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Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964

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Download Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964

The Serendipity Singers. Billboard25 Aprilp. Boulder, CO. Retrieved July 25, Denver Business Journal, 8 November The Second Disc. Namespaces Article Hide And Seek - Owls - The Night Stays. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Deutsch Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (Mono) - Mick Ronson - Slaughter On Tenth Avenue United Artists Empire.

The upright valves and their inboard location were part of the factory design to make the engine narrower, which is good for street rod applications; however, the Nailheads do have some added length, with a long timing cover at the front and a rear-mount distributor that angles backward a little, instead of being vertical. You'll need room for the distributor in flat-firewall cars, and a considerable recess for a Model A or ' Fords with "projecting" firewalls. A complete Buick weighs pounds, which isn't bad for that much displacement, and can easily be svelted-down another 50 pounds or Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 with tubing headers and a typical aluminum aftermarket intake manifold.

One problem with Nailheads is the left-side starter location, which causes interference problems between the steering, starter, and exhaust all trying to occupy the same real estate. Unfortunately, we know of no one then or now who made an adapter plate as they did for Olds V-8s that swapped the starter over to the right. If you have an M2 frontend, there's plenty of room to run a D-shaft past the exhaust and starter, but you'll have to plan carefully to utilize a Nailhead with a dropped axle, split 'bones, and a Vega box.

Your search for a Nailhead to use in your next project should probably be focused on the engines. The earlier engines are harder to find, and the later engines have bigger valves and other improvements, although vintage speed equipment and trans adapters for the earlier engines are sometimes easier to find, perhaps because hot rodders "traded up" when the bigger Nailheads came out.

The happens to be one of the most common because it was produced in higher quantities over a number of years, while the s are tougher to find and are more expensive, since they were only in a few models.

The Riviera Gran Sport enthusiasts are always trolling for s and pay a little more than we vintage-rod builders. As with any senior-citizen engine, you should check the condition of the block and internals carefully, looking for cracks in heads, cylinders and water jackets, gouged cylinders from OEM wrist When You Reach Me - Mint Julep - Broken Devotion (File, Album) that came loose, or a loose balancer bolt they need to have ft-lb of torque to stay on that could have caused damage to the crank snout.

Take the short-block to a machine shop for a thorough exam. Ideally, find an engine that has not been rebuilt before. The Buick cylinder heads are Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 easy on valve seats, but the material around the seats isn't copious, so many a Buick head has been ruined by someone trying to install hard seats and hitting the water jackets.

The end of the Nailhead era saw these engines fitted with GM's newest transmission, the Turbo-Hydramaticand we bless those forward-thinking GM engineers, as this is a rare case of a vintage engine that comes with a thoroughly rugged, modern transmission! These were in ' models, but then if you have a pre Nailhead, that ' TH trans and flexplate can easily be fitted to the early shorter rear crank flange with an adapter from Centerville Auto Repair.

Wilcap has adapters for GM automatics and a stick bellhousing. There is enough aftermarket performance equipment being made today for the Buick Nailhead engine that you could assemble a fire-breather without ever visiting a swap meet or eBay, although there are still good vintage external items out there in fairly good numbers for the traditionalists. Since these engines have excellent performance to start with stock with a good cam profile and compressionabout all street rodders are concerned with are the intake and exhaust.

Sanderson Headers has the hot side covered, and the right year and model of original cast-iron manifolds can work quite well in some applications. What's hard to find is a left-side manifold that clears both the firewall Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 steering. When shopping for a vintage intake, be aware that there are three widths of manifolds. For a vintage engine suitable for today's hot rods, Buick Nailhead engines are still in decent supply.

EMI also made 8-track cartridge recordings of the early releases. In total, 12 editions were released in the UK, spanning 15 years from to All 12 were Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 30 UK chart entries. The second volume of British Motown Chartbusters rose to No. In the same year, Volume 3 spent six weeks at the No. In Volume 5 went to No. The series was the most successful set of compilation albums in terms of sales until the release of the Now That's What I Call Music series began in the mids.

The series was re-issued by the budget Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 Spectrum, starting in The clear differences between the two releases are the logos on the disc and cover: the original release has the Tamla Motown logo; the re-release has the Motown logo.

It's like jumping off a diving board when he did that. An engineer at an early Neil Young studio session told him, "You're a good guitar player, kid, but you'll never make it as a singer. It's ethereal, spooky, soulful, and completely unique to him. Born in the U. Her tendency to linger a shade behind the beat on ballads lent her soul singing a wonderful languor, but when she belted, she could rattle the windows.

You knew it was Dusty when she came on the radio. But he did it. I would describe Bono's singing as 50 percent Guinness, 10 percent cigarettes — and the rest Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 religion.

He's a physical singer, like the leader of a gospel choir, and he gets lost in the melodic moment. He goes to a place outside himself, especially in front of an audience, when he hits those high notes. That's where his real power comes from — the pure, unadulterated Bono.

But the voice always comes first. That's where his conviction lies. He has so many influences. And he has the same range as Robert Plant. It's amazing, the notes he has to go through in the first lines of "Sunday Bloody Sunday.

In the quiet moments of "With or Without You," you can imagine him sitting under the stars. Then, when he comes back to the chorus, all of a sudden it's a hailstorm. A lot of Bono's free-form singing comes from the band's rhythms and the church-bell feeling of the Edge's playing, the way the guitar sings in that delay. Bono can glide vocally Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 all of that. But it's very natural. And he's not afraid to go beyond what he's capable of, into something bizarre like his falsetto in "Lemon.

I never had the feeling he was manipulating the power of his voice to show off. They All Hung Up On Love - Waterfront Home - New Breed Of Mermaid a submarine never goes in reverse.

That's Bono, always looking for a new way of singing something. That's one thing I learned from him: Never rest. Keep learning and be a good listener. That's the spirit of singing — and he definitely has it. John Fogerty was nine when he first heard Howlin' Wolf's sandpaper voice on the radio. Wolf's greatest legacy was the sense of soulful menace that singers like Fogerty would Zhazhda Dejstvij - NMRK* - Vzglyad Iz Nory to approximate.

This is where the soul of man never dies. He has so many different textures and dimensions with his voice — and everything is funky. She could belt barroom blues, croon cabaret and explore jazz — sometimes all on a single record. Blige, who will play Simone in an upcoming feature film.

Nina could sing anything, period. Her performances were more about passionate abandon and nuanced phrasing than perfect pitch. I never heard anything Hank sang that I didn't believe.

His most famous songs, from "Hey, Good Lookin'" to "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," set the template for all subsequent country music — and not just a little rock and soul. He pronounced 'can't' like 'cain't' and 'still' like 'steel. We've lost that. King, Bobby Darin, Michael Jackson. The operatic drama in his voice, his on-the-beat phrasing and his clear, high range on late-Fifties hits like "Reet Petite" and "Lonely Teardrops" influenced everyone from Al Green to Elvis Presley.

Jackie Leroy Wilson had a pure voice. He Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 a complete singer within himself. Michael Jackson is a perfect storm of innate talent and training. His singing as a child is astounding: He just nailed "I Want You Back" — there's maybe one bum note on that song, which is crazy to me, because he was only 11 years old.

One of the key elements of his style is how he uses his voice as an instrument. His signature grunts — "ugh," "ah" and all that — are rhythmic things Do You Love - Various - The So Soulful Collection guitar players or drummers usually do.

He's one of the most rhythmic singers ever — Prince emulated James Brown a lot more, but Bantam Weight - [the misers]* - Amplified Life Stories Jackson approximated it more naturally.

And he has insane range. I can sing pretty high, but I had to drop "Beat It" a half step when I sang it. He sings this incredibly high note — I think it's a high C or even a high C-sharp, which no one can hit — on "Beat It," as well as "Billie Jean" and "Thriller.

Or the intro on "Man in the Mirror": He's got this reverb in his voice, and any time he goes "uh! To me, that's up there with some Brian Eno shit. That's how far out there it is. John Lee Hooker called Van Morrison "my favorite white blues singer. He's the most painterly of vocalists, a master of unexpected phrasing whose voice can transform lyrics into something abstract and mystical — most famously on his repetition of ".

Sometimes they can even be an overwhelming influence: Bono said that he had to stop listening to Morrison's records before making U2's The Unforgettable Fire because "I didn't want his very original soul voice to overpower my own. There are singers with a more naturally beautiful voice than David Bowie's dramatic, powdery, British-accented baritone, but nobody else in rock is as gifted at acting in song.

Before he became a pop star, he studied theater, which served him well: Every great Bowie song has a specific persona behind it. His chameleonic transformations aren't just in his appearance but also in his voice, from the androgynous curlicues at the edges of Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 Ziggy Stardust vocals to the Philly-soul affectations of Young Americans to the hard-boiled crooning of his Eighties arena-rock period.

Bowie always keeps his cool, but as anyone who's ever crashed and burned trying to sing "Ashes to Ashes" at karaoke can tell you, he's a phenomenally agile singer — as his longtime collaborator Carlos Alomar said, "This dude can wail. Johnny cash "sounds like he's at the edge of the fire," Bob Dylan wrote in Chronicles. He said the words in a way that you really trusted them. As a teenager, Robinson wanted to sing Platters-style doo-wop, but he ended up inventing his own vocal style, even as he and Berry Gordy Jr.

On Miracles hits like "The Tracks of My Tears," "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" and especially "Ooo Baby Baby" with its near-wordless but endlessly affecting chorusthat voice made the thrills and heartbreaks of romance sound equally seductive.

To talk only about Bob Marley's singing voice would negate what makes him one of the greatest voices of our time — why his voice is stamped in our history. He sang about heavy ideas, and he put them out there so delicately and so lightly, with such a generous groove, a generous feel and a generous voice. He didn't sing correctly; Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 wasn't trained, but he had a beautiful voice, a lot like one of my other favorite singers of all time, Marvin Gaye.

If they had more similar accents and had sung in more similar styles, you'd hear it. It's hard to separate his voice from what he was singing about. Bob Marley sang with a great deal of power — enough to shake Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 foundations of his country's government. A measure of a great singer is getting a message across, saying things that otherwise won't be heard. And in a world that has ways of shutting down people that talk about peace and love, Bob Marley could get that message across and inspire us.

It's rare that something so serious and so beautiful as his music can rise as clearly to the top as he did. His voice is one of the most important inspirations of our time — he was the voice of oppressed people all over the world. A hard-rock hammerer, a disco glitterer, a rockabilly lover boy, Freddie Mercury was dynamite with a laser beam, his four-octave range overdubbed into Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 shimmering wall of sound on records such as "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Killer Queen.

Age has Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 deepened the ache and grit in her powerhouse cries and moans during Καθρέφτες - Ζιγκ-Ζαγκ - Αίνιγμα long career as a solo artist. Melissa Etheridge said that Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 voice defies classification. She can squeeze passion from any line. I sometimes talk to people who sing perfectly in a technical sense who don't understand Mick Jagger.

But what What A Day That Was - David Byrne - Songs From The Broadway Production Of The Catherine Wheel does is so complex: His sense of pitch and melody is really sophisticated.

His vocals are stunning, flawless in their own kind of perfection. There are certain songs where he just becomes a different person. Take "Angie": I've never heard that tone from him since, and it wasn't there before. I like him best when he's singing super-raw. He barely knew the lyric — he was reading off a piece of paper. There were no stops, just one take. It ended up being the vocal we used on the record. Mick is a disciplined artist, completely Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 to his craft.

His voice has changed somewhat and has a different texture, but it's stronger now. One time the Stones were on tour, and during a two-week break Mick and I went on vacation in the Bahamas. We'd hang out during the day, go to the beach, shop at the market, cook dinner, drink wine. In the Lesson 35 SR - Reed Harris, George Siegert - Instant German he would go to the bottom floor of the place where we were staying and put on a Rolling Stones soundcheck tape — just the band playing songs without him singing.

He would stay down there, dancing and singing to keep himself in shape. Your voice is like a muscle. If you're on the road and you stop for two weeks and then go back to do a show, you're going to get hoarse. So he was down there every night practicing. As a result, at 65 years of age, he's stronger than ever. The beauty of that experience was sitting in a living room hearing "Brown Sugar" and "Satisfaction" live through the floor. That was my entertainment every night. It was very surreal.

Somehow, he got that voice, and more: The unearthly howl he unleashed with Led Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 was a bluesman crossed with a Viking deity.

Singing like a girl never seemed Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 masculine, and countless hard-rock singers would shred their vocal cords reaching for the notes Plant gained by birthright.

Al Green's voice sits at the Its All Right - Various - Cruisin 1964 point between romance and sex: "Most black singers go zero toI Will Survive - Various - Discofox Party to the big payoff," says Ahmir "?

His pristine falsetto could explode into joy on "Let's Stay Together" or create almost unbearable tension on "Simply Beautiful.


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