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Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot

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The only thing that really bothers me about all this criminal activity is that we may lose Miramax, who have given us Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot than their share of horror and genre movies.

Spacey May find himself banned from Great Britain. Reanimate - The Bleeding Stone - Silent Insanity he steps one foot on British soil, he would possibly be thrown into a prison for forceable rape.

The studio is still debating how to best position the Ridley Scott drama in the wake of multiple sexual assault and harassment allegations against its star Kevin Spacey. A final decision has yet to be made. November 8, In a move that could be called revolutionary or crazy, director Ridley Scott is replacing all the scenes of Spacey as J.

Paul Getty in the movie and recast Christopher Plummer as Getty in replacement scenes to be shot a little over a month before the film is to be released to theaters. This takes balls and Ridley Scott has them! Additionally, the streamer has scrapped a Gore Vidal biopic Spacey was set to star in. What do they want him to do? Pay him off? Then they will call him an extortionist.

This looks like the end of the Hollywood System, which may be a good thing, but I think a lot of actors are getting a raw deal over things they did when they were much younger Weinstein excluded. If fans can forgive Sports Heroes for their many sins, including drug taking, Steroid use and dog fighting, why can't they forgive Actors?

Now will someone please shut Rose McGowan up? Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot 30, Rose McGowan is the subject of an arrest warrant related to a felony drug charge in Loudoun County, Virginia, the Associated Press is reporting.

Police issued the warrant on Feb. Police say McGowan did not respond to attempts to contact her to appear in court, according to the AP. McGowan became a prominent voice against sexual harassment after going public with her accusation that she was raped by Harvey Weinstein, and confirming in a New York Times report that she was one of the women with whom Weinstein settled sexual harassment lawsuits.

Some say that McGowan is becoming a little too prominet and should learn to Take Me In - Lauren Hollister - Take Me In quiet unless she has the evidence to back it up.

Henstridge claims that Ratner forced her to perform oral sex on him in his New York apartment in the s. The actress, then a year-old model, was hanging out with the then-music video director watching TV. Henstridge fell asleep, she told the Los Angeles Times, and when she woke up the others had left and she was alone with Ratner.

He blocked the exit and began touching himself, she tells the Times, and then he forced her Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot perform oral sex on him.

He has been annointed the "King Of Pigs" on Twitter. Ratner's attorney Martin Singer dismissed the accounts of Henstridge and the five other women, who opened up to the Times in a Circle Of Life - Elton John - Love Songs of interviews, saying the alleged sexual misconduct occurred in private homes, on movie sets or at industry events.

None of the women the Times spoke to reported the allegations to the police, the paper says in its Nov. Playboy talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Box office tracker ComScore confirmed the move Tuesday. She soon discovers the camera has the power to murder those who come in contact with it.

Producers are Roy Lee and Chris Bender. And so it begins Dimension and Miramax were the Kings of Franchises. Actress Julianna Margulies said in an interview that producer Harvey Weinstein and actor Steven Seagal both tried Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot sexually harass her earlier in her career. Doe this really surprise anyone? This is no way for any woman to enter show business. Dustin Hoffman? There soon may be no males in Hollywood if it keeps up at this rate.

It seems that women are getting exactly what they want: Dominence in Hollywood! When Corey Feldman gets involved in the sexual abuse name game, it is time to take a real close look at the allegations. The time for female empowerment is now! Give me a Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot Every day the list grows longer.

Remember men: Karma is a bitch. Women will no longer be sexually abused and keep silent but hugging is not sexual abuse unless Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot grab her ass! And that is Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot good thing.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! This is your President, folks! He will never be mine because his behavior is beyond the pale. Not presidential by any means. Word is out that some tech giants from Silicon Valley will be the next to get the ax. Masterson says, "From day one, I have denied Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot outrageous allegations against me.

I have never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one. In this country, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. However, in the current climate, it seems as if you are presumed guilty the moment you are accused. I understand and look forward to clearing my name once and for all. We, as a society, have to figure out a way Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot separate the false allegations from the true ones and not jump the gun and destroy a person's career and reputation In Netflix's defense, they did wait a long time before firing Dedicated To The One I Love - Various - Mega Super Oldies, saying that they didn't believe the four women who accused him of rape, but the women came out and accused Netflix of favoring Masterson.

This has become a feeding frenzy and people with a grudge against a certain person can allege or have someone else do it inappropriate sexual abuse. Rather than perform an investigation, studios fire the person assumed guilty and then perform an investigation, not caring the the person fired may be innocent. Masterson has been one of the few to deny the charges against him. Netflix will resume shooting Season 3 of the series in earlybut will keep Masterson in the episodes already shot.

It looks like it's going to be a long ride until this finger-pointing ends. At least Trump didn't get it He came in second. And how many women in this film had lips with too much collagen in them? The Zeppelin explodes and some news reporter has the audacity to say "Oh! The Humanity! I would just rather see them stop completely. And finally, Al Roker gets killed in this one! JULY 20, My condolences to the family and children of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, who committed suicide by hanging at the age of They released their first all-Pop album in May of and it hurt some fans' feelings because this was unlike anything they have ever done before Linkin Park had three albums go Diamond because it sounded nothing like their first album's cut "In The End" from "Hybrid Theory".

I hate to disagree with the fans but their new album, "One More Light" is a delight and the sixth song, "Heavy" is my favorite Linkin Park song of all time. Listening to its lyrics will give you some idea of how Bennington felt at the time He sang Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" at Chris Cornell's funeral and killed himself on Cornell's birthdaybut he left six children behind.

It's time to bring suicide out into the open and discuss it with all seriousness and not make fun of it like the assholes on Facebook Josh Hadley, I'm looking at you. Suicide doesn't mean only one person suffers. Everyone who knew the victims also suffer.

I adored both of these men because I did security for both men, both at conventions and at film sites. You will never meet two nicer guys. I remember Martin once mentioning to me that he wondered if people would remember him after all the bad films he made and I told him all great actors Reggae Joint - 40 Cal - Trigger Happy himself always get a second chance at greatness and I proceded to quickly name Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot I remember he did and it was a long list.

Martin sent me a letter and all it said was: "You were right, Timi Gawi 3 - Born A Singer friend. Now I wished I did. As for George Romero: I handled security for him at a Pennsylvania convention, where thousands of people showed up for a photo, autograph or both.

He was very kind to each and every person who stood before him and when it was over, I said to him, I never seen someone treat his fans with such joyfulness. He said, "Why not? They were the ones who put me here. They deserve to remember me as a kind person.

People think that George only made horror films, If I Could Be U - Claes Rosen* - Personal Space he Nalu - Red Shift Mantra - Deep Field Image much more than that, especially in the beginning of his filmmaking career.

As Teddy Boy - The Beatles - Get Back got older, all production companies wanted him to make was zombie films, so he did, but he also threw a lot of social commentary into them. I am at a loss for words for losing two great gentlemen, so please be patient with me when it comes to writing their obituaries.

I want them to be something special, because they were special. Now we have to wait and see what the fans of the series think. The bile is already flowing like a tidal wave. Give her a chance before you say such disgusting things. I believe now is the perfect time for a woman to play the immortal Doctor and I hope fans who really care feel the same way. This opens up many new doors for the Doctor to walk through.

July 07, From the Hollywood Reporter : In the upcoming drama BLINDdue out July 14,Alec Baldwin stars as a visually impaired novelist who, after the fatal car crash that left him without his wife or his vision, begins to rediscover life and his writing.

The Ruderman Family Foundation, an advocacy group for those with disabilities, has come out against the movie's choice to cast Baldwin as blind man, saying on their Facebook page that they are disappointed with the casting, adding that the production is "once again overlooking the opportunity to cast actors with disabilities.

People with sight have been playing blind people since the beginning of film, so my advice is to get over it. This political correctness crap is going way too far for comfort nowadays. Ever notice that things that actors and other famous people say on the internet are being torn apart by people and groups you never heard of? Fuck them Alec Baldwin. You keep doing what you do best. The answer: No they didn't. So get off your high horse and actually help blind Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot.

Don't bitch and Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot that they didn't get a role in a movie. June 30, Received this email from someone named Shaun Shaffer dazedduck outlook. June 19, My deepest condolences to David Cronenberg for the death of his wife, Carolyn Zeifman, who passed away in Toronto, Canada at the age of They were married from until her death on the above date.

She passed away on July 6, It is hard staying married long in this industry, but these two couples bucked the system. Love conquers all. June 10, Goodbye Adam West and thanks for all the wonderful memories. There was only Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot Adam West and I thank whatever god you believe in that I got the chance to meet and talk to you on several occasions.

A nicer man there never was. The world is worse off without him on it. The studio is making the broadcast TV or airline version of these 24 titles available when a consumer purchases a film in its original form on iTunes, Vudu, and FandangoNOW. I can now see it: A person in a movie says "Fuck you! I believe this was pressure put on Sony by the religious right to clean Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot their films so religious people can show these movies to their kids.

No sex The scene of Spider-Man kissing Jane while he hangs upside-down will probably be edited out because to the religious right, that is considered sexno violence Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot no foul language. Watch a Pixar film instead. And companies have tried this before, only to have all the major studios including Sony shut them down in court. Now Sony is doing what it sued not to be done to their films.

Clean them up. Wise up Sony! June 1, Do you want to know the real reason why Donald Trump wants to wipe out everything Barack Obama contributed not just only to our country, but to the world? Plain and simple. Donald Trump is a racist and hates Blacks. Sure, he has a few "token" Blacks in his administration but less known is how many Blacks he has fired from Obama's administration, including the female White House greeterbut that is only to keep up appearances.

I can think of no other reason why a white man would want to wipe out all the good Obama has done for us. Plain and simple, Donald Trump is a racist and when he hears that white supremacists support him, he smiles on the inside. All you Trump supporters are in for a big surprise Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot it is coming soon. It will make Watergate or Bill Clinton's blowjob look like a Disney movie. I have never been sickened by a white man this much in my entire life He makes George Bush Jr.

He is doing Wont You Kiss Me One More Time - Reno & Smiley* - The Glory Years he can to make people of color's life so bad, they will die of starvation. And he treats white poor people the same way, going back on all the promises he made during his run. Now he will pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, which means that people will be choking Floh De Cologne - Fließbandbabys Beat-Show deadly smog in the near future.

He cares about nothing but himself. A President that would destroy this country if he weren't about to be impeached and his son-in-law put in prison. At least that is what I hope happens. But Cooper should have never apologized for saying it because you should never say you are sorry for Before The Heartache Rolls In - Hootie & The Blowfish - Scattered, Smothered & Covered the truth.

At least Lord took the remark with the humor it deserved. Next time Anderson, don't apologize to people who would never apologize to you. Now he fires him in the middle of a criminal investigation and suddenly said he was going to Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot Comey after the Clinton email server fiasco. So why didn't he? No President has fired the head of any head of any government law enforcement agency during a criminal investigation, especially one that may involve him.

But here is Number 45 doing just that, because he can and it will turn out to be the biggest blunder of his short Presidential career. Politicians, law enforcement and most importantly, the people, will question his timing of firing Comey. Did he come too close to the truth for Number 45's own good?

Or did he find out the real answer and now that he is no longer an FBI agent, he doesn't even have to be called to testify but he will by the Prosecution? Oh, Number 45, how we will not miss you. You thought you could do anything you wanted and then you hit a brick wall.

NOTE: Comey wrote a letter to all his investigators saying that he accepts his firing, but will miss the people he worked with and the investigation. As with most letters, it is not what is said, but what isn't said.

Not once did he mention the President, so that has to mean something. A few days before he was fired, Comey asked for more funds and investigators to finish their investigation.

And then he was fired. Republicans are telling John Lee Hooker - Various - Cocktail Party people to "move on" and forget about Comey's firing.

Remember, they are the great deceivers. And Number 45? Well, he is still Gazpacho - Molok accusations and lawsuits that Comey may have taped him, when, in fact, Number 45 tapes everyone that comes into his office.

Just another illegal offence to add on to his list. Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot hey, Republicans, we will not "move on" until this situation is taken care of in a proper legal way. And that does not include anyone Number 45 hires to replace Comey in the investigation.

We need an independent investigation. We will not settle for Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot less. Good luck to the new impartial investigator, Robert Mueller. If anyone can root out the truth, it is him, but his findings still are reported to Number 45's administration before anyone else.

If I know Robert Mueller and I dohe will not settle for anything A Photograph Of You - Depeche Mode - A Broken Frame the truth to reach the public, whether Number 45 tries to cover it up or not. Number 45 better have a few pair of new underwear handy, because he is about the shit the ones he's in. He was 77 years-old. You decide.

May 02, That retard William Wilson is at it again. My Facebook account was hacked while I was in the hospital sick and the person who hacked it said I died. Wilson accused me of faking my own death with the flimsiest of evidence which would never stand up in court, because, even in the hospital, I hand wrote the return address labels for packages to be sent out to give me something to do and then labeled me a liar in one of his movie reviews.

This person doesn't care about anyone but himself. He has no scruples. If I actually faked my own death, I would have to be the stupidest person in the world because all anyone would have to do is Google my name to see I was very much Les Deux Pour Le Prix Dune - Lio - Pop Model. Yet loads of my ex-Facebook friends believed Wilson and some even wrote my obituary on their blogs before checking their sources.

He Blood For Blood - Korzus - Mass Illusion Number 45 are like two peas in a pod. He left Facebook for a long Chorals Du Yale Manuscript / Choral 93 Jesu, Meine Freude - Jean-Sébastien Bach*, Georg Böhm, Georg to co-author a book on Full Moon Films and recently returned to Facebook, where he started shit again by calling my good friend Steven Millan "Indiana Bonehead", because Steven is a better writer than he is.

Here is a person who just co-authored a book already starting to put down people because he cannot handle people better than him I have no problem with people better than me and Steven is one of them. If he is looking to sabotage his career, William Wilson is doing a very good job of it. Keep it up Wilson. Your Fingertips - Squeeze - Ridiculous - Remastered And Extended With Extra Tracks will end up in the cut-out bins of every book store.

At least Troy Howarth writes great books, even if we don't talk anymore. You will never make it into that section William. May 01, Number 45 and his crafty bunch of asswipes created a commercial where they call Part III - David Axelrod - Earth RotMSNBC and other news outlets "Fake News" even super-imposing that term over photos of Wolf Blitzer and other well-known anchors and then cry foul that their First Amendment Rights are being ignored when none of the news stations would show the commercial It's akin to yelling "Fire!

This is what we can expect from Number 45 for the next Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot years. They knew none of the news stations would show the commercial because it is a blatant lie, but they make the commercial anyway to make them look good and all the news stations, besides Fox News which is going through Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot own problems, with Bill Shine, another FNC founder, being fired today, but reasons were not Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot as the bad guys.

Any smart person can see exactly how Number 45 is playing fast and loose with our Bill of Rights and The Constitution, but his own lemmings, many born without a working brain, are howling how our President Gigant - Noordkaap, MonzaMeuris - Gigant - Grand - Mirage (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP, Album, LP, Album being denied his rights.

His rights of what? Spitting blatant lies? Some things are not First Amendment issues, especially when they are false. If Number 45 says something in public, the exact opposite is true. This is an unprecedented act of censorship in America that should concern every freedom-loving citizen. Calling people names without a lick of proof is not only dangerous, it is foolhardy and should be against the law.

We all know how Number 45 feels about every channel except Fox News Channel which Trump seems to not care about all their sexual harassment suitsbut he and every Republican know that if a Democrat were to say the same thing about FNC, there would be war in the White House. The light at the end of the tunnel is not that far away. He is running out of things to take our minds off Russia. And when that happens, He will be forced out as President.

Now he know how it feels not to be accepted into one of his hotels because our bank statements aren't big enough. Boo-fuckin'-hoo, Cock Holster. If he were there He Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot to throw his own party on the same dayeveryone who made fun of Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot probably would have gotten a cease and desist letter from his littany of lawyers.

Another reason to hate He cannot take a joke at his own expense, right Samuel An idiot who tried unsuccessfully to jam my email box with the same email because I speak the truth about Number He thinks getting rid of Meals on Wheels is a good thing and "rich" people like me should donate money to feed the elderly. Do you think Number 45 will do the Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot thing?

He doesn't care for the elderly or anyone else, only himself, and people Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot Samuel think the elderly should die rather than get a meal from a government program. He also thinks my views on asking Trump supporters to pass my web site because I don't want them Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot is "like me putting a sign up on my store saying no blacks or fags allowed.

In other words, a typical brain-dead Number 45 supporter who fails to understand that I Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot stop Number 45 supporters from reading my site, but he can tell African Americans and Homosexuals not to enter his store. And he would lose a lot of business. I don't care if no one reads my site. I do it because I like it. This site does not run for profit as you see no advertising on it.

April 26, So Bill Cosby tells everyone today that he Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot been blind for two years, just before his rape trial is about to begin. Jade & Pepper - Something I Like About You says he was walking with his wife and suddenly he couldn't see.

He had doctors and everything to prove it was true. So how does this affect his trial? It doesn't. He could see perfectly well when he slipped women roofies and raped them. Sight has nothing to do with his heinous crimes. I feel no sympathy towards him and neither should anyone else His daughter says his father could not be guilty of rape. She is the one that needs to open her eyes because she is not blind.

A rapist deserves to go to prison for life and maybe feel what it is like to be raped. I hope he is found guilty and has to spend the rest of his worthless dark life in a prison cell with a white supremacist named Bongo. Ultimate Breakdown Vol.

1 - DJ Kazzmatazz - Old To The New is estactic, but he will stand for a retrial according to the Prosecutor and hopefully go broke in the civil trials when he does go to jail. Cosby likes to think that Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot celebrity caused the mistrial and probably didbut the fact is his career is over and when he is tried for a second time, he can look forward to a guilty verdict.

He will then spend the rest of his raping life in prison, right where he belongs. The iconic shower scene from the original was played much differently in the TV Series and felt genuinely effective and Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot final episode was nothing like the end of the movie. Norman wanted to die and gave Dylan no choice but to kill him. We see in the future that Dylan, Emma Olivia Cooke and their daughter have put all the craziness behind them and live happily ever after.

A perfect ending for a wonderful series. Sorry to see the series end, but at least it went out on a high note. I guess I can now cross them off my list of channels to watch. The event series is set to air during the season, with production set to begin in Summer Let's just hope they don't show the first new episode after The Super Bowl like they did the last time.

This will be a 10 episode season rather than a 6 episode event series like the first revival. April 19, Could it be true? Is America coming to its senses?

Murdoch is in Europe hoping to buy a major cable news channel, but if he keeps O'Reilly, that deal may fall through. He may have no other choice but to fire him. Let's hope so. Seems like America hasn't come to its senses. It is only one billionaire finally doing the right thing for all the wrong reasons. O'Reilly should have been fired years ago for his views on women and non-white people in general, but Murdoch kept him on because he was a moneymaker.

O'Reilly who is on Cold Hearted - Paula Abdul - Forever Your Girl in Italy has lost so many advertisers 坂本真綾* = Ma-aya Sakamoto* - グレープフルーツ = Grapefruit The New York Times broke the story O'Reilly's show use to have over 14 minutes of major advertising per hour and now his show has just 3 minutes of major advertising, the rest being Fox News Channel promosMurdoch will have no choice but to fire him because of the Europe deal and O'Reilly's show is now losing millions of dollars a day.

O'Reilly said it was to protect his children, but don't all rich sexual abusers use the same excuse? Ever since Number 45 became President, that is when. Let's ignore all the obvious felony sexual assaults and give him a new start. Now, let's show Number 45 is also not a good Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot when it comes to women among Es Hatten Drei Gesellen - Rauracherchor - Lebe, Liebe, Trinke of other thingsNew York Times!

We the people will fire him! He can Tweet to his heart's content about how "Fake News" organizations are out to get him and Fox News is the only news organization he trusts, but he is in for a real eye-opener very soon. He is an eight-year old schoolboy in big boy pants with no idea how the Presidency works. Nobody but him trusts Fox News. It isn't even registered with the FCC as a news channel.

It is registered as an entertainment channel. The time is now, people! Maybe it will come true? One down, many more to go Let's not just go after Number 45, but also that fat, pill-popping blowhard Rush Limbaugh and comedian-turned-Far, Far Right political crony Glenn Beck, the "Patriot" whose once free TV Channel, The Blaze, is now a subscription streaming service [He was also once a Fox News Channel employee, but he left to form his own channel.

We can all see how that turned out! Gee, I wonder why this happened besides Vivek being appointed by President Obama two years ago? Could it be that Vivek is an Indian-American and we all know how our current President feels about Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot or possible Muslims?

How much longer are we going to let Number 45 get away with his prejudices? It seems Fox News is in a big state of flux right now. I wonder if Number 45 will still call them the only news channel not putting Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot Fake News?

I think because he is also a sexual abuser of women, he will stand by Fox. They tend to stick together. April 9, Congratulations CBS for showing seven hours of golf! We on the East Coast The West Coast have no such problem because of the three hour time difference are sick and tired of you destroying shows because of sports overruns.

This is the third time this season it has happened And it actually started on time only 3 times because of Football overruns. The West Coast gets to see the new episodes while the East Coast goes right to the nightly news. If you cancel one of my favorite shows, your network is dead to me. And what psychopath can stand watching 7 hours of golf on TV?

Does anyone think golf is more important than scripted shows? If you do, watch The Golf Channel Yes, it does exist. Unfortunately the records were not the good kind. It went on to sell three more tickets after the weekend before the film was pulled and replaced with Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot movie.

Shia LaBeouf has said on several occasions that he was giving up acting. If this isn't an omen, I don't know what is. Arnold Schwarzenegger said without Stallone, he would not appear in the film both of these 80's superstars still carry plenty of clout.

Avi Lerner better learn to trust Stallone's opinion. Day's birth certificate and discovered she was born on April 3,making her Here's to many more birthdays to a living legend. March 28, Goodbye BONES and thanks for 12 Seasons of witty banter, suspense being stuck in a buried car is still one of my favorite episodes, even if it was early in the seriesrotting corpses of every kind and more day and time changes than any other TV Series I can think of.

Yet you prevailed for twelve years, which I think says a lot about your fans. Calling them rabid is an understatement and ending the final episode like any other episode, where Booth and Brennan are bantering as the screen goes black, tells us all there may be a time in the future when they will return. While most TV Series use a marriage and wedding to increase ratings, on this show it seemed like a natural next step for Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot and Booth.

Thanks to everyone involved in the show, both past and present, for giving us a show that could keep us entertained for an hour. Nothing groundbreaking, but a nice, pleasant diversion for the week. One day, he is going to announce a real major event in the world on Twitter and no one will believe him because of all the false statements he has made on it on a continuing basis. Do we have to guess what is true and what is false?

Never in my life has there been a President I can not trust to get the news out in a truthful manner. There's nothing wrong with the technology, just the person who uses it. His reckless use of Twitter may spell the end of the United States. How come all I can see in my mind is Putin smiling? People don't seem to realize that Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot like Glenn Beck began their careers as comedians.

They are entertainers, not places to get real news. And as soon Ms. Lahren spoke something that goes against every Alt-Right commandment, she was punished. Add to that FOX News benching Judge Andrew Napolitano for telling lies about the British wiretapping Number 45 with President Obama's approval He's back on the air as of March 29, and it looks like things are changing in the political atmosphere Number 45 quoted Napolitano on Twitter.

But we have a long way to go. This is the country we are living in now. Freedom of Speech means nothing anymore, especially if you want to keep your job at least in Tomi's case. One step forward, ten steps back.

A woman speaks her mind and a man tells lies. So who gets their job back? A man, of course. March 11, New York U. Attorney Preet Bharara, one of the 46 Attorneys that were appointed during the Obama administration, revealed that he was fired after he refused to step down from his post at the request of Number 45's team. Bharara had previously made it clear that he would not be resigning, but was then told by General Jeff Sessions that they had to vacate their positions.

A vile, racist, puerile portrait of a man who fired 46 viable and accomplished U. Attorneys simply because they were hired by President Obama, so he can replace them with attorneys that lean so far Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot the Right that Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot would fall over if they sneeze? Why are you Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot sitting on your ass? Go out and protest. Go out and demonstrate. Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot 45 is counting on you to do nothing.

And so far, he has been basically right, except for the women of our country. They are the ones now with balls. If men could get pregnant, you can be damn sure they would be out protesting, too. February 27, With all the bad news that is going on in the world and especially the U. Is it any wonder why Number 45 attacks the media as being false? Sure people's feelings got hurt, but does that make it news? Not by a long shot! Everyone has their feelings hurt every day and just because they were celebrities, it makes them more important than us?

Now PriceWaterhouseCooper is giving out the actual name of the two people who made the mistake so we can look upon them as the villains. A mistake. There are mistakes happening in this world all the time. Just look at Trump as President. One of the biggest mistakes of all time. Talk about overkill. Two people's careers ruined over a simple mistake. Let's not take into consideration all they did for the show, let's just concentrate on their one mistake.

This is exactly the kind of country we live in today. A career to be proud of ruined by one mistake. Entrepreneurs, most notably John Jacob Astor quickly seized the opportunity and expanded fur trading operations into the Pacific Northwest.

Astor's " Fort Astoria " later Fort Georgeat the mouth of the Columbia River, became the first permanent white settlement in that area, although it was not profitable for Astor. He set up the American Fur Company in an attempt to break the hold that the Hudson's Bay Company monopoly had over the region. ByAstor had taken over independent traders to create a profitable monopoly; he left the business as a multi-millionaire in As the frontier moved west, trappers and hunters moved ahead of settlers, searching out new supplies of beaver and other skins for shipment to Europe.

The hunters were the first Europeans in much of the Old West and they formed the first working relationships with the Native Americans in the West. Discovered aboutit later became a major route for settlers to Oregon and Washington. Byhowever, a new "brigade-rendezvous" system sent company men in "brigades" cross-country on long expeditions, bypassing many tribes.

It also encouraged "free trappers" to explore new regions on their own. At the end of the gathering season, the trappers would "rendezvous" and turn in their goods for pay at river ports along the Green Riverthe Upper Missouri, and the Upper Mississippi. Louis was the largest of the rendezvous towns. Byhowever, fashions changed and beaver hats were replaced by silk hats, ending the demand for expensive American furs.

The trade in beaver fur virtually ceased by There was wide agreement on the need to settle the new territories quickly, but the debate polarized over the price the government should charge.

The conservatives and Whigs, typified by president John Quincy Adamswanted a moderated pace that charged the newcomers enough to pay the costs of the federal government. The Democrats, however, tolerated a wild scramble for land at Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot low prices. The final resolution came in the Homestead Law ofwith a moderated pace that gave settlers acres free after they worked on it for five years.

The private profit motive dominated the movement westward, [46] but the Federal Government played a supporting role in securing land through treaties and setting up territorial governments, with governors Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot by the President.

The federal government first acquired western territory through treaties with other nations or native tribes. Then it sent surveyors to map and document the land. Transportation was a key issue and the Army especially the Army Corps of Engineers was given full responsibility for facilitating navigation on the rivers.

The steamboat, first used on the Ohio River inmade possible inexpensive travel using the river systems, especially the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and their tributaries. For example, the Army's steamboat "Western Engineer" of combined a very A Bird In Hand - Dennis Brown - A Bird In Hand draft with one of the earliest stern Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot.

In —25, Colonel Henry Atkinson developed keelboats with hand-powered paddle wheels. The federal postal system played a crucial role in national expansion. It facilitated expansion into the West by creating an inexpensive, fast, convenient communication system. Letters from early settlers provided information and boosterism to encourage increased migration to the West, helped scattered families stay in touch and provide neutral help, assisted entrepreneurs to find business opportunities, and made possible regular commercial relationships between merchants and the West and wholesalers and factories Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot east.

The postal service likewise assisted the Army in expanding control over the vast western territories. The widespread circulation of important newspapers by mail, such as the New York Weekly Tribunefacilitated coordination among politicians in different states.

The postal service helped to integrate already established areas with the frontier, creating a spirit of nationalism and providing a necessary infrastructure. The army early on assumed the mission of protecting settlers along the Westward Expansion Trailsa policy that was described by Secretary of War John B. Floyd in [54]. There was a debate at the time about the best size for the forts with Jefferson DavisWinfield Scott and Thomas Jesup supporting forts that were larger but fewer Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot number than Floyd.

Floyd's plan was more expensive, but had the support of settlers and the general public who preferred that the military remain as close as possible.

The frontier area was vast and even Quincys Corner 4 - Square* - Presents: The Mike We Like Remixes conceded that "concentration would have exposed portions of the frontier to Indian hostilities without any protection whatever.

Government and private enterprise sent many explorers to the West. In —, Army lieutenant Zebulon Pike — led a party of 20 soldiers to find the head waters of the Mississippi. On his return, Pike sighted the peak in Colorado named after him. Innaturalists Thomas Nuttall — and John Bradbury — traveled up the Missouri River documenting and drawing plant and animal life. Swiss artist Karl Bodmer made compelling landscapes and portraits. He displayed a talent for exploration and a genius at self-promotion that gave him the sobriquet of "Pathmarker of the West" and led him to the presidential nomination of the new Republican Party in He crossed through the Rocky Mountains by five different routes, and mapped parts of Oregon and California.

In —, he played a role in conquering California. It caught the public imagination and inspired many to head west. Goetzman says it was "monumental in its breadth—a classic of exploring literature". While colleges were springing up across the Northeast, there was little competition on the western frontier for Transylvania Universityfounded in Lexington, Kentucky, in It boasted of a law school in addition to its undergraduate and a medical programs. Transylvania attracted politically ambitious young men from across the Southwest, including 50 who became United States senators, representatives, 36 governors, and 34 ambassadors, as well as Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy.

The established Eastern churches were slow to meet the needs of the frontier. The Presbyterians and Congregationalists, since they depended on well-educated ministers, were shorthanded in evangelizing the frontier. They set up a Plan of Union of to combine resources on the frontier. The local pioneers responded enthusiastically to these events and, in effect, evolved their own populist religions, especially during the Second Great Awakening —which featured outdoor camp meetings lasting a week or more and which introduced many people to organized religion for the first time.

One of the largest and most famous camp meetings took place at Cane Ridge, Kentuckyin The local Baptists set up small independent churches—Baptists abjured centralized authority; each local church was founded on the principle We Shall Overcome - Pete Seeger - Pete Seegers Greatest Hits independence of the local congregation.

On the other hand, bishops of the well-organized, centralized Methodists assigned circuit riders to specific areas for several years at a time, then moved them to fresh territory. Several new denominations were formed, of which the largest was The Show (Edit) - Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew* - The Show / La Di Da Di Disciples of Christ.

Historian Mark Wyman calls Wisconsin a "palimpsest" of layer upon layer of peoples and forces, each imprinting permanent influences. He identified these layers as multiple "frontiers" over three centuries: Native American frontier, French frontier, English frontier, fur-trade frontier, mining frontier, and the logging frontier. Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot the coming of the railroad brought the end of the frontier.

Frederick Jackson Turner grew up in Wisconsin during its last frontier stage, and in his travels around the state he could see the layers of social and political development. One of Turner's last students, Merle Curti used in-depth analysis of local Wisconsin history to test Turner's thesis about democracy. Turner's view was that American democracy, "involved widespread participation in the making of decisions affecting the common life, the development of initiative and self-reliance, and equality of economic and cultural opportunity.

It thus also involved Americanization of immigrant. He found that even landless young farmworkers were soon able to obtain their own farms.

Free land on the frontier therefore created opportunity and democracy, for both European immigrants as well as old stock Yankees. From the s to the s, pioneers moved into the new lands that stretched from Kentucky to Alabama to Texas. Most were farmers who moved in family groups. Historian Louis Hacker shows how wasteful the first generation of pioneers was; they were too ignorant to cultivate the land properly and when the natural fertility of virgin land was used up, they sold out and moved west to try again.

Hacker describes that in Kentucky about Farms were for sale with from ten to fifty acres cleared, possessing log houses, peach and sometimes apple orchards, enclosed in fences, and having plenty of standing timber for fuel. The land was sown in wheat and corn, which were the staples, while hemp [for making rope] was being cultivated in increasing quantities in the fertile river bottoms Yet, on the whole, it was an agricultural society without skill or resources. It committed all those sins which characterize a wasteful and ignorant husbandry.

Grass seed was not sown for hay and as a result the farm animals had to forage for themselves in the forests; the fields were not permitted to lie in pasturage; a single crop was planted in the soil until the land was exhausted; the manure was not returned to the fields; only a small part of the farm was brought under cultivation, the rest being permitted to stand in timber. Instruments of cultivation were rude and clumsy and only too few, many of them being made on the farm.

It is plain why the American frontier settler was on the move continually. It was, not his fear of a too close contact with the comforts and restraints of a civilized society that stirred him into a ceaseless activity, nor merely the chance of selling out at a profit to the coming wave of settlers; it was his wasting land that drove him on. Hunger was the goad. The pioneer farmer's ignorance, his inadequate facilities for cultivation, his limited means, of transport necessitated his frequent changes of scene.

He could succeed only with virgin soil. Hacker adds that the second wave of settlers reclaimed the land, repaired the damage, and practiced a more sustainable agriculture. Historian Frederick Jackson Turner explored the individualistic world view and values of the first generation:. What they objected to was arbitrary obstacles, artificial limitations upon the freedom of each member of this frontier folk to work out his own career without fear or favor. What they instinctively opposed was the crystallization of differences, the monopolization of opportunity and the fixing of that monopoly by government or by social customs.

The road must Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot open. The game must be played according to the rules. There must be no artificial stifling of equality of opportunity, no closed doors to the able, no stopping the free game before it was played to the end. Manifest Destiny was the belief that the United States was pre-ordained to expand from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. The concept was expressed during Colonial times, but the term was coined in the s by a popular magazine which editorialized, "the fulfillment of our manifest destiny In the s the Tyler and Polk administrations —49 successfully promoted this nationalistic doctrine.

However the Whig Partywhich represented business and financial interests, stood opposed to Manifest Destiny. Whig leaders such as Henry Clay and Abraham Lincoln called for deepening the society through modernization and urbanization instead of simple horizontal- expansion. John Quincy Adamsan anti-slavery Whig, felt the Texas annexation in to be "the heaviest calamity that Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot befell myself and my country". Mexico became independent of Spain inand took over Spain's northern possessions stretching from Texas to California.

Santa Fe was also the trailhead for the "El Camino Real" the King's Highwaya trade route which carried American manufactured goods southward deep into Mexico and returned silver, furries, and mules northward not to be confused with another "Camino Real" which connected the missions in California.

The Spanish and Mexican governments attracted American settlers to Texas with generous terms. Stephen F. Austin became an "empresario", receiving contracts from the Mexican officials to bring in immigrants. In doing so, he also became the de facto political and military commander of the area. Tensions rose, however, after an abortive attempt to establish the independent nation of Fredonia in Ballad For Beatnicks - Benny Goodman And His Orchestra, Charlie Barnet And His Orchestra, Tommy Dors William Travisleading the "war party", advocated for independence from Mexico, while the "peace party" led by Austin attempted to get more autonomy within the current relationship.

When Mexican president Santa Anna shifted alliances and joined the conservative Centralist party, he declared himself dictator Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot ordered soldiers into Texas to curtail new immigration and unrest. However, immigration continued and 30, Anglos with 3, slaves were settled in Texas by Remember Goliad". The U. Congress declined to annex Texas, stalemated by contentious arguments over slavery and regional power. Thus, the Republic of Texas remained an independent power for nearly a decade before it was annexed as the 28th state in The government of Mexico, Ive Found A New Baby - Various - Famous Jazz Tenor-Saxophone Players, Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot Texas as a runaway province and asserted its ownership.

Mexico refused to recognize the independence of Texas inbut the U. Mexico threatened war if Texas joined the U. American negotiators were turned away by a Mexican government in turmoil. When the Mexican army killed 16 American soldiers in disputed territory war Spitpile - The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches - The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches (CD, MP3, Album, MP3, MP3) at hand.

Whigssuch as Congressman Abraham Lincoln denounced the war, but it was quite popular outside New England. The Mexican strategy was defensive; the American strategy was a three pronged offensive, using large numbers of volunteer soldiers. From the main American base at New Orleans, General Zachary Taylor led forces into northern Mexico, winning a series of battles that ensued.

Navy transported General Winfield Scott to Veracruz. He then marched his 12,man force west to Mexico City, winning the final battle at Chapultepec. Talk of acquiring all of Mexico fell away when the army discovered the Mexican political and cultural values were so alien to America's.

As the Cincinnati Herald asked, what would the U. The Gadsden Purchase in added southern Arizona, which was needed for a railroad route to California. In all Mexico ceded half a million square miles 1. Managing the new territories and dealing with the slavery issue caused intense controversy, particularly over the Wilmot Provisowhich would have outlawed slavery in the new territories.

Congress never passed it, but rather temporarily resolved the issue of slavery in the West with the Compromise of California entered the Union in as a free state; the other areas remained territories for many years. The new state grew rapidly as migrants poured into the fertile cotton lands of east Texas. The central area of the state was developed more by subsistence farmers who seldom owned slaves. Texas in its Wild West days attracted men Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot could shoot straight and possessed the zest for adventure, "for masculine renown, patriotic service, martial glory and meaningful deaths".

In about 10, Californios Hispanics lived in California, primarily on cattle ranches in what is now the Los Angeles area. A few hundred foreigners were scattered in the northern districts, including some Americans. With the outbreak of war with Mexico in the U. Army unit, as well as naval forces, and quickly took control. Thousands of "Forty-Niners" reached California, by sailing around South America or taking a short-cut through disease-ridden Panamaor walked the California trail.

The population soared to overinmostly in the gold districts that stretched into the mountains east of San Francisco. Housing in San Francisco was at a premium, and abandoned ships whose crews had headed for the mines were often converted to temporary lodging.

In the gold fields themselves living conditions were primitive, though the mild climate proved attractive. Supplies were expensive and food poor, typical diets consisting mostly of pork, beans, and whiskey. These highly male, transient communities with no established institutions were prone to high levels of violence, drunkenness, profanity, and greed-driven behavior. Without courts or law officers in the mining communities to enforce claims and justice, miners developed their own ad hoc legal system, based on the "mining codes" used in other mining communities abroad.

Each camp Take Out Some Insurance - Jimmy Reed - Root Of The Blues its own rules and often handed out justice by popular vote, sometimes acting fairly and at times exercising vigilantism—with Indians, Mexicans, and Chinese generally receiving the harshest sentences. The gold rush radically changed the California economy and brought in an array of professionals, including precious metal specialists, merchants, doctors, and attorneys, who added to the population of miners, saloon keepers, gamblers, and prostitutes.

A San Francisco newspaper stated, "The whole country Violent bandits often preyed upon the miners, such as the case of Jonathan R. Davis ' killing of eleven bandits single-handedly. In a few years, nearly all of the independent miners were displaced as mines were purchased and run by mining companies, who then hired low-paid salaried miners. As gold became harder to find and more difficult to extract, individual prospectors gave way to paid work gangs, specialized skills, and mining machinery.

Bigger mines, however, caused greater environmental damage. In the mountains, shaft mining predominated, producing large amounts of waste.

Beginning inat the end of the '49 gold rush, throughhydraulic mining was used. Despite huge profits being made, it fell into the hands of a few capitalists, displaced numerous miners, vast amounts of waste entered river systems, and did heavy ecological damage to the environment.

Hydraulic mining ended when public outcry over the destruction of farmlands led to the outlawing of this practice.

The mountainous areas of the triangle from New Mexico to California to South Dakota contained hundreds of hard rock mining sites, where prospectors discovered gold, silver, copper and other minerals as well as some soft-rock coal. Temporary mining camps sprang up overnight; most became ghost towns when the ores were depleted. Prospectors spread out and hunted for gold and silver along the Rockies and in the southwest. The wealth from silver, more than from gold, fueled the maturation of San Francisco in the s and helped the rise of some of its wealthiest families, such as that of George Hearst.

They moved in large groups under an experienced wagonmaster, bringing their clothing, farm supplies, weapons, and animals. These wagon trains followed major rivers, crossed prairies and mountains, and typically ended in Oregon and California. Pioneers generally attempted to complete the journey during a single warm season, usually over the course of six months.

Bywhen the first migrant wagon train was organized in Independence, Missouri Animal - Terminal Choice - Ominous Future, a wagon trail had been cleared to Fort Hall, Idaho.

Trails were cleared further and further west, eventually reaching all the way to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. This network of wagon trails leading to the Pacific Northwest was later called the Oregon Trail. The eastern half of the route was also used by travelers on the California Trail fromMormon Trail fromand Bozeman Trail from before they turned off to their separate destinations.

In the "Wagon Train of ", some to 1, emigrants headed for Oregon; missionary Marcus Whitman led the wagons on the last leg. Some did so because they were discouraged and defeated. Some returned with bags of gold and silver. Most were returning to pick up their families and move them all back west. These "gobacks" were a major source of information and excitement about the wonders and promises—and dangers and disappointments—of the far West. Not all emigrants made it to their destination.

The dangers of the overland route were numerous: snakebites, wagon accidents, violence from other travelers, suicide, malnutrition, stampedes, Indian attacks, a variety of diseases dysenterytyphoidand cholera were among the most commonexposure, avalanches, etc.

One particularly well-known example of the treacherous nature Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot the journey is the story of the ill-fated Donner Partywhich became trapped in the Sierra Nevada mountains during the winter of — Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot which nearly half of the 90 people traveling with the group died from starvation and exposure, and some resorted to cannibalism to survive.

There were also frequent attacks from bandits and highwaymensuch as the infamous Harpe brothers who patrolled the frontier routes and targeted migrant groups.

In Missouri and Illinois, animosity Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot the Mormon settlers and locals grew, which would mirror those in other states such as Utah years later.

Violence finally erupted on October 24,when militias from both sides clashed and a mass killing of Mormons Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot Livingston County occurred 6 days later. So Good (DJ Lee Mix) - Various - Trancemusic.nl hundred rural Mormon settlements sprang up in what Young called " Deseret ", which he ruled as a theocracy.

It later became Utah Territory. Young's Salt Lake City settlement served as the hub of their network, which reached into neighboring territories as well. The communalism and advanced farming practices of the Mormons enabled them to succeed.

The great threat to the Mormons in Utah was the U. The Republican Party swore to destroy polygamy, which it saw as an affront to religious, cultural and moral values of a modern civilization. Confrontations verged on open warfare in the late s as President Waiting - Hazel OConnor - Sons And Lovers sent in troops.

Although there were no military battles fought, and negotiations led to a stand down, violence still escalated and there were a number of casualties. Finally in the Church leadership announced polygamy was no longer a central tenet, and a compromise was reached, with Utah becoming a state and the Mormons dividing into Republicans and Democrats. The federal government provided subsidies for the development of mail and freight delivery, and byCongress authorized road improvements and an overland mail service to California.

The new commercial wagon trains service primarily hauled freight. In John Butterfield —69 established a stage service that went from Saint Louis to San Francisco in 24 days Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot a southern route. William Russell, hoping to get a government contract for more rapid mail delivery service, started the Pony Express incutting delivery time to ten days. In Congress passed the Land-Grant Telegraph Act which financed the construction of Western Union's transcontinental telegraph lines.

Hiram SibleyPart III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot Union's head, negotiated exclusive agreements with railroads to run telegraph lines along their right-of-way.

Eight years before the transcontinental railroad opened, the First Transcontinental Telegraph linked Omaha, Nebraska, to San Francisco on October 24, Constitutionally, Congress could not deal with slavery in the states but it did have jurisdiction in the western territories. California unanimously rejected slavery in and became a free state. New Mexico allowed slavery, but it was rarely seen there. Kansas was off limits to slavery by the Compromise of Free Soil elements feared that if slavery were allowed rich planters would buy up the best lands and work them with gangs of slaves, leaving little opportunity for free white men to own farms.

Few Southern planters were actually interested in Kansas, but the idea that slavery was illegal there implied they had a second-class status that was intolerable to their sense of honor, and seemed to violate the principle of state's rights. With the passage of the extremely controversial Kansas—Nebraska Act inCongress left the decision up to the voters on the ground in Kansas.

Across the North a new major party was formed to fight slavery: the Republican Partywith numerous westerners in leadership positions, most notably Abraham Lincoln of Illinois. To influence the territorial decision, anti-slavery elements also called "Jayhawkers" or "Free-soilers" financed the migration of politically determined settlers.

But pro-slavery advocates fought back with pro-slavery settlers from Missouri. The antislavery forces took Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot byas Kansas became a free state.

The episode demonstrated that a democratic compromise between North and South over slavery was impossible and served to hasten the Civil War.

Despite its large Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rotthe trans-Mississippi West had a small population and its wartime story has to a large extent been underplayed in the historiography Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot the American Civil War.

The Confederacy engaged in several important campaigns in the West. However, Kansas, a major area of conflict building up to the war, was the scene of only one battle, at Mine Creek.

But its proximity to Confederate lines enabled pro-Confederate guerrillas, such as Quantrill's Raidersto attack Union strongholds and massacre the residents. In Texas, citizens voted to join Sam Spence, Tony Luisi, Tom Glenn - The Last Round / Flashpoint Confederacy; anti-war Germans were hanged.

Confederate Arizona was created by Arizona citizens who wanted protection against Apache raids after the United States Army units were moved out. The Confederacy then sets its sight to gain control of the New Mexico Territory. General Henry Hopkins Sibley was tasked for the campaign, and together with his New Mexico Armymarched right up the Rio Grande in an attempt to take the mineral wealth of Colorado as well as California. The First Regiment of Volunteers discovered the rebels, and they immediately warned and joined the Yankees at Fort Union.

The Battle of Glorieta Pass soon erupted, and the Union ended the Confederate campaign and the area west of Texas remained in Union Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot. Missouria Union state where slavery was legal, became a battleground when the pro-secession governor, against the vote of the legislature, led troops to the federal arsenal at St.

Louis ; he was aided by Confederate forces from Arkansas and Louisiana. Louis and all of Missouri for the Union. The state was the scene of Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot raids and guerrilla warfare in the west. Army after established a series of military posts across the frontier, designed to stop warfare among Indian tribes or between Indians and settlers. Throughout the 19th century, Army officers typically served built their careers in peacekeeper roles moving from fort to fort until retirement.

Actual combat experience was uncommon for any one soldier. The most dramatic conflict was the Sioux war in Minnesota inwhen Dakota tribes systematically attacked German farms in an effort to drive out the settlers.

Over a period of several days, Dakota attacks at the Lower Sioux AgencyNew Ulm and Hutchinsonslaughtered to white settlers. The state militia fought back and Lincoln sent in federal troops.

The federal government Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot Indians for murder, and were Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot and sentenced to death. Lincoln Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot the majority, but 38 leaders were hanged.

The decreased presence of Union troops in the West left behind untrained militias; hostile tribes used the opportunity to attack settlers. The militia struck back hard, most notably by attacking the winter quarters of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, filled with women and children, at the Sand Creek massacre in eastern Colorado in late Kit Carson and the U. Army in trapped the entire Navajo tribe in New Mexico, where they had been raiding settlers, and put them on a reservation.

The result by was millions of new farms in the Plains states, many operated by new immigrants from Germany and Scandinavia. With the war over and slavery abolished, the federal government focused on improving the governance of the territories. It subdivided several territories, preparing them for statehood, following the precedents set by the Northwest Ordinance of Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On - Bill Haley & His Comets* - Rock Around The Clock It standardized procedures and the supervision of territorial governments, taking away some local powers, and imposing much "red tape", growing the federal bureaucracy significantly.

Federal involvement in the territories was considerable. In addition to direct subsidies, the federal government maintained military posts, provided safety from Indian attacks, bankrolled treaty obligations, conducted surveys and land sales, built roads, staffed land offices, made harbour improvements, and subsidized overland mail delivery.

Territorial citizens came to both decry federal power and local corruption, and at the same time, lament that more federal dollars were not sent their way. Territorial governors were political appointees and beholden to Washington so they usually governed with a light hand, allowing the legislatures to deal with the local issues.

In addition to his role as civil governor, a territorial governor was also a militia commander, a Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot superintendent of Indian affairs, and the state liaison with federal agencies. The legislatures, on the other hand, spoke for the local citizens and they were given considerable leeway by the federal government to make local law. These improvements to governance still left plenty of room for profiteering. As Mark Twain wrote while working for his brother, the secretary of Nevada, "The government of my country snubs honest simplicity, but fondles artistic villainy, and I think I might have developed into a very capable pickpocket if I had remained in the public service a year or two.

In acquiring, preparing, and distributing public land to private ownership, the federal government generally followed the system set forth by the Land Ordinance of Federal exploration and scientific teams would undertake reconnaissance of the land and determine Native American habitation. Through treaty, land title would be ceded by the resident tribes. Townships would be formed from the lots and sold at public auction. As part of public policy, the government would award public land to certain groups such as veterans, through the use of "land script".

As a counter to land speculators, farmers formed "claims clubs" to enable them to buy larger tracts than the acre 0. InCongress passed three important bills that transformed the land system. The Homestead Act granted acres 0. The only cost was a modest filing fee. The Not Responsible - Tom Jones - A-tom-ic Jones was especially important in the settling of the Plains states.

Many took free homestead and others purchased their land from railroads at low rates. The Pacific Railroad Act of provided for the land needed to Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot the transcontinental railroad. The land given the railroads alternated with government-owned tracts saved for free distribution to homesteaders.

Railroads had up to five years to sell or mortgage their land, after tracks were laid, after which unsold land could be purchased by anyone.

Often railroads sold some of their government acquired land to homesteaders immediately to encourage settlement and the growth of markets the railroads would then be able to serve.

Nebraska railroads in the s were strong boosters of lands along their routes. They sent agents to Germany and Scandinavia with package deals that included cheap transportation for the family as well as its furniture and farm tools, and they offered long-term credit at low rates.

Boosterism succeeded in attracting adventurous American and European families to Nebraskahelping them purchase The Guardian Angels* - Tide Is High grant parcels on good terms.

Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot selling price depended on such factors as soil quality, water, and distance from the railroad. The Morrill Act of provided land grants to states to begin colleges of agriculture and mechanical arts engineering. Black colleges became eligible for these land grants in The Act succeeded in its goals to open new universities and make farming more scientific and profitable. In the s government sponsored surveys to chart the remaining unexplored regions of the West, and to plan possible routes for a transcontinental railroad.

Regionalism animated debates in Congress regarding the choice Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot a northern, central or southern route. Engineering requirements for the rail route were an adequate supply of water and wood, and as nearly-level route as possible, given the weak locomotives of the era. In the s, proposals to Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot a transcontinental failed because of Congressional disputes over slavery.

With the secession of the Confederate states inthe modernizers in the Republican party took over Congress and wanted a line to link to California. Private companies were to build and operate the line. Construction would be done by unskilled laborers who would live in temporary camps along the way. Immigrants from China and Ireland did most of the construction work.

Theodore Judahthe chief engineer of the Central Pacific surveyed the route from San Francisco east. Judah's tireless lobbying efforts in Washington were largely responsible for the passage of the Pacific Railroad Actwhich authorized construction of both the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific which built west from Omaha.

The line was completed in May Coast-to-coast passenger travel in 8 days now replaced wagon trains or sea voyages that took 6 to 10 months and cost much more. The road was built with mortgages from New York, Boston and London, backed by land grants.

There were no federal cash subsidies, But there was a loan to the Central Pacific that was eventually repaid at six percent interest. The federal government offered land-grants in a checkerboard pattern.

The railroad sold every-other square, with the government opening its half to homesteaders. Local and state governments also aided the financing. Most of the manual laborers on the Central Pacific were new arrivals from China.

He concludes that senior officials quickly realized the high degree of cleanliness and reliability of the Chinese. Ong explores whether or not the Chinese Railroad Workers were exploited by the railroad, with whites in the better positions.

He finds the railroad set different wage rates for whites and Chinese and used the latter in the more menial and dangerous jobs, such as the handling and the pouring of nitroglycerin. Building the railroad required six main activities: surveying the route, blasting a right of way, building tunnels and bridges, clearing and laying the roadbed, laying the ties and rails, and maintaining and supplying the crews with food and tools. The work was highly physical, using horse-drawn plows and scrapers, and manual picks, axes, sledgehammers, and handcarts.

A few steam-driven machines, such as shovels, were used. For blasting, they Part III - David Axelrod - Earth Rot black powder. Six transcontinental railroads were built in the Gilded Age plus two in Canada ; they opened up the West to farmers and ranchers. All but the Great Northern of James J. Hill relied on land grants. The financial stories were often complex.

For example, the Northern Pacific received its major land grant in Financier Jay Cooke — was in charge untilwhen he went bankrupt. Federal courts, however, kept bankrupt railroads in operation. In Henry Villard — took over and finally completed the line to Seattle.

But the line went bankrupt in the Panic of and Hill took it over. He then merged several lines with financing from J. Morganbut President Theodore Roosevelt broke them up in In the first year of operation, —70,passengers made the long trip. Settlers were encouraged with promotions to come West on free scouting trips to buy railroad land on easy terms spread over several years. The railroads had "Immigration Bureaus" which advertised package low-cost deals including passage and land on easy terms for farmers in Germany and Scandinavia.

The prairies, they were promised, did not mean backbreaking toil because "settling on the prairie which is ready for the plow is different from plunging into a region covered with timber". All manufacturers benefited from the lower costs of transportation and the much larger radius of business.

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