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Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File)

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{PARAGRAPH}The United Nations UN is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation. A replacement for the ineffective League of Nationsthe organization was established on 24 October after World War II in order to prevent another such conflict. At its founding, the UN had 51 member states ; there are now Further main offices are situated in GenevaNairobi and Vienna. The organization is financed by assessed and voluntary contributions from its member states. Its objectives include maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict. Roosevelt initiated talks on a successor agency to the League of Nations, and the United Nations Charter was drafted at a conference in April—June ; this charter took effect 24 Octoberand the UN began operation. The UN's mission to preserve world peace was complicated in its early Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) by the Cold War between the US and Soviet Union and their respective allies. The organization participated in major actions in Korea and the CongoMargaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) well as approving the creation of the state of Israel in The organization's membership grew significantly following widespread decolonization in the s, and by the s its budget for economic and social development programmes far outstripped its spending on peacekeeping. After the end of the Cold War, the UN took on major military and peacekeeping missions across the world with varying degrees of success. The UN has six principal organs: the General Assembly the main deliberative assembly ; the Security Council for deciding certain resolutions for peace and security ; the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC for promoting international economic and social co-operation and development ; the Secretariat for providing studies, information, and facilities needed by the UN ; the International Court of Justice the primary judicial organ ; and the United Nations Trusteeship Council inactive since The organization won the Nobel Peace Prize inand a number of its officers and agencies have also been awarded the prize. Other evaluations of the UN's effectiveness have been mixed. Some commentators believe the organization to be an important force for peace and human development, while others have called the organization ineffective, corrupt, or biased. In the century prior to the UN's creation, several international treaty organizations and conferences had been formed to regulate conflicts between nations, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Hague Conventions Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) and Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) The earliest concrete plan for a new world organization began under the aegis of the US State Department in It incorporated Soviet suggestions, but left no role for France. Soongof China, signed a short document which later came to be known as the United Nations Declaration and the next day the representatives of twenty-two other nations added their signatures. One major change from the Atlantic Charter was the addition of a provision for religious freedom, which Stalin approved after Roosevelt Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File). The foregoing declaration may be adhered to by other nations which are, or which may be, rendering material assistance and contributions in the struggle for victory over Hitlerism. During the war, the United Nations became the official term for the Allies. To join countries had to sign the Declaration and declare war on the Axis. At the Tinguaro - Tito Puente - Nuevo Mambo meetings, Lord Halifax deputized for Mr. Eden, V. Wellington Koo for T. Soong, and Mr Gromyko for Mr. The first meetings of the General Assembly, with 51 nations represented, Template:Efn and the Security Council took place in London beginning 6 January Its site—like UN headquarters buildings in GenevaViennaand Nairobi —is Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) as international territory. Though the UN's primary mandate was peacekeepingthe division between the US and USSR often paralysed the organization, generally allowing it to intervene only in conflicts distant from the Cold War. Two years later, Ralph Bunchea UN official, negotiated an armistice to the resulting conflict. With the spread of decolonization in the s, the organization's membership saw an influx of newly independent nations. In alone, 17 new states joined the UN, 16 of them from Africa. With Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) increasing Third World presence and the failure of UN mediation in conflicts in the Middle EastVietnamand Kashmirthe UN increasingly shifted its attention to its ostensibly secondary goals of economic development and cultural exchange. After the Cold War, the UN saw a radical expansion in its peacekeeping duties, taking on more missions in ten years than it had in the previous four decades. Though the UN Charter had been written primarily to prevent aggression by one nation against another, in the early s the UN faced a number of simultaneous, serious crises within nations such as Somalia, Haiti, Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File), and the former Yugoslavia. Beginning in the last decades of the Cold War, American and European critics of Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) UN condemned the organization for perceived mismanagement and corruption. In the late s and s, international interventions authorized by the UN took a wider variety of forms. The six official languages of the Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) Nations, used in intergovernmental meetings and documents, are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish. Below the six organs sit, in the words of the author Linda Fasulo, "an amazing collection of entities and organizations, some of which are actually older than the UN itself and operate with almost complete independence from it". The United Nations obey the Noblemaire principlewhich is binding on any organisation that belongs to the united nations system. This principle calls for salaries that will draw and keep citizens of countries where salaries are highest, and also calls for equal pay for work of equal value independent of the employee's nationality. Template:United Nations Organs. The General Assembly is the main deliberative assembly of the United Nations. Composed of all United Nations member statesthe assembly meets in regular yearly sessions, but emergency sessions can also be called. When the General Assembly votes on important questions, a two-thirds majority of those present and voting is required. Examples of important questions include recommendations on peace and security; election of members to organs; admission, suspension, and expulsion of members; and budgetary matters. Each member country has one vote. Apart from approval of budgetary matters, resolutions are not binding on the members. The Assembly may make recommendations on any matters within the scope of the UN, except matters of peace and security Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) are under consideration by the Security Council. Draft resolutions can Låt Oss Hjälpas Åt - Jigs - Goabitar 11 forwarded to the General Assembly by eight committees: [65]. The Security Council is charged with maintaining peace and security among countries. While other organs of the United Nations can only make "recommendations" to member states, the Security Council has the power to make binding decisions that member states have agreed to carry out, under the terms of Charter Article The Security Council is made up of fifteen member states, consisting of five permanent members—China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, Claustrophobia - The Bee Gees* - Three Kisses Of Love the United States—and ten non-permanent members—Angola term endsChadChileJordanLithuaniaMalaysiaNew ZealandNigeriaSpainand Venezuela The ten temporary seats are held for two-year terms, with member states voted in by the General Assembly on a regional basis. The UN Secretariat is headed by the Secretary-Generalassisted by a staff of international civil servants worldwide. The Secretary-General acts as the de facto spokesperson and leader of the Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File). The position is defined in the UN Charter as the organization's "chief administrative officer". The Secretary-General is appointed by the General Assembly, after being recommended by the Security Council, where the permanent members have veto power. The ICJ is composed of 15 judges who serve 9-year terms and are appointed by the General Assembly; every sitting judge must be from a different nation. AP via News24 India heat wave The death toll from the heat wave passes as the roads in the capital New Delhi are melting in the heat. AFP via Yahoo! Rappler Thieves use an online tax service provided by the American Internal Revenue Service to steal information from more thantaxpayers. Al Jazeera Naxalite Insurgents Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) at least 10 Indian Army soldiers and injure 12 in an attack on a convoy in the state of Manipur. AP Disasters and accidents Sinking of the Dong Fang Zhi Xing The death toll from the Monday Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) sinking of the cruise ship in the Yangtze River rises to 75 with most of the passengers on board still missing. Al Jazeera Health Surgeons, led by Dr. Jesse Selberworking with the M. The records of at least four million US Government workers are believed to have been compromised. Angela Merkel. Hillary Clinton. Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) Gates. Janet Yellen. Christine Lagarde. Dilma Rousseff. Sheryl Sandberg. Susan Wojcicki. Michelle Obama. Park Geun-hye. Oprah Winfrey. Ginni Rometty. Meg Whitman. Indra Nooyi. Irene Rosenfeld. Abigail Johnson. Marillyn Hewson. Marissa Mayer. Helen Clark. Angela Ahrendts. Ellen Kullman. Michelle Bachelet. Jimi Hendrix - Midnight Lightning Wintour. Ursula Burns. Arundhati Bhattacharya. Sri Mulyani Indrawati. Loretta Lynch. Chanda Kochhar. Federica Mogherini. Gina Rinehart. Nancy Pelosi. Adena Friedman. Queen Elizabeth II. Sheikha Lubna Al Standin Sadly - Revolvers - Revolvers. Laurene Powell Jobs. Drew Gilpin Faust. Ertharin Cousin. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Samantha Power. Ellen DeGeneres. Bonnie Hammer. Mary Purge - Mercy Blow - Secondhand Suffering Erdoes. Angelina Jolie. Beth Comstock. Phebe Novakovic. Donna Langley. Sheikh Hasina Wajed. Katie Jacobs Stanton. Arianna Huffington. Margaret Chan. Mary Jo White. Baltimoore - X Brewer. Nemat Minouche Shafik. Lubna S. Peng Liyuan. Elvira Nabiullina. Elizabeth Holmes. Dana Walden. Diane von Furstenberg. Carol Meyrowitz. Mary Meeker. Solina Chau. Miuccia Prada. Katharine Viner. Shakira Mebarak. Fabiola Gianotti. Padmasree Warrior. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. Kaci Kullmann Five. Folorunsho Alakija. Judy Faulkner. Patricia Harris. Gwynne Shotwell. Sara Blakely. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey. Shobhana Bhartia. Beth Brooke-Marciniak. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Raja Easa Al Gurg. Greta Van Susteren. Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) Boo-Jin. Sally Ride. Brad Pitt. Mary Ellen Mark. Leticia Sabater. Malcolm Bruce. Toyota Center. Jony Ive. Point Break. Rick Perry. Hannah Montana. Charlotte Church. Royal Mail. Michael Ealy. Chuck Blazer. Jerry Collins. Chris Brown. Ferris Bueller. Pat Venditte. Cheetah Girls. Dark Souls 3. Hope Solo. Cheetah Girls 2. Corridor of Mirrors. One Night with You. Penny and the Pownall Case. A Song for Tomorrow. Saraband for Dead Lovers. Scott of the Antarctic. Trottie True. They Were Not Divided. Prelude to Fame. Valley of Eagles. Captain Horatio Hornblower R. Quo Vadis. Uncredited [1]. The Crimson Pirate. Top Secret. Paul Temple Returns. Babes in Bagdad. Moulin Rouge. Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot. Innocents in Paris. Police Dog. The Dark Avenger. The Cockleshell Heroes. Storm Over the Nile. Alias John Preston. Port Afrique. Beyond Mombasa. The Battle of the River Plate. Ill Met by Moonlight. Fortune Is a Woman. The Traitor. The Curse of Frankenstein. The Creature. Bitter Victory. The Truth About Women. A Tale of Two Cities. Battle of the V Corridors of Blood. The Hound of the Baskervilles. The Treasure of San Teresa. The Mummy. Uncle Was a Vampire. Too Hot to Handle. The City of the Dead. The Two Faces of Dr. The Hands of Orlac. The Terror of the Tongs. Taste of Fear. Star In My Life - Steve Marriott - Lend Us A Quid al centro della terra. The Puzzle of the Red Orchid. The Pirates of Blood River. Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace. Sherlock Holmes. La vergine di Norimberga. La frusta e il corpo. The Devil-Ship Pirates. Ten Little Indians. The Face of Fu Manchu. Theatre of Death. Dracula: Prince of Darkness. Rasputin, the Mad Monk. Grigori Rasputin. Circus of Fear. The Brides of Fu Manchu. The Vengeance of Fu Manchu. Night of the Big Heat. Five Golden Dragons. The Blood Demon. Curse of the Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) Altar. The Devil Rides Out. The Blood of Fu Manchu. Dracula Has Risen from the Grave. The Castle of Fu Manchu. The Oblong Box. The Magic Christian. Scream and Scream Again. Count Dracula. Taste the Blood of Dracula. One More Time. Various - Discotheque Number One the Olympics fast approaching, the director-general of the organisation, Dr Margaret Chan, said the WHO will now 'examine the risks of holding the Olympic Summer Games as currently scheduled'. The comes after more than academics from around the world signed an open letter to Dr Chan, calling on the Olympics and Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro to be postponed or moved. Scroll down video. Experts have blamed the virus for a surge in cases in Latin America of microcephaly. Professor Amir Attaran, a law and medicine professor at the University of Ottawa, was among those academics leading the campaign. He labelled the WHO 'arrogant and ignorant' for its failure to assess the risks posed by the ongoing pandemic. She was writing in response to a request by US Senator Jeanne Shaheen to evaluate the public health hazards of holding the Games in August. Some academics from around the world signed an open letter calling on the Olympics and Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro to be postponed or moved to another venue. Dr Chan wrote: 'Given the current level of international concern, I have decided to ask members of the Zika Emergency Committee to examine the risks of holding the Olympic Summer Games as currently scheduled. However Professor Attaran told The Telegraph this week: 'The WHO is in a terrible conflict of interest by being partners and advisers to the Olympics, and then having to turn around and assess the risk of the Olympics'. A city worker in Brazil fumigates in an effort to eradicate the mosquito which transmits the Zika virus. Experts have blamed the virus for a surge in cases in Latin America of microcephaly - a serious Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) defect in which babies are born with unusually small heads and brains. The virus, mainly spread by two species of Aedes mosquito, but also through sexual contact, has also been linked to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare but potentially fatal neurological disorder. The WHO also warned this week that 'many thousands' of infants infected with Zika virus could suffer neurological abnormalities and said nations dealing with an outbreak need to be aware of problems beyond the widely reported cases of microcephaly. The Zika ZEE'-ka virus was first discovered in monkey in Uganda in - its name comes from the Zika forest where it was first discovered. It appeared in Bounce - Danko Jones - Im Alive And On Fire in and has since been reported in many Latin American countries and Caribbean islands. It is typically transmitted through bites from the same kind of mosquitoes - Aedes aegypti - that can spread other tropical diseases, like dengue fever, chikungunya and yellow fever. It is not known to I Can Only Give You Everything - The Road - The Road from person to person. Scientists have found Zika can be transmitted sexually. The World Health Organization recently warned the mode of transmission is 'more common than previously assumed'. And, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued first-time guidance, saying couples trying to conceive should abstain or wear condoms for six months if the male has confirmed or suspected Zika. Additionally, the CDC said couples should abstain or wear condoms for eight weeks if the female has confirmed or suspected Zika, or if the male traveled to a country with a Zika outbreak but has no symptoms. During the current outbreak, the first case of sexually transmitted Zika was reported in Texas, at the beginning of February. The patient became infected after sexual contact with a partner diagnosed with the virus after travelling to an affected region. Now, health officials in the US are investigating more than a dozen possible cases of Zika in people thought to be infected during sex. There are also reported cases in France and Canada. Prior to this outbreak, scientists reported examples of sexual transmission of Zika in A researcher from Colorado, who caught the virus overseas, is thought to have infected his wife, on returning home. And records show the virus was found in the semen of a man in Tahiti. So far, each case of sexual transmission of Zika involves transmission from an Sclist - Mirrored man to his partner. There is no current evidence that women can pass on the virus through sexual contact. The World Health Organization says Zika is rapidly spreading in the Americas because it is new to the region, people aren't immune to it, Margaret Chan - Ponzoña / D.Rio - Split (File) the Aedes aegypti mosquito that carries it is just about everywhere - including along the southern United States. Canada and Chile are the only places without this mosquito. Sexual transmission of the Zika virus is more common than health experts first feared, it has Derniers Baisers - Laurent Voulzy - La Septième Vague


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    The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation. A replacement for the ineffective League of Nations, the organization was established on 24 October after World War II in order to prevent another such conflict. At its founding, the UN had 51 member states; there are now The headquarters of the United Nations is in Manhattan, New York.
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