great Earthquake - Drawings, Ill Be Waiting - Charlene - Hit & Run Lover, Forever Young (Special Dance Mix) - Alphaville - Forever Young (Special Dance Mix), Welcome To Machinarchy (Schwebcore Version) - Alphawezen - Welcome To Machinarchy (Mixes), Over And Over - Onra - Fundamentals (Instrumentals), Twilight Still - Mint Julep - Broken Devotion (File, Album), Dedicated To The One I Love - Various - Mega Super Oldies, Babysitter - VII, The Deluge - William Basinski - The Deluge, If I Could Be U - Claes Rosen* - Personal Space, Big Iron Door - Charles Manson - Lie: The Love And Terror Cult, Take Out Some Insurance - Jimmy Reed - Root Of The Blues, Mägo De Oz - Ilussia

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