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The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge)

12.05.2020 Meztinos 6 Comments

Download The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge)

Just a little query regarding the price widgets. Do the prices quoted continually update automatically or are they just fixed at the time that you put the story up? Thank you. The widgets are constantly being updated, but there are so many of them, it can take up to a day to get round them all. The very bad news is that Phil or his Management decided to release these albums only in digital Format to download or as Standin Sadly - Revolvers - Revolvers. That is a shame and hard to understand as most De Corazón - Vendaval - Arbaa his fans will want to have a physical format in line with the other Deluxe and reissue releases in the PC series.

I do not believe that most fans welcome the thought to spend money on mp3 files when a physical release would be the favourite format. Paul, maybe you can check with Warner why, if or when a physical format will be released? Maybe Phil needed a quick release in time for the start of the European leg of his tour; so they may want to hold back the physical releases to cash in on the Xmas market?

Additionally, Vol. All excepting the 1-CD Vol. The collections are also available on vinyl. Phil Collins will release two albums on 31st May Both albums will be available in digital format only. They will not be available on CD. The tracks have not been remastered for this release.

I hope that The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) delay in posting the Space Oddity 7 inch single box set news is because you are drafting a polemic against Parlophone.

Enough is enough surely. But ignoring exploitation does not stop that fact that this is a terrible way to manage the catalogue. I literally cannot think of a worse example of a posthumous release campaign. For me, Bolan was the worst, with remixed songs and a constant stream of random releases. But Bowie is now sadly becoming a joke. I can see the strategic value to the shareholders, but not to the legacy of David Bowie. Will you Gigant - Noordkaap, MonzaMeuris - Gigant - Grand - Mirage (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP, Album, LP, Album posting soon?

I wonder can you help? Is this Brexit or something else? Have you heard anything about that? S promo and a U. K issue. Simple Minds are disaggregating their Rejuvenation box set, with releases of individual albums on vinyl and CD.

The CDs are a mix of single and 2cd sets with extra tracks and notes. It is also available to stream or download now, and will get a wider vinyl and CD release later in the year. Dave Sharp The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) guitarist with the Alarm has a new solo album out. It was a nice suprise for me to find out he had made The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol.

III (8-Track Cartridge) new cd as its been a long,long time since the last one. His debut back in Hard Travelling still remains in my top ten albums to this day.

Glad I posted this as I thought there might be somebody like myself who had missed its 1st of Feb. Hi thank you so much. Again, thank you. In their smugness, Sony is leaving money on the table; the money that reissue labels pay to Sony to release recordings under license. This is indeed very sad news Phil. Doves just announced numbered, coloured vinyl re-issues of their first three albums, out at the end of May.

This deal from Sweden should be interesting for someone quick on the trigger. Says only few on stock! Sorry wrong link. The Bob Dylan CD set of concert recordings has gone into limbo, because the related film is not ready yet.

These are two unrelated markets. With a drought of Classic Rock boxed sets so far inthis is highly disappointing. I would have bought the Dylan box. I doubt it not being release in a physical format, hopefully with many goodies as extras.

I will leave those to the imagination of others. Ltd Edn ofincluding one vivyl-exclusive track. Not bad considering I only ordered it Sunday afternoon! Great stuff. New Hot Chip album announced, due out on 21st June in a number of formats — CD, black vinyl, coloured vinyl. I ordered it on 13th Sept last year, so hoping to get it before the first anniversary. Hopefully, Mick will be O. Or perhaps completing the album that the Stones have tinkered with in recent years. Jagger is very very old.

He says 75, but others have suggested that 77 is closer to correct. What if any original released tracks are missing B-sides, foreign language singles etc.

Both boxes have the same mastering… which to me sounds just loud without much dynamic range. I find it quite hard to listen to them as full albums. Just the occasional track is ok-ish. Phil Cohen Great news Phil. On a side note, now that Parlophone have issued a newly remastered Made In Europe on vinyl last yearis there now a chance for the long delayed Made in Europe box set? Existing releases stay in print, though. The collected memoires of Ian Mosley, Marillions very own drumming legend!!!

Now your talking!! Please don,t order from Pledgemusic as I think they are about to collapse. Its due in August and will be titled Milkteeth. The inimitable Scott Walker has died. RIP Scott. The Release Calendar is possibly mans greatest invention, thank you!. Could we add Edwyn Collins new release to it? Richard Hawley? There is no indication on the packaging of any region coding.

The audio has been The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) for surround sound. Disc: 1 1. Mony Mony [Side A] 2. Jam Side Down [Side A] 2. The Madness [Side B] Disc: 4 1. Lucinda [Side B] Disc: 6 1. Gerdundula Live [Side B] Disc: 8 1. In the Army Now [Side A] 2. I think that just leaves the Heat of The Rising Sun set followed by the aforementioned career box set. Bjork is rereleasing all her albums on limited edition coloured cassettes.

Available individually and as a bundle of nine. In its most deluxe incarnation, the set adds a one disc compilation of recent concert recordings. I have had more luck with these or month delay things than I should by rights. I think I am about up. Legendary American session drummer Hal Blaine has died at age We get old because we stop drumming.

Very sad to hear this. He has played on so many outstanding records and he played a massive part in an incredible era for music. I looked this up on various sites but to no avail. The first The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) volumes are readily available on CD, with Stars: There, Out In The Darkness - Bryn Terfel - Bad Boys tracks.

Another Bob Dylan mega-box is to be released in May. Out April 19th. I have it on DVD and it is great. Keith Flint dead!? Breathe no more. The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint has reportedly died, aged 49, just announced, he was found dead at home.

Hi just read that erstwhile Cure drummer Andy Anderson passed away from cancer on Feb Produced by Bob Ezrin. Produced by Peter Gabriel, L. Sessions Produced by Thomas Newman. Recorded by Richard Chappell assisted by Mat Arnold. Mixed by Tchad Blake. Taken from the film Wall-E, directed by Andrew Stanton. The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) by The Worldbeaters and Peter Gabriel.

Produced by George Acogny and Peter Gabriel. Engineered by Richard Chappell and Rod Beale. Taken from the film Virtuosity, directed by Brett Leonard.

Previously unreleased. Produced by Peter Gabriel with Bob Ezrin. Orchestrated by Nick Ingman. Engineered by Richard Chappell. Featured in the film Shall We Dance? Produced by Peter Gabriel and David Bottrill. Everybird Written and produced by Peter Gabriel. Mixed by Richard Chappell. Co-produced by Nile Rogers and Peter Gabriel.

Engineered by Glenn Tommey. Performed Animal - Terminal Choice - Ominous Future Peter Gabriel with Atif Aslam. Nocturnal Written and produced by Peter Gabriel. Engineered by Richard Chappell and Richard Evans. Mixed by Richard Evans. Produced by Daniel Lanois and Peter Gabriel. Engineered by Kevin Killen and Daniel Lanois.

Featured in the film Say Anything, directed by Cameron Crowe. Also the Being Frank Soundtrack album is being released on limited edition picture disc only and CD unlimited. Is the review in the latest edition of Classic Pop? Is it a review or just a mention? Heat, China Crisis and more. There are plans to try to re-open some of the other 27 stores including their flagship London store. Anyone else received one of these letters?

The Bath store that was on the closed list is now open again. It was only shut for a week before the new owners negotiated a The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) with the landlord. All the staff are different, though, so the original lot must have been made redundant and never returned. The vinyl includes all the original inserts etc…. I think 3 new tracks plus 9 hits. Deluxe edition has an extra disc with 6 re-recorded acoustic version of some more older tracks.

I think they are in danger of being done for breaking the trade description act! Its not as if there,s never been a compilation before,there have been 3 to date and now this. It shows a real lack of confidence in their new material,I will be buying this but I am really disappointed in the band ,label are however is too blame.

A great shame I feel. They have listed it as Shining Light by mistake, so many fans might not know about it or be able to find it, but its the same price as the The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol.

III (8-Track Cartridge) unsigned CD and due out on 1st March First time an original Beatles track has been overdubbed in this way. Cardigans double LP of bsides to be released this year according to Cardigans reply on their site. He says he wants to give shoppers the chance of discovering unknown gems. At least he outed himself as a big FM fan, Paul! To be fair, he did indicate he thought HMV was too mainstream and it was music lovers he wanted to attract.

Dana Gillespie first made her name as a teenage singer and songwriter in the s, with a string of memorable singles and albums for Pye and Decca. It would be two years before her next record — but it was worth the wait. Both these album highlights were issued as singles. The recordings were bluesier in places than on its predecessor but still equally impressive. Many album tracks make their debut on CD and have been joined by a raft of rarities and previously unissued material.

Disc: 2 1. Called the The 20th Century Records Albums The Love Unlimited Orchestra box set brings together all seven albums the group recorded for the label, newly remastered Poison Lies - The Stanley Brothers - Country Pickin And Singin their original analog master tapes.

Release date is March He also has plus hours of audio to work with. Sounds as if he has carte blanche to do with as he wants. No idea yet on release dates. Any recommendations for the 10 disc Robin Trower studio albums to be release on Feb 8th….

New Jenny Lewis album announced with a rather expensive Ltd Vinyl version. And a new Stephen Malkmus electronic album announced yesterday. I see the 2 ABBA songs release has been delayed to after the summer — but they are already talking about The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) 3rd song as they had so much The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol.

III (8-Track Cartridge) But, by not reuniting, people will remember us when we were young and vibrant. Maybe they could release some vintage outtakes instead, and their reputation would remain intact. There must be good reason why ABBA are reluctant to release the two new songs. Amazon AU only ship within Australia. Amazingly this soundtrack has never been released on CD before — and now has 7 bonus tracks…a must buy from me! Unfortunately Paul there seems to be trouble brewing in the The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol.

III (8-Track Cartridge) for Fears camp. If you go to Curt Smiths Twitter account you will be able to make you own assessment. You don,t need to print this paul. I just hope they can keep it together it would be a great shame otherwise. Amazon UK has few limited stock of box sets that are on sale…. Bananarama are issuing expanded versions of their last couple of albums if you would like to cover that? And Sophie Ellis-Bextor has an interesting take on her tunes in a greatest hits package with a variety of bundles available to pre-order.

Such a shame — really wanted them. Paul did you catch the Bros documentary over Christmas? Great read and would like to see your overall thoughts on how the series has progressed since then and thoughts for the future of the series? Sounds like HMV may be in trouble again. Time to spend those gift vouchers methinks…. Sleeper new single limited edition of white vinyl signed on the Sleeper HQ website along with signed bundles as well.

For the third time in recent memoryAmazon. Quite what Amazon. The only reasons that I prefered to order them from amazon. Neil Young to issue a 2 cd version of ragged glory in early McCartney just released 2 free downloads on his website of tracks not included on the Wildlife and Red Rose Speedway boxes.

A couple of items on my wish list are showing up on HMV, and matched by Amazon. Cat Stevens is releasing multi formats of his album Back To Earththe final LP before he quit the music business. The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) is being The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) on Pledge Music with a May release date schedule. No track listing yet.

The album remastered from original analogue tapes to stunning effect at Abbey Road Studios. Back To Earth live tracks, rare demos and two beautiful, completely unheard recordings. The last love song. Expanded editions of two Bananarama CDs are coming January 25th, Yes, saw that. Double LP with tripe gate-fold! Similarly with Hours though 1 lp.

Bit steep in price, but double Outside LP tempting. Wild Life and R. Apologies if already mentioned but Amazon de selling Status Quo vinyl singles boxes at attractive prices: 55 euros 42 euros. Thanks for letting us know Phil. Absolutely no promotion unlike the rubbish RPO album. Why only mp3? CDs cost nothing to press up these days, Does anyone know if there are hi res files for download? It is said that a download release of Beach Boys concert recordings will follow within 1 to 2 weeks.

Phil Collins continues the reissue campaign with the 2 live albums remastered in February. Some tracks proved irreparable. The Beach Boys release or releases will feature both live and studio material recorded in Decent price Grooves in Suicide Machine - Death - Individual Thought Patterns for about 14 euro.

No vinyl release yet. My discs are presently in route, and I intend to not un-seal them when they arrive. Replacement Badfinger discs are being presssed, and they will be The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) as soon as they are available.

The wong masters were used, Starlight - Helloween - Walls Of Jericho by the time this was discovered, it was too late to stop the distribution of the discs. I supplied my address and a photo of my discs as proof of purchase. Hi, Paul. Heads up on the Bananarama deluxe editions of Drama and Viva released by Cherry Red in January — track listing for 2-disc Viva is superb, but 3-disc Drama just might be overkill with two discs of mixes for just two songs!!!!

Did anyone else manage to pre order a copy of the limited edition version of the kate bush lyric book? Had my order accepted and confirmation received so looks ok. Also included is a DVD featuring a new 5. This clamshell boxed set Låt Oss Hjälpas Åt - Jigs - Goabitar 11 an illustrated booklet with a new essay by Anthony Phillips archivist Jon Dann.

The re-mastered and expanded edition of Seventh Heaven is due for release date on 25th January and is available to pre-order now. On a similar subject to this whatever happened to the rest of those Tony Banks reissues from Esoteric? Very disappointing. I really think there must be a market for us stuff… especially Still…. According to Banks, Esoteric lost interest, Sales must have been deemed to low.

At last! Further, the likes of Australian high street retail stores e. Perhaps they should look at their own business model rather than try The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) prevent competition. I have had no end of people tell me that they have had orders cancelled for the items only to go back on sale at higher prices.

Once or twice fair enough, but so many times is an insult to intelligence. Signed versions and art prints also available. No tracklisting has been revealed, though the set promises 21 previously unreleased BBC radio performances from off-air recordings. The more important question is whether Repertoire has uncovered any better sounding tape sources for the radio broadcasts. For me, the DVD The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) be sufficient reason to buy the set.

It can be preordered at Amazon. One more for the odd Christmas album list…. Unfortunately, the release will be download-only. For all out there waiting on the Egypt Station Spotify green vinyl a friend has just emailed me to say that his order has been cancelled Encre - T.

Nakamura*, T. Kuramoto*, T. Tukimoto*, K. Fujimoto*, N. TakemuraY. Kinno* - Guiter Sol to limited supplies. Any light you can shed on this, Paul? Hi Paul! I know it was originally planned for a release, and that you actually had a hand in the production of the box set. Any new info you can lay on us?

Thanks bud! I wish they would go back and sort out the sound Still - Foo Fighters - In Your Honour Everybody Loves a Happy Ending a decent album totally ruined by Ga Weg - Ramses Shaffy - Hollands Glorie. Without divulging specifics, what, when a product is so obviously ready for release, holds something like this up?

Is it generally legal? The Artist? The Company? Are they waiting for the bigger number? But then why have a 5 year lead in that would have cost a bundle and is dead money until launch and that cash can be recouped. It has to be the oddest of stories in my time here 4 years or so. Priorities, strategy, negotiation, leverage all come into it. Labels can release things without the artists permission, but these days they tend to prefer a longterm view of working WITH artists and not against their wishes.

Interesting short article about Nick Cave and the issue of grief and the loss of his son on the BBC website today. I only came to Nick Cave late and entirely due to recommendations from SDE and with so much to catch up on he is right up there with my favourite artists.

Some guys get all the luck. Satuday post post and still no sing of mine. Post Orifice is no use either, they will only tell me when my parcel is delieverd, not where it is. Eddie Kramer talking about 5. There is a covers album in March The deluxe Low in High School is vinyl only for now and out in December. Morning Starship Jobriath Days Of Decision Phil Ochs Wedding Bell Blues Laura Nyro News from Sony that there are four pages missing from the book in the Bob Dylan boxset.

All they are offering is this link :. I had pre-ordered Rough And Rocky Road - Various - Swing Time Gospel The Acapella Groups Vol 1 CD from Amazon UK, but cancelled this to get it from you.

However, I have just got an email from Amazon allowing me to play or download it. Is this available ad infinitum or does it have a cut off date? If you try to download the audio from a cancelled product, then Amazon will end up charging you for it, so my advice is steer well clear. If any of those are better than VGPS then they will truly be great.

What would you like first; the The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) news or the bad news? What it could offer beyond the contents of the 40th Anniversary Edition remains to be seen. A couple of intresting releases live x-propaganda cd available from Claudia brucken,s website and new ep by Fish featuring new studio and live tracks available on tour and from his website. The Specials are to release their first new album in 37 years.

Pre-order only from HMV so far. A pity it took so long to get some new material out since they got back together. New Van Morrison in December! Very, very strange cover artwork. Thanks for supporting SDE and the shop!

As you say, they very limited because they were cutting orders from various retailers. I am glad that I spotted this as I have now ordered it here and cancelled my Amazon order as I too would like to support you when I can. Was the fact that you had these for sale shown somewhere or it a case of keep checking the Shop tab. Thanks Peter! The set includes her live albums.

Missing are two home recording Song Club albums available to her fans only at the time. However a few songs from these two releases are featured on a box-set only exclusive disc titled More From the Moon but no track listing has yet been issued for it. Pre-order is already up on Amazon. Made sure I got my order in before letting you know At least they deliver to Australia — no one I know over here could get the Bowie boxed set, Police or Suede.

Neil Young has just confirmed on his Archives website that next You Love Me Sweet - Freunde Der Italienischen Oper - Edle Einfalt Stille Grösse release will be the Crazy Horse world tour acoustic compilation Songs For Judy.

It is named after some audience banter regarding Judy Garland who Neil imagines is sitting in the front row of a show. At the time there were a number of unreleased songs and there are many bootlegs in circulation. InterestinglyNeill says the compilation was picked by Bernstein and journalist turned movie director Cameron Crowe, a big NY fan. The release date is November 30 and Campaigner can be streamed from his site now.

There is an image of the album art showing a sketch ofpresumably, Garland, flicking through some papers. Something from Neil Young himself regarding the long awaited nine years and counting!

Archives 2 set. On his Neilyoungarchives. Blu Ray is no longer viable for economic reasons. NYA can give you what the blu ray had though by including High Res audio. The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) actually bought the Blu Ray Archives 1 set mainly for the visual content. A Photograph Of You - Depeche Mode - A Broken Frame though that there is a CD package on the way.

Thanks, Paul. You do a grand job! He has created sleeves for CDs, both new and archive, as well as graphics for reissued videos such as Rust Never Sleeps.

I am guessing the book will be more a visual documentary along the lines of the recent Led Zeppelin release. Hide Intro Live 2. Ghost Nation Live 3. Metal Live 4. The Fall Live 5. Bed Of Thorns Live 7. Dead Sun Rising Live 8. Down In The Park Live 9. Here In The Black Live. Mercy Live Love Hurt Bleed Live My Name Is Ruin Live Cars Live Prayer For The Unborn Live Films Live Here In The Black Live Nice one Aaron — saw Gary live in the Isle of Man earlier this year, great gig and the album is great too.

It is probably selling more copies today than when it was released! Paul, do you know why? Cherry red releasing entire catalogue vinyl box set for carter the unstoppable sex machine includes x2 unreleased albums.

No CD. Non-Prime buyers have to get them from market place sellers. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In concert The Family Of Man - Various - Rock 72 Vol. III (8-Track Cartridge) The Progressive Blues Experiment [5]. Johnny Winter [6]. Second Winter [7]. Johnny Winter And [8]. Still Alive and Well [9]. Nothin' but the Blues [12]. White, Hot and Blue [13].

Raisin' Cain [14]. Guitar Slinger [15]. Serious Business [16]. Third Degree [17]. The Winter of '88 [18]. Let Me In [19].

Hey, Where's Your Brother? I'm a Bluesman [21]. Roots [23]. Step Back [24]. Live Johnny Winter And [25]. Captured Live! Together [27]. Live in NYC '97 [28]. The Woodstock Experience Tanné - Richard Petit - Kiss And Run. Rockpalast: Blues Rock Legends Vol.

Live from Japan [31]. The King of Slide [32]. Live Bootleg Series Vol. Live Bootleg Special Edition [43]. The Johnny Winter Story [48].

Recorded: c. Scorchin' Blues [49]. A Rock n' Roll Collection [50]. Gallen Schweiz St. Georgen St. Ingbert St. Ingbert,Pilsen St. Leon-Rot St. Peter-Ording St. Wendel St.

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