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Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando

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Download Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando

In a separate review from AllMusicthey gave the song four-and-a-half stars out of five, stating "[Justify My Love] stands as one of the best of Madonna's long history of well-packaged maxi-singles, and further helped set a precedent for the maxi-single market.

Rolling Stone said that the song and contemporaneous Rescue Me were "worthy sensual newies". While this track might be oozing sex, it's the NSFW music video that caused the most drama [ The song received massive Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando in Europe as well.

In Norway, the song entered the chart at number seven and peaked at number three for one week, staying on the chart for nine weeks. The song entered at number 79 on the Dutch Top 40peaking at number five. The song entered the French Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando Chart at number 42, and peaked at number 17, staying on the chart for 11 weeks.

The Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando also peaked at number nine in Austria and number three in Switzerland. The song was also successful in the Oceanic region.

It debuted at number 14 in the Why Me - Brenda Lee - New Sunrise (8-Track Cartridge, Album) Singles Chartpeaking at number four. It was present on the New Zealand chart for a total of 16 weeks. Some of the dancers featured in the video were also dancers from her Blond Ambition World Tour.

The video was filmed in grainy black and white in the style of a s European art film. There are also several shadowy film-noir elements such as characters seen only in silhouette.

The action takes place in an elegant hotel that apparently caters to alternate lifestyle couples. Madonna or the character she's playing enters looking tired and distressed as she walks down the hallway toward her room. There she has a romantic fling with a mysterious man played by Tony Ward. Some of the doors to the other rooms are ajar and we catch glimpses of various couples cavorting in BDSM fetish outfits leather, Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando T-shirts, latex underwear, and corsets.

In a dream-like sequence, Madonna rolls around in bed wearing skimpy lace underwear and a garter belt and stockings while various figures Clap Clap! - Great Earthquake - Drawings and go. The entire nudity which led to the video being banned occurs when a topless dominatrix -type woman, played It Never Rains - Various - The So Soulful Collection model Wallis Franken—suspenders partly covering her breasts—appears and roughly grabs a bound man the same man who is with Madonna by the hair.

Her outfit, which includes a peaked leather hat and black gloves, copies the ensemble worn by Charlotte Rampling in the controversial film The Night Porter. Both the film and the video share elements of sadomasochism. The theme of androgyny is also briefly alluded to when a woman who closely resembles Madonna's lover is seen in men's clothing with a drawn-on pencil mustache.

The overall presentation is surreal and deliberately ambiguous. The retinue of strange characters may be real or simply fantasies from Madonna's imagination. In the end, a rejuvenated Madonna rushes out of the hotel room smiling and laughing. The video was deemed too sexually explicit for MTV and was banned from the network. When asked whether she stood to make more money selling the video than airing it on MTV, she appeared impatient and answered, "Yeah, so?

Lucky me. The video for "Justify My Love" was banned also from regular rotation on MuchMusic in Canada, although the controversy as well as the subsequent banning of a video by Mitsou led MuchMusic to launch a new series, Too Much 4 Muchwhich played controversial music videos accompanied by panel discussions on their artistic and cultural context.

This countdown was shown only late at night because of the graphic imagery of "Justify My Love" and several other videos on the countdown. Although many complaints were received, the video was played without restriction on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 's popular music video show Rage ; as, being a public broadcaster, the ABC is not bound to follow classification guidelines [31]. This was the first time an artist had released a single in this format. Released on VHS only, the packaging in North America was a plain black slip cover with a sticker around it, so that it resembled a "seedy video".

In Europe, it was given the full cover artwork treatment, and they also included a bonus video of Madonna's performance of " Vogue " at the MTV Music Video Awards, which was ironic as MTV had banned the title track. In the UK, the video was given an "18" certificate by the BBFCmeaning no one under that age could legally buy or see the release. This version of the video was censored with black bars in a scene that contains female nudity.

On the May 11, episode of the sketch-comedy series Saturday Night LiveMadonna made a guest appearance in a pre-filmed segment which spoofed her controversial music video as well as her just-released Truth or Dare film.

During a Wayne's World sketch, Wayne Mike Myers and Garth Dana Carvey encounter a seductive Madonna lying on a bed in a hotel room during a fantasy dream sequence also filmed in black and white. After some back-and-forth banter, Wayne and Madonna play Truth or Dare.

Wayne begins by saying "Truth. As they kiss, the music for "Justify My Love" begins to play. Garth is then seen dancing in a parody of the video before being abducted by two women in fetish-wear outfits. The latter was used as a dancers interlude during the show. This new version omits the controversial lyrics which caused the accusations. The black-and-white backdrop video, directed by Tom Munrofeatures Madonna being chased by people in carnival masks and locks herself in a room to indulge into her fantasies, while the masked Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando search for her.

The video is said to be a metaphor for everybody trying to take advantage of her, judge her or exploit her private life, and the interlude is her expression of escaping the judgement.

As a result of all the controversy, the single was released as a video-single and went on to become the highest selling video single of all time, [35] eventually becoming certified four-times platinum by the RIAA. Bill Lamb from About. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sire Warner Bros. They should also meet the global standards that protect against money laundering, as well as any other international requirements.

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With the walls closing in, he packs his small life and escapes. To be alone, one must learn to constantly move in both work and purpose. Out now on! Very happy to announce that we have signed the superb Nubiyan Twist to Strut. The Motor City mainstay was a founding member of the pivotal Underground Resistance with Mad Mike Banks and Jeff Mills, an then went on to lay down a blueprint for minimal techno which continues to make an impact to this day.

As Floorplan, of course, he veers into more funky and melodic house and techno, often with a gospel overtone that lead to rapturous receptions on Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando floors around the world. But the techno he makes as Robert Hood is what he is best known for. The record was a return to the roots of his definitive Minimal Nation LP inand was filled with the sort of expert melodic loops, scintillating drums and hynptic sense of repetition that only a few can master: making such simple yet effective music is a skill that Hood has made all his own.

His DJ-Kicks mix proves that Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando more: it is a techno mix, pure and simple. Coming The Motor City mainstay was a founding member of the pivotal Underground Resistance with Mad Mike Banks and Jeff Mills, and then went on to lay down a blueprint for minimal techno which continues to make an impact Ερωτοδικείο - Αρετή Κυπραίου - Ερωτοδικείο this day.

The record was a return to the roots of his definitive Minimal Nation LP inand was filled with the sort of expert melodic loops, scintillating drums and hypnotic sense of repetition that only a few can master: making such simple yet effective music is a skill that Hood has made all his own. Most tracks are from the last few years and come from a range of mainly European producers, but the Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando is pure Robert Hood.

The perennial futurist wastes no time in getting down to business: after a brief buzzing synth line sounds like a spacecraft warming up for take off, the rubbery, relentless drums arrive and remain rooted to the floor for seventy minutes. Despite his famously linear approach, the tension between tracks, suspenseful breakdowns and sci-fi sense of melody throughout keeps you engaged: there is just enough light in the dark, sufficient colour between the shadows and constant sense of pressure to keep you utterly engaged from start to finish.

Robert Hood is synonymous with techno, and his entry into the DJ-Kicks series shows exactly why. Pre-orders available now. I remember Star A.D. - Faith No More - Фонотека В Кармане we all got on really well; the sessions were fun. So, the producer ended up cutting corners with the production — the mix was not completely finished and the voices were not synchronised right to some of the tracks.

This first full reissue is remastered by The Carvery and features full original artwork along with a new interview with Darius Denon. This was an era of particular artistic upheaval in Germany; emphasis was Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando on expression rather than technical perfection, artistic impact rather than skill.

Bands consciously abandoned the English-speaking mainstream with German band names and lyrics. The package features a host of rare and unseen photos from the period along with extensive interviews with artists including Beate Bartel Mania D. Mount Kimbie take the reigns of the DJ-kicks series with a 23 track mix that includes one of their own new exclusives.

In the early years they refashioned dubstep into innovative new forms that drew on ambient, garage and electronica. Their DJ and radio sets have also developed a formidable reputation throughout this period.

They make it a forward looking affair that calls on music the band have discovered recently; music they have found inspiring. Rather than a painstaking plan or meticulous studio approach, this session captures the improvised energy of a real DJ mix, but one where each track is given time to breath and make an impact rather than one where DJ trickery is at the fore. The result is a succinct 50 minutes that often goes deep, with roughhewn drums and grainy atmospheres from the likes of Terrence Dixon, Severed Heads, Marco Bernardi and Object Blue.

It Sam And Curley Talking - Lightnin Hopkins - Lightnin Strikes Twice knits together stripped back rhythms, percussive tracks and more harmonic techno while seamlessly joining the dots between the old and the new. This DJ-kicks is a welcome window into the very current musical world of Mount Kimbie.

Due for release on 28th September. Niv Arzi and Dori Sadovnik are seeking to discover new grounds and sounds, and to record local musicians, indigenous instruments and present workshops for youth music schools.

In March ofthe Israeli duo touched down in Africa for the first time, and set up camp in both Ethiopia and Ivory Coast, yielding In Africa, a triple header EP which features three slices of contemporary body music, with both East and West African musical motifs.

The project will always present a musical release, on vinyl and digital, that was created on the trip, accompanied with a documentary, showing the whole journey. Originally just a regional hit on the East coast and in Washington DC specifically, the album gradually spread, influencing the nascent DC go-go scene.

Out on Doris Duke - Im A Loser 21st September.

I was there at the same time as Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba and Fela Kuti and we each tried to play our part in putting Africa on the map of contemporary jazz. All formats feature personal liner notes by Mulatu Astatke. It was a post break-up love letter to the dance floor with heart-on-sleeve emotions coloring the dusty and analogue Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando grooves.

Acclaim came in from far and wide, with everyone from Rolling Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando to Pitchfork fawning over its heart swelling nostalgia and melancholic immediacy. Musically that means diversifying, and as Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando the Swede has veered into jungle, breaks and electro, as well as plenty of rough edged house, and continues to serve up electrifying DJ sets across the world.

They returned with an enthusiasm that reminded Jakobsson of his own early passion, and in turn invigorated him and the whole process of assembling the mix.

The full album is out now. Following on from his intimate entry into the DJ-kicks mix series, Lone is putting out a vinyl only EP of all the unreleased tracks from it.

Here he sits in between the two across three thrilling cuts. Spoken word Stevie Nicks - The Wild Heart are stitched into the groove and the whole thing is as frictionless and feel good as house comes.

Inspired, recent studio sessions have bore two breathing, sonic landscapes, entitled Certain Angles. Lee Jones salutes the faithful El Oscuro Del Flores - Cuarteto Cedron - De Argentina. Strut present the first ever new international studio album by one of the all-time great African big bands, Orchestre Les Mangelepa.

Last Band Standing is coming 20th October and available to pre-order now! Comprising Congolese musicians who settled in Kenya, Les Mangelepa helped drive the East African evolutionary spur of one of the greatest musical artforms, African rumba, during the s. Their early recordings helped them to establish their authority, released on contemporary labels like Jojo and Tobina.

The popular music of Kenya at that time included Benga from the shores of Lake Victoria and Chakacha from the coast; Les Mangelepa became skilful and adept songwriters, harnessing the energy from these other music styles. This mix represents Lone as a producer: it starts out with the hip hop of his roots, then moves through some of the music of his childhood and on to a range of his enduring influences. Along the way, he stitches in his own newly produced sounds. It is a hugely personal view into his unique musical world.

Tickets are available here. The fruits are a-plenty and the group sound at their confident and versatile best from start to finish. The release coincides with another monster tour schedule throughout the Autumn. The mix comes as a double CD and triple vinyl release featuring 4 exclusive tracks. Available now. DJ Tennis is Manfredi Romano, a lifelong music fanatic who started out managing punk bands, progressed to putting on leftfield events, set up one of the most important Italian rock and electronic booking agencies, then started the Life And Death label.

That knack for the musical and emotive side of things characterises both cerebral mixes he has put together here. Strut present the definitive official reissue of this landmark album in the field of African music originally released in Recorded in New York, Mulatu of Ethiopia arrived at a time when Astatke had begun to master the delicate fusion of styles needed to create Ethio jazz.

The album represents the first fully formed document of his trademark sound. The vinyl version is available both as a standard 1LP format, and as a limited edition 3LP 6-panel gatefold set. The 3LP deluxe edition features the stereo album master, a pre-mix mono master and a selection of out-takes from the sessions, giving the listener rare access to the DNA of the studio process. The full original album will also be available on CD and digital formats.

All formats feature a new interview with Mulatu Astatke and rare photos. A product of the same sessions that would yield the legendary Space Is the Place LP, the recordings for the album took place on the 19th and 20th of October, at Streeterville Studios, Chicago, with the largest Arkestra line-up Sun Ra had yet taken into a studio session.

The date was produced by Impulse! The album is restored from the original master tapes and features complete original artwork and new sleeve notes by Francis Gooding. The album will be released 22nd April in conjunction with Record Store Day. Check the Record Store Day site for participating retailers. Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando year,!

K7 will be releasing our first ever Record Store Day title, in the form of an essential collection from veteran Italian hardware lover and Rephlex Records alum Bochum Welt. April collects sixteen short but absorbing tracks for their first-ever vinyl release. Several tracks previously were Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando released on CD by Rephlex, while many tracks are completely unheard. From crunchy beats overlaid with pixelated pads to blissfully organic and tender piano-laced ambient numbers, the music on April is never less than beautiful.

Expressive and personal throughout, this album is about sound research and melodic sensibility and is as technically awe inspiring as it is purely enjoyable. A list of participating retailers is available on the Record Store Day site. A full digital Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando to follow on 5th May. Sorie Kondi may be playing an acoustic folk instrument from Sierra Leone, but he thinks about music as if he were a techno producer.

Pre-orders are available now. The second is an Mbira remix, filled with African-inspired percussive inklings and sprinkled with effortless melodic flourishes. Directed by Park Seungjin, the black and white video is a complete head trip. Richard Dorfmeister spoke briefly with Thumpwho premiered the video. We were very happy to work with the video director Park Seungjin on this track. This year sees an exciting new undertaking from the Wonderland - Various - Dancemania Bass #9 camp.

It brings back good memories. An edited version of the minute title track is streaming below. Sun Ra authority Irwin Chusid music be applauded for this huge cosmic undertaking. Space Loneliness this is not. All aboard. For over two decades and several albums Tosca has served as a vehicle for Richard and Rupert to express their personal moods and impressions, each release holding up a mirror to their inner lives. Still despite an almost overabundance of ideas, in the more than capable hands of these two pioneers the result is a complex yet coherent and confident album that stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of their storied back catalogue.

Going Going Going is out February 10th K7 is proud to announce the launch of a new division, 7K! This is not an entirely new field for us. Having worked for years with artists like Brandt Brauer Frick,! K7 has been an innovative force in the contemporary classical movement since before the genre had a coined name. The debut 7K! To celebrate the beginnings of the new 7K!

Demos for his debut studio album had also been lost during that time. His sound was marked by his electrified Kondi, run through a small distorted amplifier that he carried on his back whilst performing on the street.

The duo released an EP this year on Strut, recently performed acclaimed sets to thousands at Transmusicales and Womex, and have received accolades from tastemakers including Gilles Peterson, leading to a recent takeover of Worldwide FM by Boima. The mix is available now for free download on the Kondi Band Bandcamp. Keep up with Kondi band on Facebook as they tour and prepare to release their debut album. The Freetown Tapes by Sorie Kondi.

It feels good to be back in the studio and making music again. Some finish lines are appearing on the horizon. It is a mix concerned with the idea of taking a collective breath and allowing records their own time. On the eve of embarking on a European tour, the spiritual jazz ensemble The Pyramids, lead by Idris Ackamoor receive a remix from soulful house producer Human God Flesh - Man Is Dead - Rot In Pieces / Hypoptalasias - Split Tape 2015 Deepak.

CH Basel: Kaschemme DE Augsburg: Grandhotel Cosmopolis CZ Praha: Jazzdock BE Brussels: Ancienne Belgique Festival SE Stockholm: Fasching DE Berlin: Prince Charles UK London: Late Junction recordings DE Frankfurt: Mousonturm DE Frankfurt: Mousonturm. When I invited him to take part in this project, he directly sent over some sketches he had made. It had this all out emotive vibe to it. Pre-orders are available now. A limited edition art print depicting the making of the album cover shot by infamous Berghain photographer Sven Marquardt is available via Bandcamp.

Daniel Avery is a firm believer in the transformative power of music. It is a mix concerned with the idea of taking a collective breath and allowing records their own space. The mix features three Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando original Avery productions including a track from Rotea project with BleeD boss Volte-Face. The label is one of the only imprints based in Nigeria to specialize in new and back catalogue releases from across Africa, bringing a fresh African perspective.

Marcel Dettmann is a Berlin icon who can claim as much responsibility as anyone for the state of modern techno. On his upcoming DJ-Kicks, the DJ and producer set out to make a mix that would reflect the entirety of his tastes and musical identity beyond his legendary club sets. In addition to music carefully culled from his extensive collection, DJ-Kicks is chock full of new Dettmann productions, remixes, and edits, including collaborations with Levon Vincent and Wincent Kunth.

Michael Mayer Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando the true definition of a taste-maker. His work as a producer, a DJ, and a curator via his label Kompakt, speaks for itself. Mayer is adamant that the collaborations came about because of a shared musical vision and personal connection rather an effort to stack the lineup. The outcome breathes a groovy spookiness, likened to the Giallo works of Dario Argento, where the borders between reality and fiction are not clear.

Orders from the! K7 Store and Bandcamp include a limited edition lithograph art print of the album cover. A new compilation series! Kollections launches this week with edition The Club. The concept behind the new series is to showcase the wide range of music released by the amazing group of partner labels in the! K7 Collective. Each edition will focus on a particular sound with the first edition —!

Stream the first entry in the series below. Kollections The Club is also available via digital retailers everywhere. With his first album for! One half of the revered Skull Disco label with Appleblim and a purveyor of a vast array of heady left-field sounds, Shackleton is the perfect choice to tease new glimpses from the beauty of the original track.

Michael Mayer is one of the leading tastemakers in dance music, and his DJ sets have influenced a generation or two of musicians and fans. Agoria and Mayer team up for a track that is about taking all the time in the world: a track with that fills the room with Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando distinctive pop ambient flavoured twist on modern club music.

Stream it below via Boiler Room Debuts. A Hills and into coastal dance inter-zones. This week sees the release of a Trap - Amon Düül 2* - Vive La Trance remix package for the Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando.

The EP kicks off with a charged workout from Swiss master Deetron, who channels classic dance floor sounds for a monster remix. Both remixes are streaming below.

Pre-orders for the Alan Abrahams album, out August 18th, are available now. His new album features his given name for its title, as well as his own voice and piano playing. Naturally, the video is directed by Abrahams himself. In the early s, Yorkshireman Peter Bagshawe was living in Zambia, pursuing an interest in steam trains. He ended up as the de facto Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando for one of the greatest Afro Rock bands of the era.

Thankfully, he sat down via Skype recently to recount his time managing Sunburst. Though the original vinyl presses are quite rare, the strength of the music endured, leaving Ackamoor with an international following.

Stream the mix below for a look back on a career of pushing the boundaries of consciousness through jazz improvisation. We Be All Africans is available now.

Quite simply, everything the man touches is quality. On DJ-Kicks, his Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando knack for selection extends to the exclusive music he sourced for the mix. We Wonderland By Night - Engelbert Humperdinck - A Man Without Love shared an exclusive track from Denis Sultaand this week i-D lets loose with a huge track from Tessela.

Listening to Anthony Joseph speak about his relationship to his Caribbean heritage on his new album is enough to make us want to pack our bags and spend some time on the islands. CD insert and digital formats. There are a couple of wee secret weapons on there that are stolen from the guys at Rubadub, and obviously tracks Q1.

The rest is stuff Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando found myself or on mates labels or produced by friends. Stream the track in full below. All physical orders from! It worked well, and I returned to the studio later that week to finalize it. Jackmaster is one of the most in-demand DJs working today. From humble beginnings behind the counter of legendary record store Rub-A-Dub in Glasgow, Scotland, his has been a grassroots movement to dominate the bills of some of the best electronic music events across Europe and America.

Jack has also hosted a series of shows for the globally renowned BBC Radio 1 allowing his charming personality Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando instinct for judging an audience to unite, a formula that continues to elevate his status as a world class DJ.

I try not to be too purposely idiosyncratic when selecting music. I want to educate people but never compromise my vision.

I just want to play good music and tell my own story. Strut team up for the first time with acclaimed French label Heavenly Sweetness for the brand new album by the celebrated poet, novelist and musician, Anthony Joseph. Starting out as a joint project with the outstanding percussionist Roger Raspail Cesaria Evora, Papa Wembathe album swiftly grew into a major work incorporating the rhythms, sounds and vibes that rock the Caribbean from San Fernando, Kingston and Les Abymes to Port-au-Prince and Havana.

Backed by a band made up of a blend of musicians with Caribbean origins or connections, the album attempts to unite the different islands into a single entity without diluting any individual strand.

The album is asking Caribbean people to consider that their roots are in the Caribbean, that their generations run deep and that now, we can claim it as ancestral space. Joseph weaves an uncompromising direction through the album tracks, spinning his unique lyrical blend of afro-futurism and surrealism.

I guess the album is about celebrating roots, but roots that lie within us. These incredible melodies he was playing on his namesake thumb piano the kondi sealed the deal: I immediately decided to remix it. The resulting bootleg remix started appearing in DJ playlists and led to coverage by The Fader magazine. The dance-friendly pulse of his cajon drum, the spiraling melody lines from the thumb piano and his incredible vocals hold it all together.

A full-length album is in the works for September South African born and a celebrated live act, Portable emerged more than fifteen years ago with a sound that marries real electronic soul with deep moods and abstract grooves.

Always experimenting with rhythm and imbuing his music with a wide world of influences, his latest work is his most personal and cohesive to date.

Stream the track below. K7 store and Bandcamp. They were soon joined by Zambian-born lead singer James Mpungo. Band members born in six different countries were tapping into a multitude of influences, styles, languages and stories. We also sing a lot of songs criticizing our people for allowing themselves to be too westernized and throwing away their traditional values.

And above all, we preach love and happiness! A very limited quantity of pre-orders via the Strut Store and Bandcamp will include a cassette copy of of unreleased Sunburst demos recorded in Lusaka in Pre-orders for this special bundle are available now. West Coast jazz mavericks, The Pyramids, led by their inspirational bandleader, Idris Ackamoor, return with a new album on Strut.

Dates Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando. But to truly get the guy, to really understand him, is to know a deep love of music like no other. The elements of the synth-heavy and multi-layered style are gloriously displayed on DJ-Kicks. This is a mix to happily get lost within; a document in vibe. Unexpected contemporary joints mingle with lost gems from unlikely places.

CD included and digital formats. Record Store Day takes place internationally on 16th April CD includeddigital and streaming formats. Prins Thomas blows some warm Balearic air into the package as his reworking churns and gathers tension throughout. Rush Hour affiliate Maxi Mill then completes the record and propels the original forward with popping percussion and a sharp, purposeful bass line that caps off another fine addition to the DJ Kicks catalogue and a fitting homage to a bona fide Apophenia - Amber Arcades - Fading Lines of Dutch dance music.

Strut are proud to present the brand new studio album from West Coast jazz mavericks, The Pyramids, led by their inspirational bandleader, Idris Ackamoor. Alto saxophonist Ackamoor first met Margo Simmons flute and Kimathi Asante electric bass whilst students together at Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio where one of their teachers was renowned pianist, Cecil Taylor.

Almost 30 years later, The Pyramids reunited unexpectedly following growing demand for their music from vinyl collectors and jazz fans and embarked on the first of many European tours featuring original members, as well as a fresh line-up including renowned percussionist Kenneth Nash.

In the group Corduroy - Pearl Jam - Birmingham, AL - April 9th 2003 to German label Disko B who released a new album, the freeform Otherworldly and all three albums from their rare back catalogue.

The album will be promoted in conjunction with Idris Ackamoor with a full touring programme via Planet Rock booking agency from Summer Pre-orders for We Be All Africans are available now. A message of renewal. A message that we are all brothers and sisters. We are all one family, Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando human family and we need one another in order to survive on this planet that we all share.

Ghanaian vocalist Pat Thomas and his all-star Kwashibu Area Band are setting out on an absolutely massive tour this summer. Massive weekend in Hawaii! Frankie Francis and Hugo Mendes of Sofrito are connoisseurs of vintage tropical dance sounds.

Bonom Chinois Frankie Francis edit by Claudio. Our Soul Sok Sega collection provides an overview of one of the peak creative eras for the music in the s. For further context, producer Percy Yip Tong and musician Menwar have graciously Untitled - Various - Paradox - MC Convention 2003 through a brief history of the music as well as the Intro - Various - Orbital Mix 8 - Mixed By DJ Fernando and rhythms that make up the foundation of the style.

The prints went FAST, selling out completely in less than 48 hours. We have just a few prints left over, and to celebrate the release on Friday. The winner will be notified by email on Monday 22nd February. The print is a lithograph sized x mm and printed on heavy-duty GSM conservation paper, strictly limited to pieces. Today, the track fits comfortably in Balearic DJ sets and left-field funk mixes.

I actually rang US directory assistance for the first and last time in my life to get the number of the station to get a track ID. I NEVER get bored of the spoken intro; last summer I was a little worse for wear in the middle of a DJ set by Es Vedra and I just looped the spoken intro and left it running for 30 mins… it sounded fine to me.


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